acked with hundreds of broken blades, many of which still had bright red beads of blood hanging from their tips, glowing with a strange sheen in the sunlight.

Yes, it was a wolf.

A Swift Wind Sword Wolf!

All the wolf cubs around, whether they were wounded and down or near intact in battle power, lowered their heads and whimpered and saluted towards this sword wolf.

Even the only surviving second late-stage alpha wolf lowered its head, not daring to meet its gaze.

This body type…

Bai Wushang pursed his lips subconsciously.
This newly appeared Swift Wind Sword Wolf was over four meters long, and was undoubtedly at the peak of its youth.

No wonder.
No wonder the wolves are so well-trained, and yet I couldn’t find one that seemed to stand out.

So, the real wolf king has been hiding in the shadows, waiting for the most suitable opportunity to deliver a fatal blow to the Demon Ape leader…

Bai Wushang’s mood was somewhat complicated, realizing some things while also feeling sorry for the Demon Ape leader.

Having used the Burning Blood not long ago, it had consumed a large amount of heart blood, and now that it was so badly injured, there was no way for it to heal itself much.

The king of the Swift Wind Sword Wolves held its head high as it swept its gaze contemptuously at the Demon Ape leader, its every move filled with a sense of superiority.

Although the attack just now was slightly off, and did not cut off the head of the Demon Ape leader, it didn’t matter; a blind eye, a severed arm, and loss of sufficient recovery ability were enough.

The Demon Apes would surely become dead souls under the claws of the Swift Wind Sword Wolves!

With the leader throwing its head back and giving a long howl, the surrounding pack of wolves immediately followed in response, moving out in full force to pounce on the ordinary Demon Apes in the rear from both sides.

The Demon Ape leader dragged its heavily injured body, and defiantly waved its one arm, about to block.

It was greeted with a Rending Claw, the terrifying claws of the King of the Swift Wind Sword Wolves!

Bai Wushang watched intently, originally expecting that the Demon Ape leader was so badly injured that it would be quickly killed by the Sword Wolf king, but he did not expect reality to once again surpass his expectations.

With brute strength and excellent combat instincts, the Demon Ape leader tangled with the Sword Wolf king for nearly 100 exchanges, always managing to dodge within a very limited space whenever faced with mortal danger.

Although the Demon Ape leader was always on the down side, and the bloody wounds on its body were increasing, just smashing the Sword Wolf king once would force it to take 10 or so steps backward, grunting as blood kept seeping from the corners of its mouth.

After watching for a long time, Bai Wushang had an even higher evaluation of the Demon Ape leader.
Using the words of men to describe it, it was “appreciation”, extreme, special appreciation.

In his mind, this was infinitely close to a perfect pet companion!

Is there anything I can do? Is there anything I can do to turn this around so I can save the Demon Ape?

Similar thoughts appeared in Bai Wushang’s mind more than once.


The Demon Ape leader could still hold on, but its two clansmen, facing a dozen or so Swift Wind Sword Wolves of the same level, finally couldn’t support themselves.

They gave a sorrowful cry, and looked deeply into the sky, no longer able to resist, and were simply pounced upon and overwhelmed by the pack of wolves.

Seeing this scene, the Demon Ape leader opened its mouth, lost in thought for a moment, and was even unaware of a large chunk of flesh being torn off by the Sword Wolf king’s claw as a result.

All the spirit on its face dissipated little by little, its entire face extremely gray, and tears mixed with blood rolling down its face.

In the next moment, it came back to its senses, gritting its teeth.
Its only right eye was wide with rage, and it was clenching its right hand even harder.


The Demon Ape leader released a furious roar, resonating through the sky for a long time.

A layer of red blood mist once again emerged on the surface of its body, far denser than before.

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