Ouyang Yuan put down his chopsticks, and took a silent sip of fruit wine.

After a moment of hesitation, he asked, “Have you guys ever heard of the saying that there are six great royal families in the Great Qian Dynasty?”

Sha Buru shook his head, his expression filled with confusion.

Bai Wushang knew about this.
He had lived in the Mu Family for a long time.
Even though the Mu Family was not as good as those top royal families, it was still a first-class family in the Great Qian Dynasty; he was still familiar with such basic information.

“Isn’t it the Wu Family, Zhong Family, Xiao Family, Kong Family, Duanmu Family, Situ Family… Huh? Could it be that this Situ Chi is a descendant of one of the six royal families, the Situ Family?”

Ouyang Yuan glanced at Bai Wushang with slight surprise.
He hadn’t expected anyone to answer, but it seemed that this dormmate also had an influential background.

Gathering his thoughts, he continued, “That’s right.
It’s that Situ Family who is famous for their bloodline talent ‘Cloak of Invisibility.’ The patriarch Situ Xuance has a Monarch-level Iron Winged Scythe Beast, and was crowned by the Red Dragon Emperor himself 30 years ago as the Iron Scythe King, a prestigious name…


“…This Situ Chi, the youngest son of the Iron Scythe King, has been spoiled since he was a child, and is so lofty and arrogant that he looks down on ordinary civilians like us.”

“No wonder he’s so arrogant…” Bai Wushang nodded thoughtfully, and then asked, “Then how did you and he meet?”

“That’s a long story.
When I was a kid, my family spent a lot of money, and managed to get me into a martial arts school to hammer out my physical skills.
I didn’t expect him to be an apprentice there as well, and a chief apprentice at that.”

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Ouyang Yuan revealed a reminiscent look and sighed.

“I admit, not only is he highly talented, he learns everything quickly and works hard.
On the other hand, I have average qualifications and am occasionally lazy, and I’ve always been last in the martial arts school… but what’s wrong with me being a dud? Is being a dud a crime? It’s not like I messed with him, and I’m working hard in my own way, so why should he bring people after me for three days and try to kick me out of the martial arts school?

“…In the end, I had to leave that martial arts school due to his threats.
His background was just too powerful for me to mess with.

“But what I never thought was that I would run into him again at Mountain and Sea Academy.
With him obviously being from a royal family, the Red Dragon Royal Academy is more suitable for his development… I witnessed his awakening ceremony in the morning, with an initial soul power of late Spiritualist level, properly identified as an A-class qualification, but it seems he went late.
The A-class dormitory has all been allocated, so he only got a B-class dormitory… F*ck, he’s actually next door to me—what kind of sh*t luck is this?!”

Ouyang Yuan downed another mouthful of fruit wine with an annoyed look, and said, “Brother Bai, Brother Sha, mid-stage and late-stage soul power might only seem like a small difference, but in fact, the cultivation speed going forward is incremental with the initial soul power as the base.
Under the same tier and resources, he will only get further and further ahead, not to mention that a royal family is backing him…”

“Ahem…” Bai Wushang coughed vainly, his eyes peeking over the other two, one wolfing down his food, the other with a depressed look.

Since we’re going to be friends, I can’t make an excuse not to tell them my initial soul power…

After thinking about it, Bai Wushang grabbed a large crystal radish from the table, a hint of embarrassment on his face.

“Never got around to telling you guys about it… Actually, I was also assigned here because there weren’t enough A-class dorms left…”

“What?” asked Sha Buru in a shocked voice, stopping his hand from shoveling meat into his mouth, and half puffing out his cheeks.

“Milky Way, come out and say hello to everyone!”

Bai Wushang returned to his room, and woke up the little one curled up in a ball on his bed and sleeping soundly.


The little one seemed to have slept well, and rolled twice comfortably after being awakened, then leaped up from the bed, and landed deftly in Bai Wushang’s arms.

“Eat this.”

Bai Wushang shoved the large crystal radish in his hand, thinking that all rabbit creatures ate vegetables.


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The little one started dutifully hugging the big carrot with two little paws, and sniffing it lightly twice.

After noticing that it was food, its large silver-white eyes instantly shone.
It lay in Bai Wushang’s arms, nibbling on the carrot, and eating with great elegance.

Stepping out of the room, Bai Wushang was confronted by two baffled young men.


Ouyang Yuan let out a strange cry, and was utterly dumbfounded.

The next moment, he sprang up from his chair, his voice so excited that it was incoherent.

“Brother Bai, you… y-y-y-y-y-you have a contract pet?!”

Right now, all the freshmen had only completed their soul awakening, and had not yet arranged the next step of contract binding, so there was only one possibility for those who had a contract pet right now.

“That’s right,” Bai Wushang admitted openly.
Under the same roof, there was no need to hide.
“I’m an autonomous awakener.
This is my life-bound pet, Milky Way.”

“Holy sh*t! Brother Bai, you hid quite deeply!!!” Ouyang Yuan howled at the top of his lungs, looking as exaggerated as he could.

“Let me take a look, let me take a look!”

Sha Buru put down his bowl with a swish, and stared with copper bell-like eyes, his big face making its way to the moonrabbit.


Milky Way spat towards him, clutching the large carrot while hoping to escape to Bai Wushang’s shoulder.

“This little bugger, is it really a transcendent creature? Why does it look so weak…” Sha Buru scratched his head, not caring about the drool on his face.

“What do you know! This is a support-type pet!” Ouyang Yuan glared at him, then rubbed his meaty palms, and smiled fawningly towards Milky Way.
“Come on, good baby, let uncle hug you, here, here~.”


Pfft!!! Pfft!!!

Milky Way looked disgusted, and spat twice across the room, not wanting to pay attention to the strange uncle.



Bai Wushang didn’t expect Milky Way to have such a playful side, and laughed joyfully.


“Brother Bai, this pet of yours is quite humanlike…”

Ouyang Yuan dropped his hand awkwardly and stopped teasing, looking spirited.

“What I’m curious about now is what kind of look would be on Situ Chi’s face if he knew that Brother Bai was an autonomous awakener, and would he still be so high and mighty thinking he’s hot stuff? Hahaha!”

“Don’t be like that.
I only succeeded in the awakening by accident.” Bai Wushang hurriedly waved his hand to stop his thoughts.
“As for that Situ Chi, since he’s told us to leave him alone, there’s no point in getting into disputes with him again.”

“Hey, Brother Bai’s still quite the low-key one; I admire that!” Ouyang Yuan arched his hand with a straight face, and said, “But Brother Bai should also be careful.
This Mountain and Sea Academy is filled with concealed talents.
This morning I also saw a red-haired woman who should be our peer, and is also an autonomous awakener.
Her life-bound pet is a small fire sparrow that has a trace of the legendary phoenix blood! It’s quite fierce.
Your moonrabbit won’t stand being burned by her; don’t go provoking her!”


“I also saw it! That woman hadn’t unleashed her pet yet, and a man tried to hit on her seeing that she’s beautiful, but he’d only called her a beauty before his hair was all burned up.
It looked terrible…” Sha Buru also muttered his thoughts.


“That fierce?” Bai Wushang subconsciously scratched his hair.
He didn’t want to become bald at a young age.

Drip… drip… drip.

Just as Bai Wushang was silently blacklisting the red-haired woman, the three men’s watches vibrated simultaneously.

“Huh? I didn’t know it was six o’clock.
The academy has sent a new notice!”

Bai Wushang opened the holographic screen and perused it.

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