“It’s nice that the altar will even give an assessment when the recipe becomes a delicacy…”

Looking at the several lines of small words that emerged before his eyes, Bai Wushang looked invigorated, and his thoughts were like lightning.

It turns out that there is such a thing as completion… 76%… I don’t know whether it is considered high or low… Come to think of it, the water quality, flame temperature, the weight of ingredients, including pots and pans, may have impurities mixed in… I am not sure of all these details; it’s normal to have errors…

[Tip: Recipe completion, the overall evaluation score of transcendental delicacy, will directly affect the final efficacy.
60% is passing, 70% is average, 80% is excellent, 90% is perfect… Perfect level transcendental delicacies can trigger the profoundness of food, and obtain additional special effects.]

Once again, the altar gave a hint, and Bai Wushang skimmed through it.

All right, I’ve probably figured it out.
Now that the Mouse of Temptation was made, and the effect has been triggered, I need to hurry up and set up my hunting spot, and start camping for the snake!

Bai Wushang could smell the strange fishy smell that kept wafting out from the rock rat’s flesh, just like rotten fish and shrimp mixed with Chinese herbs, with a little bit of pungency.

Since the dimensional backpack was just an ordinary storage prop that didn’t stop the passage of time, Bai Wushang wrapped the crimson rock rat with a clean lotus leaf, and immediately darted away from the stone cave.

Bai Wushang had explored the surrounding forests, and he had a suitable hunting location in mind, so he went straight to it.

When he reached his destination, it was an old mountain fruit tree, standing alone on a short slope, with dead branches and no hint of greenery in sight.

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Using his dagger, Bai Wushang easily pried open the dried bark of the tree, exposing a hollow hole the width of a man.

Confirming that the hiding spot was usable, he wrapped the enveloped Mouse of Temptation around with the vine rope, tied it to a section of branch in front of the tree hole, and swung it down to a position two meters above the ground.

After setting the bait, Bai Wushang coated his body with herbs that could mask his smell, then went into the tree hole, took out a series of self-made snake trapping tools he had made last night—such as a net, wooden fork, bamboo sticks, and so on—and then pulled up the bark from the inside, barely covering the hole.

To ensure that his field of view was as adequate as possible, Bai Wushang cut a dozen more small holes around the tree hole so that he could monitor the outside world through the gaps.

This operation took a mere six or seven minutes.

The area around this old tree is relatively open and at a small dominating height.
The snakes have no way to climb over from the other trees.
They can only take this route on the ground… This will definitely expose them to my view early, and as long as they get close, I can pounce head first and take care of them all!

This was Bai Wushang’s battle strategy, and other than that, he had his strong physical strength as a base and the natural advantage of not being afraid of toxins.
As long as he didn’t encounter an overly powerful late-stage youth, Bai Wushang was confident that he could complete the hunt.

Here it comes!

After stopping to catch a few breaths, Bai Wushang noticed a small snake appear on the right slant.

It had a cone-shaped head, thin at the front end and thick at the back end, with a body only two fingers wide, and alternating between yellow and white all over.
It moved very nimbly, slithering towards him.

Cream Snake, Mortal Bone level 2s-star transcendent creature, non-poisonous, mild in nature, likes to eat insects and rats, can be kept as a pet snake even by ordinary people…

The relevant knowledge popped up in Bai Wushang’s mind, and he confirmed through the Eye of Perception that it was just a little guy in the early stage of youth.

When the cream snake came within two or three meters of the attack range, Bai Wushang pushed away from the bark that covered the hole, took the wooden fork, pressed the snake’s torso at once, and then grabbed and twisted it with his hand, instantly twisting off the snake’s head.

[Hunting Success, Gourmet Cell +2]

After picking up the two parts of the snake body, storing them in his dimensional backpack, and spilling a handful of dust to cover up the small amount of blood in the process, Bai Wushang reentered the tree hole.

After only half a minute, two small snakes appeared in view at the same time.

A flower-armored snake and a mud snake, both prevalent snakes of extremely low quality.
Bai Wushang dealt with them in three or two strikes, completing a double kill.

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Next, snake-like creatures continued to approach one after another.
All of them were in the early to mid-stage of their youth, and Bai Wushang dealt with them without too much pressure.

Good Lord, three at once, and all of them are early youth copper wire snakes.
Is this a family of three out for food?

Huh? A Mortal Bone level 4-star Bloodstriped Snake, mid-stage youth, a little problematic.
I have to be careful not to get bitten by it, or the wound will be hard to stop bleeding…

Boy, a Mortal Bone level 6-star Horned Python is three meters long at only the early youth.
What did you grow up eating… and trying to sneak up on me? You’re too bulky and heavy.
These five food cells are mine!

In the beginning, Bai Wushang would hide after killing, but then he found that more snakes gathered over: an average of one every one to two minutes, and even an entire den altogether.
He killed a wave, and the next wave immediately came again, and he simply couldn’t stop.

They generally seemed excited and impatient.
Even though Bai Wushang was standing right next to the bait, and there were still broken snake carcasses on the ground that it was too late to clean up, the snakes still went forward, and kept trying to pounce on the source of that fishy smell.

About five minutes to expiration.
Hurry up, here’s the 37th head!

Bai Wushang rolled up his sleeves, half-dressed in red scattered on his arms and thighs, but they were all just bite wounds, and the lower-quality toxins wouldn’t work on him.

Just then, a five-meter-long and thigh-thick red python burrowed out of the earth, and its bright red triangular snake head aimed distantly at Bai Wushang, hissing and spitting its tongue.

Bai Wushang felt chills.
Five or six meters away, he could detect a fiery aura on the red python, which was just like a moving furnace.
He instinctively focused all his attention and gazed at it.

[Name]: Fireball Snake (Wild)

[Race]: Demon Beast Realm – Reptilian – Fireball Snake Race

[Life Level]: Late youth form

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone level 5 stars

[Status]: Alert/Gluttonous

[Intelligence]: Low

[Characteristic]: Fire Poison

[Skills]: Fireball, Fiery Body, Snake’s Entanglement

[Gourmet Cell]: 15

Fireball snake? Crap, I might not be able to beat this one…


Bai Wushang was facing a great enemy.
The late stage of the Mortal Bone level 5-star youth should be slightly stronger than him, physically speaking.
The physical advantage that he relied on was no longer an advantage, but turned into a disadvantage.

What was even more dangerous was that the Fireball Snake was not an ordinary snake.
It possessed the spell-like long-range attack skill Fireball.
Although it had a long buildup time and flew slowly, if it hit him head-on, the result would be a severe injury if Bai Wushang was lucky, and even death if he was unlucky!

Once Fiery Body was activated, the Fireball Snake would glow with orange-red flames all over its body, and the surface temperature of its skin would exceed 300 degrees.
It could tie up its prey with its Snake’s Entanglement, and then activate its Fiery Body to burn it alive.

No, there’s no way I can win against the Fireball Snake now, whether at long range or in melee…

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