In front of the mountain fruit tree, the Fireball Snake and Bai Wushang confronted each other.

Seemingly sensing that Bai Wushang was a threat to it, the Fireball Snake did not rashly move forward, its gaze wandering between the lotus leaf bag and Bai Wushang.
Its tail whipped the ground back and forth with increasing frequency, looking like it was about to lose its patience.

Today’s haul has greatly exceeded expectations—36 snakes—not to mention the value of the snake carcasses, 74 points from gourmet cells alone.
It’s time to call it a day…

Pondering, Bai Wushang gave up on the idea of going head-on with the Fireball Snake, and slowly moved his feet backward.

Seeing the enemy retreating of their own accord, the Fireball Snake could no longer hold back, and with a fierce lunge, its bloody maw bit towards the wrapped lotus leaf.

Swallowing it also produces the effect of Snake’s delight, which causes a brief loss of mobility, so should I risk trying and using those few seconds to decapitate the Fireball Snake?

Bai Wushang was filled with this thought, and he tightened the grip on the dagger at his sleeve, unable to make up his mind.

Just at the moment when the Fireball Snake was about to bite the lotus leaf wrap, an abrupt change occurred.

The shadows of the mountain fruit tree on one side suddenly twisted like ripples, and coalesced into a small pure black snake.

The small snake had eerie and treacherous vertical pupils.
It turned into a streak, instantly biting the head of the Fireball Snake.

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The Fireball Snake screeched, and subconsciously activated its reddish-orange flaming stripes, but it lasted two to three seconds before disappearing.
Its head slid helplessly from the air, its pupils blinking with dismay and fear, but its body did not listen to its commands, and fell limp on the ground, unable to move.

Deep paralysis?

With the aid of the Eye of Perception, Bai Wushang was the first to notice the change in status of the Fireball Snake.

The small pure black snake struck, and immediately let go with its teeth.
It raised its head and leaped, using its tail to cut the vine rope in mid-air before biting the lotus leaf wrap as it descended and landed back on the ground.

At the same time, Bai Wushang finally looked at its attribute panel.

[Name]: Spectral Viper (Wild)

[Race]: Abyssal Realm – Crawling Type – Underworld Viper Race

[Life Level]: Late youth form

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone Level, 7 Stars

[Status]: Craving

[Intelligence]: Low

[Characteristics]: Paralyzing Toxin/Dark Adaptation

[Skills]: Shadow Stealth, Intimidation, Shadow Raid.

[Gourmet Cell]: 21

Spectral Viper? Bai Wushang was startled as this type of creature was considered a rare species among snakes, with very few surviving numbers.

Doesn’t this snake inhabit a dark environment? How did it end up here…

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Before he had time to think about it, the little pure black snake swallowed the lotus leaf wrap into its belly in three or two bites like a hungry ghost reincarnated.


The Spectral Viper changed its sinister expression almost immediately, squinting its eyes and spitting out its tongue cheerfully.
The upper half of its body stood tall, and the lower half of its tail gently slapped the ground, falling into a special mental state.

The information related to the Spectral Vipers quickly crossed through his mind, and Bai Wushang’s blood surged up, so he couldn’t hold back and rushed forward.


The silver-white dagger blade flashed by, cutting the small pure black snake in half by the waist.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!”

One second it was immersed in a world of pleasure, and the next it was awakened by sharp pain.

The Spectral Viper that came back to its senses looked incredulously at its segmented body.

Resentment, hatred, anger… all kinds of emotions passed from its eyes, and the Spectral Viper looked deadly at Bai Wushang, and the upper half of the snake sank slowly into the shadows on the ground as if it had turned into water.

“Oh no!”

Bai Wushang hadn’t expected the Spectral Viper to be so resilient that it still could unleash its skills to escape with such injuries.

If it got away, he wouldn’t be able to sleep or eat.
With an assassin-type transcendent creature lurking around at all times, sneak-attacking at all hours… It was thrilling just to think about!

In desperation, Bai Wushang lunged forward and went straight for the Spectral Viper, yanking it with his hand.

The Spectral Viper was stunned.
Would someone dare to touch it directly? Was its venom just for show?

The snake twisted its head and bit down, and its curved hook poisonous teeth pierced into his palm.
Bai Wushang groaned, but didn’t let go.
Instead, he used this to drag the Spectral Viper out of the shadows.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

The Spectral Viper looked at Bai Wushang sorrowfully.
In its eyes, Bai Wushang was already a ruined man—if hit by its paralyzing toxin, even a large walking beast wouldn’t last a few seconds.

Waiting for the moment of poisoning, the Spectral Viper was ready to bite off Bai Wushang’s carotid artery, and make him taste the pain of death!

A dozen seconds passed, 20 seconds passed…

The Spectral Viper’s expression gradually froze.
It didn’t understand why this person didn’t react at all after being poisoned by it.

In its bewilderment, it saw a glaring dagger’s blade cutting its neck cleanly…

[Hunting Success, Gourmet Cell +21]

“Phew… finally finished…”

With a sigh of relief, Bai Wushang looked around for a moment to make sure there was no new crisis before picking up the remnants of the Spectral Viper’s body.

Grasping the black and slippery snake carcass, Bai Wushang had fervor in his eyes.

With the paralyzing venom of the Spectral Viper, I’ll at least double my odds of catching a high-quality pet at the late youth or even peak level!

The Spectral Viper was a special type of snake.
Its true combat power was not high, but it possessed a strong nerve-paralyzing venom.
Even if it were a transcendent creature several times its size, as long as the venom entered the blood circulation, it would lose all resistance in a very short time, and be at the mercy of slaughter.

Not expecting the Mouse of Temptation to attract such a precious creature at the last minute, Bai Wushang charged up, being hotheaded.

A late-stage youth Spectral Viper with a sufficient amount of paralyzing venom can take down the majority of peak youth creatures, and can even threaten early mature stage creatures.
Well, it used it twice just now.
I’ll check its remaining venom first…

Opening the Spectral Viper’s mouth, Bai Wushang cut off the poisonous teeth along with the poisonous glands, and slightly pressed it with his hand, feeling that there wasn’t a lot of venom stored.

I’ll have to use it sparingly.
There’s barely enough…

Bai Wushang fell into contemplation, considering its usage in passing.

Later, I’ll gather some hardwood to make short spears, and coat each with paralyzing venom and another mixed snake venom… As for the daggers, there are other uses for them, cutting food and whatnot, so I won’t coat them in poison.


The Fireball Snake that was lying limply on the ground next to him suddenly spat out its tongue.

“Almost forgot about you…”

Tapping his head, Bai Wushang came up next to the red python.

At this time, the status of the Fireball Snake had changed from deep paralysis to moderate paralysis, but it could only spit its tongue and twist its tail, and it would be a while before it completely regained its mobility.

To be honest, a late-stage youth, Mortal Bone level 5-star Fireball Snake is not bad overall, and it can naturally evolve into a mature Explosive Fireball Snake and a complete form Meteoric Fire Flying Snake in the future.
Should I consider contracting it?

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