A small, short mountain a few dozen meters high stood in the way of Bai Wushang, with smooth walls and absolutely no possibility of climbing it.

It was all very dense spiky bushes in the surroundings, and not a place humans could easily cross.

Careless, how I took an unfamiliar route—never thought it would be a dead end…

Bai Wushang turned around, and a blinding flash of blue could still be seen from afar.

“Annoying as hell.
When will this woman be finished!” he said, a little angry.

Right now, he had to return the same way to find a way out, but returning the same way, he was bound to run into the blue-skirted woman, as well as the crazed Thunderhorn Bull.

At that time, with this woman’s nagging ability, how could she let him go? She would definitely drag him out to help deal with the Thunderhorn Bull.


“How truly unpleasant…” Bai Wushang breathed in, and began to run back.

The fact was now before him that whether he stayed where he was, or returned the way he had come, he was destined to run into the blue-skirted woman.

It wasn’t that Bai Wushang couldn’t find a shady bush to hide in, or hide in a tree somewhere, but he felt that would be too wimpy and unnecessary.

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Weighing his options, Bai Wushang chose to take the initiative.

Avoid it if possible, but if it can’t be avoided, I’ll just kill it… Lightning-attribute transcendent material, it should be worth a lot…


Soon, Bai Wushang faced the blue-skirted woman again.

“Did you… You came back to save me? Thank you! Thank you!”

Seeing hope reappear, Lin Nana cried with joy, and in an instant, unable to carry her exhaustion any longer, her delicate body went limp, and she fell towards Bai Wushang.

Bai Wushang reacted quickly and took two slight steps back, perfectly avoiding her.

Lin Nana fell flat to the ground, overwhelmed, her teary eyes filled with confusion.

“Why… didn’t… you catch me?”

He… could just bear to let a soft, pretty girl fall to the ground?


Damn jerk… doesn’t know how to have any tender feelings for fairer women… I’m so furious!


Lin Nana growled madly in her mind.

Bai Wushang glanced at her with an expressionless face, lifting his leg, crossing over her waist, and retracting his foot, quickly stepping over her before keeping his gaze firmly on the yellow bull behind her.

[Name]: Thunderhorn Bull (Wild)

[Race]: Demon Beast Realm – Walking Beast Type – Thunderhorn Bull Race

[Life Level]: Middle stage youth

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone level, 6 stars

[Status]: Rage/Fatigue/Light Wounds

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[Wisdom]: Very low

[Characteristics]: Irritable/weak current

[Skills]: Accumulating Charge, Lightning Burst, Air Step

[Gourmet Cell]: 18

The Thunderhorn Bull spotted an unfamiliar figure and came to a slow stop, gasping for breath and glaring at it.

Bai Wushang then pulled out the incense bag, placed it plainly in his hand, and not caring whether the Thunderhorn Bull could understand or not, he said, “You see, I have the incense bag, and I haven’t actively provoked you, so can you move over and let me through?”

This section of the road was very narrow, and the Thunderhorn Bull’s body basically took up more than half of the width of the road, so if Bai Wushang wanted to return to the main road, he would inevitably have to squeeze past it.


The yellow bull sniffed down at the incense bag and slowly took two steps back, but when it saw the blue-skirted woman who had climbed up behind Bai Wushang, its eyes instantly reddened again.


The Thunderhorn Bull went wild, and the two sharp horns of the bull flashed with electricity as they thrust at Bai Wushang with great speed.

“Bastard!” Bai Wushang shouted.
He had been observing the change in the Thunderhorn Bull’s expression, so naturally he noticed something was wrong immediately.

At this point, Bai Wushang and the beast were too close, and the space to dodge left and right was limited, so he could only hold down the two bull horns with both hands, and try to wrestle with it.

Just the time to test how powerful I really am now…

With the Eye of Perception, Bai Wushang confirmed that this Thunderhorn Bull had not mastered any other lightning-attribute skills, and that it could not cause damage to the human body with its characteristic Weak Current alone, so he dared to grab the bull’s horns with his bare hands.

Along with the rush of blood, Bai Wushang did his best, retreating two or three steps at first, after which he never retreated half a step, and was able to come to a deadlock in place with the Thunderhorn Bull.

This man… is so strong… that he can actually match the Thunderhorn Bull in strength… Who is he?

Lin Nana’s jaw dropped as she watched from the side, her face full of incredulity as she subconsciously turned her head to observe the side of Bai Wushang’s face, which looked somewhat familiar.

A direct contest of strength was a romance that belonged amongst men, and Bai Wushang began to feel excited, secretly thinking, Although I took advantage of the Thunderhorn Bull’s fatigued state, it’s a standard power-type creature.
It’s good enough to have this kind of result.
But… when I obtain a pet, I can’t take risks as easily as this.
It’s not the norm for the masters to go down for strength battles themselves…


The Thunderhorn Bull was already in extreme rage, and when it saw that its proud power was actually blocked by an insignificant male human, it was so furious that its snort spilled its breath into the air as if it was steam.

It violently broke away from Bai Wushang’s hands, took a dozen slow steps back, lowered its head, and began to accelerate and build up strength as it slammed over.

The stored power charge did boost the speed and strength of the Thunderhorn Bull, but the longer distance also unexpectedly meant more reaction time.
Bai Wushang was now in a state of full stamina, and he dodged the charge with just a side step.

Taking advantage of the fact that half of the Thunderhorn Bull’s body was rooted into the bushes, Bai Wushang smoothly circled back and darted towards the original main road.

I remember! He’s one of those three autonomous awakeners.
I think his last name is Bai, Bai… Wushang!

In a flash, Lin Nana suddenly reacted to the fact that the one who could forcefully resist the Thunderhorn Bull right now had to be someone with a high initial soul power, immediately associated it with those three autonomous awakeners, and then thought of the real identity of the man in front of her.

Damn, I blame it on the fact that I was so far back that I couldn’t quite see the faces on stage…

Lin Nana mentally cursed, but screamed at the top of her lungs, “Brother Bai! Senior Brother Bai! Don’t leave me! I… I really can’t run anymore!”

“Do your best on your own, and don’t come pestering me again!” Bai Wushang didn’t turn back as his voice echoed throughout the forest.

This was the first day of the trial, and there was no gain from eliminating students.


Bai Wushang didn’t want to get involved with this woman, either, and only hoped that she would continue to attract the bull’s attention and allow him to escape without any problems.

Lin Nana sat down on the ground for a moment, looking at the Thunderhorn Bull that had climbed out of the bushes, and was shaking its head with despair in its eyes.

“Why, why is he so cold-blooded!”

Gritting her teeth, Lin Nana took out the distress talisman with extreme reluctance, and was ready to crush it.

Unexpectedly, Thunderhorn Bull gave a cold glare towards the blue-skirted woman, dashed on its hooves, and turned around to go after Bai Wushang.

According to its limited intellect, the blue-skirted woman was already prey ready to be crushed, but the man who had provoked it was still alive and well, and he had to be made to pay in blood!

Bai Wushang looked back and saw Thunderhorn Bull following behind in anger, somewhat incredulous.

“Stupid thing, why are you so grumpy, chasing me instead of going after the one who messed with you?”

The reason why he chose to force a breakthrough was that he judged that the Thunderhorn Bull would definitely give priority to attacking that woman if it chose one of the two.

There was no reason for chasing him!

Was its brain damaged from anger?


A few thoughts crossed Bai Wushang’s mind, and he made up his decision.

In that case, I might as well have beef tonight!”


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