“Now, I will exercise my prerogative as one of the Ten Masters of the Mountain and Sea to add a few new trial rules~~~”

Xia Wanlong stood up, and her clear and pleasant voice spread across the room.

The freshmen who had leaped for joy and were filled with anticipation, just waiting for the mystic realm to open, were dumbfounded all of a sudden.

“Additional rules? Can she do that?”

Xia Wanlong pursed the smile at the corners of her mouth, and said, “Don’t you guys think these rules are too rigid—no fun at all!

“I, for one, want to plan more benefits for the winners, as well as add a little fun to everyone’s trip to the trials.

“This is the data I received—out of the 2578 new students this year, 1357 are C-class, 1072 are B-class, 146 are A-class, and three are S-class.
How about this, the trial starts on the sixth day, and all students are allowed to hunt each other! Eliminating other students will be rewarded with extra mystic energy!

“One additional point of mystic energy for each C-class student eliminated.

“Three additional points of mystic energy for eliminating a B-class student.

“10 additional points of mystic energy for eliminating an A-class student.

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“If anyone can eliminate S-rank students, congratulations on an extra 100 mystic energy!”

Xia Wanlong’s words caused an uproar in the crowd.

The corners of Bai Wushang’s mouth twitched; this wasn’t adding a bit of fun.
This was going to topple the entire trial grounds!

Initially, one had to last 15 days to get 10 points of mystic energy.
Now one could get 10 points for hunting an A-class student.

Anyone would be a little tempted, right?

What was even more of a headache was that at 100 points of mystic energy, he had to be the hotcake in everyone’s eyes.

If they took him down, they’d make a fortune!

“Oh yes, all the extra rewards are based on the premise of passing perfectly.
If you fail in the middle, you will have nothing~” added Xia Wanlong.

This is still a bit more reasonable, otherwise everyone will just find ways to eliminate the others, taking out others without the need to last till the end… Bai Wushang sighed in relief.

10 minutes later, several staff members appeared in the central plaza.

Teleportation arrays were lit up one after another, and shortly after, 26 light gates surrounded the central square.

“The mystic realm Sea Island is about to open, so please get ready!”

Carrying the dimensional backpack he had just received, Bai Wushang waited quietly before the corresponding light gate according to the number he had obtained from the lottery.

Taking advantage of this brief gap, Bai Wushang reassured Milky Way, who was trapped in the Book of Oaths, that she didn’t have to worry about him through weak telepathy.


Mystic realm Sea Island.

9 Trial Grounds.

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Bai Wushang fell from a height of two meters, and having an unstable center of gravity, he fell on all fours.

“What’s the deal… Why did I land from the air… Hmm?”

Bai Wushang’s muttered complaints came to an abrupt halt as the expected pain did not appear.
Instead, it was like smashing into a sponge, thick and soft and quite comfortable.

Subconsciously tugging behind his back, Bai Wushang saw a handful of long brown hair.


A muffled groan of pain sounded from above the back of his head, and with it came a condensed blast that blew over Bai Wushang’s cheek, fishy and unpleasant.

In an instant, Bai Wushang’s blood rushed wildly to his scalp, his brain churning as his subconsciousness frantically reminded himself that there was great danger behind him!

He stiffly craned his head, and was met by a giant brown bear.

A considerable body, coarse fur, sharp fangs, magnificent muscles all over…

Compared to it, Bai Wushang was as thin as a bamboo pole.

Fortunately, the giant bear’s eyes were tightly closed, its mouth half-open and snoring, and even though Bai Wushang was lying on its belly, and even pulled a handful of fur on its chest, it only grunted, showing no signs of waking up at all.


The attribute panel then surfaced.

[Name]: Sound Sleeping Bear (Wild)


[Race]: Demon Beast Realm – Walking Beast Type – Sleeping Bear Race

[Life Level]: Early mature form

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone level, 9 stars

[State]: Deep sleep

[Intelligence]: Low

[Characteristics]: Drowsiness

[Skills]: Giant Bear Slap, Tarzan Crush, Meatball Impact, Death Throw

[Gourmet Cells]: 45

What the… hell kind of luck is this.
This is ridiculous, right?

Granted, he knew that entering the trial grounds would randomly teleport everyone, but it didn’t have to be so thrilling to throw him into the bear’s den right off the bat, did it?

And his back was to its chest, making contact as close as possible…

Bai Wushang’s throat was clogged, and he wanted to cry at that moment.

This wasn’t an ordinary bear.
It was a Sound Sleeping Bear! A Sound Sleeping Bear in the early stages of maturity!

Looking at the quality of its bloodline, it exceeded the Iron-Clad Zombie by two stars, so a random slap would easily make him hack out blood.

Two slaps, and he’d be mush, wouldn’t he?

Oh, Senior Sister Xia, Senior Sister Xia, do you have some misunderstanding about the word “minority”?

As promised, there are only a very few mature beasts in the mystic realm, so how come I ran into one as soon as I entered?

Phew, fortunately, the Sound Sleeping Bear spends nine-tenths of the day in slumber and normally can’t be awakened, otherwise I might be the fastest autonomous awakener of all time to be eliminated…

Bai Wushang was sure that Sound Sleeping Bear would’ve gone berserk and tear him to pieces in anger if he had woken it up.

It wouldn’t help to have a scent bag in hand; the premise of the scent bag working was that one couldn’t actively provoke transcendent creatures.

The Sound Sleeping Bear was one of the creatures that loved to enjoy a good night’s sleep, and anything that affected the quality of its sleep was a mortal enemy in its eyes!

Gingerly climbing down from the Sound Sleeping Bear, Bai Wushang’s thumping little heart eased a little.


Only after fleeing wildly for two or three kilometers did Bai Wushang dare to gradually slow down, and wipe the cold sweat from the corner of his forehead.

“Phew… finally, it’s safe…”

After trying to calm down, Bai Wushang began to look around.

Right now, he seemed to be in a dense primeval forest, with ancient trees and their mottled shadows and insects and birds chirping, filled with signs of life.

Before entering the mystic realm, I already confirmed that Xiaoxiao, Ouyang Yuan, and Sha Buru are all in the other trial grounds… Even Zhu Qin and Luo Youyuan, the other two autonomous awakeners, didn’t go to portal nine with me at that time…

Bai Wushang stopped and gathered his thoughts.

That means, I don’t have to purposely seek out anyone or take care of anyone in this trial ground, nor do I need to have too much competitive pressure—I can just progress steadily.

With the Eye of Perception, the transcendent recipes, and the Altar of the Gourmand, Bai Wushang wasn’t going to team up with unfamiliar students easily; his physical quality and soul power level were amongst the top, and he was fully capable of acting alone.


Anyway, let’s explore the environment first and collect as many materials as possible on the first day.
Apart from making traps and auxiliary utensils, I should also start preparing for the cooking of the Mouse of Temptation…

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