Bai Wushang, who was in the bathtub, could not help but grimace.

It was too painful!

Even though he was wearing protective gear, there were at least 40 to 50 scratches, contusions, and bruises on his body.

Xiao Tieshi’s medicine pack was even more effective.
When placed in the water, it was as if a fire had been ignited.
It was boiling and hot.

Bai Wushang clenched his teeth and endured for fifteen minutes.
The pain was slightly alleviated.

Following that, a numb and itchy feeling spread throughout his entire body.

“Since I have nothing to do, I should cultivate my Soul Power.”

Closing his eyes, Bai Wushang slowed down his breathing.
His consciousness sank into his sea of consciousness.

Very soon, wisps of invisible spiritual energy passed through his body and entered the boundless space in his sea of consciousness filled with gray fog.
Finally, they fused into the small black sun.

After an unknown amount of time, Bai Wushang felt a sense of obstruction.

“Soul Power barrier huh…”

After trying to break through it twice, that feeling was like hitting steel.
No matter how much Soul Power surged, it could not open that large door.

Bai Wushang no longer persisted.
He withdrew from his meditative state and gradually woke up.


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Sensing the sound of water splashing, the bored little rabbit lying on the sink flicked its ears and immediately stood up.

“Chirrup!” (I’m hungry!)

“Okay, okay, I’ll get you something to eat.”

Bai Wushang smiled faintly and crawled out from the extremely light-colored cold water.

After stretching his body, his body’s fatigue completely disappeared, and because of the deep meditation, he felt comfortable from inside out.

“In the blink of an eye, it is going to be morning?”

Through the window’s gap, Bai Wushang confirmed the sky was beginning to brighten, and the sun was about to rise.

After putting on his clothes and pushing open the bathroom door, the Demon Ape, Ah Zhou, immediately turned around.

“Roar roar!”

“Good morning, a new day has begun!”

Bai Wushang was in a good mood.
Yesterday was the first day of his life in the academy, and it was fulfilling, so he was pretty satisfied.

After arranging the rations for the little rabbit and the Demon Ape, Bai Wushang flipped through his class schedule.

“I have no class in the morning, so I’m completely free…”

Without much thought, Bai Wushang came up with a plan.

He would use the early morning time to make the [Terror Tea Bird Egg] so that his pet beasts could try to comprehend the [Gaze of Terror] to increase their strength.

If there was still time left, he would go to the [Sacred Mountain] and experience the magic of this mystic realm first-hand to evaluate the subsequent development plan.

He took out one cooking apparatus after another from his storage ring and filled the dining table.

There was a constant temperature stove, a water thermometer, an hourglass, a weighing plate, a large iron pot, a measuring cup… everything was there.

Bai Wushang even prepared a few pairs of clean gloves to minimize the contamination between the ingredients.

After preparing the tools, his gaze fell on the two pale oval objects in the middle of the table.

[Name]: Terror Bird (Wild)

[Race]: Demon Beast Realm, Bird Type, Terror Bird Race

[Life Level]: Fetal Spirit Body

[Bloodline Quality]: × (undefinable)

[Status]: Unhatched/ Very fresh

[Intelligence]: None

[Characteristics]: None

[Skills]: None

[Gourmet Cells]: 5

Bai Wushang had already figured out how to use the Eye of Perception thus far.
He could not identify transcendent creatures of the complete form and above in detail.

He didn’t have this problem for those below that, such as mature and youth forms.

Fetal Spirit Body, or at least ordinary Fetal Spirit Body, was the same.

In the Transcendent Realm, 99.999% of transcendent creatures would experience this special life form.

It was also known as the ‘gestation form’ or ‘initial form’.
It was either an egg or a fetus.
The concepts were the same.

Just then, Milky Way bit on a purple radish and jumped onto Bai Wushang’s shoulder.
Its big silver eyes were filled with curiosity.

Bai Wushang glanced and suddenly slapped his forehead.
He remembered something.

“I almost forgot.
You should eat less first and save some appetite for this egg…”

The Terror Bird Egg was not big and was about the same size as an ordinary ostrich egg.
It was easy for Ah Zhou to swallow it in one bite.

But it would be a bit strenuous for Milky Way, and it would probably take a long time to chew on it.

Bai Wushang took away half of the little fellow’s food to play it safe, not letting it eat its fill.

“Chirrup? ? ∑(っ°Д°;)っ”

The little rabbit wasn’t on guard at all, and the radish in its hand disappeared.

It seemed to be in disbelief as it looked left and right.

After confirming that it wasn’t an illusion, its pupils gradually lost their luster.

“Chirrup! (╬ ̄皿 ̄)”

The little fellow came back to its senses and was fuming with anger.
It did not care about anything else and jumped on top of Bai Wushang’s head.
It started to scratch and stomp around.

“Hey, don’t mess around.”

Bai Wushang did not know whether to laugh or cry.
He held its little butt with the back of his hand and hugged it down.
He patiently explained, “Later, if your luck is good, you can learn a new skill.
Bear with it for a while.”


The little fellow wasn’t intentionally causing trouble.
It was just that it had only eaten half, so it felt a little uncomfortable.

Fortunately, it was very easy to coax.
After rubbing its ears twice, it became obedient again.

Bai Wushang instructed it, “Go play with Boss Ape for a while, or catch up on some sleep and rest up.
When I’m done, I’ll call you.”


Milky Way nodded.
Without thinking, he slipped into Bai Wushang’s clothes, and his movements were as smooth as silk.

The difficulty of making the [Terror Tea Bird Egg] was mainly reflected in the ‘seasoning package’.

There were a total of 42 types of mystical herbs and materials, such as Dream Tea, Ghost Branches, and Woe Grass.
Some needed to be put in completely, some required separating specific parts, and a small number needed to be crushed.

However, the tools helped Bai Wushang tremendously.
The speed of his preparation was fast and accurate.

In addition, the Soul Power required for the recipe was the late stage of Spiritualist.

Comparing all the processes, Bai Wushang confirmed that he had sufficient confidence to cook it together.

Thus, he lit the fire and cooked the two pots together.

Time trickled by bit by bit.

An hour later, Bai Wushang retracted his hands and opened the pot’s lid with an expectant expression.


Two golden rays of light burst out and lasted for an instant.

The same content appeared in his pupils twice in a row–

[Transcendental delicacy [Terror Tea Bird Egg] completed.
The recipe completion rate is 91%.
Triggering Profound Meaning of Food ‘Probability Amplification’.

[Final effect: Experience the Terror Dream for a period after eating.
100% comprehension of the skill [Gaze of Terror].]

(Effective within an hour.
Only for youth form/flesh life forms’ consumption)

“The completion rate of the recipe has finally reached above 90!”

Bai Wushang was overjoyed.
Then, he stared at the words’ Profound Meaning of Food’, ‘Probability Amplification’, and ‘100%’ and pondered quickly.

“The original description of the effect seemed to be ‘greater probability’, but now it has become ‘100%’.”

“Could it be that triggering the Profound Meaning of Food can increase the final effect of the recipe and strengthen it?”

There were too few samples, so Bai Wushang didn’t dare to make a conclusion.

Temporarily throwing those clues to the back of his mind, he took the time to call out, “Milky Way! Wake up.
It’s time to eat! Ah Zhou, you come too!”


The little rabbit quietly poked its head out.

After seeing the Terror Bird Egg that had changed its appearance greatly, its furry little face was slightly dazed.

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