“Amazing! Amazing!”

Xiao Tieshi smiled brilliantly, but the corners of his eyes gradually moistened, and tears flowed down.

He jumped up from the stone pit and landed on the ground.
He sized up the Demon Ape from top to bottom with a look of admiration.

“What a passionate enthusiasm! What an intense desire to win! What a carefree and incisive battle.
I can feel it all!”


Ah Zhou knew the other party was praising it, so it did not suppress its nature.
It immediately beat its chest with his arms to express his happiness.

Xiao Tieshi slowly exhaled and calmed himself down.

Then, he turned to Bai Wushang and the students, solemnly saying, “I lost this battle!”


Many students did not understand.
Didn’t Xiao Tieshi block the last blow? Why did he admit defeat?

Bai Wushang thought of something and vaguely figured out his thoughts.

Xiao Tieshi smiled and said calmly, “To me, if I can’t win completely, it means I’ve lost!”

“Because my body has gone through thousands of trials and hardships.
Pure weight can’t reduce physical toughness.”

“If it were a normal Master of the same level, its arm bones would have been broken, and it would have vomited blood and suffered serious injuries.”

“Instructor Xiao…”

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Bai Wushang wanted to say something to defend.
According to the rules, the result should not have been calculated that way.

But he was interrupted by Xiao Tieshi, “Wushang, it’s okay.
It’s not important whether we win or lose this time.”

“What’s important is that I want you to know that youth and failure coexist.
If you dare to admit the problem, there will always be room for improvement!”

“Ou ou~”

The Drunken Fist Monkey clapped its hands in agreement and was overjoyed.

It seemed very happy to see its master that way.

“Alright, that’s all for the pre-class introduction!”

Xiao Tieshi took off his metal clothing.
His entire person appeared more radiant after bathing in sweat.

“Now, let’s begin the official training, Hematite!”

“Ou ou!”

The Big Red Ape suddenly stomped its feet and roared towards the sky.


The metal door at the side was pushed open, and a group of little monkeys less than one meter in height rushed out laughing and surrounded everyone.

Like the Drunken Fist Monkeys, they all had red fur, and their palms were especially fat.
Their fists and heads were about the same size.

“They are the Little Fist Monkeys.
I specially invited them as sparring partners for everyone!”

“Today’s class is very simple.
Everyone will dodge the Little Fist Monkeys’ attacks after wearing the protective gears for at least two hours.”

“Remember, you are only allowed to dodge or block.
You are not allowed to fight back!”

Everyone looked at each other and exchanged a few glances.

Bai Wushang’s gaze swept past those Little Fist Monkeys.
All of them were at Mortal Bone level 5-stars, middle stage youth form.

He would barely be able to match up to them in a one-on-one fight bare-handed.

But soon, Bai Wushang knew that things weren’t that simple.

The other students were allocated one monkey each.

He had three!

“Wushang, don’t let your youth down! Do your best!”

Sweat unknowingly stained his clothes.

The students started leaving one after another, either supporting each other or lying on a stretcher.

Bai Wushang didn’t notice at all.

At that moment, he was fully armed with leg guards, chest plates, arms guards, shields… not a single piece was left out.

It was also thanks to the protection of the protective gears that Bai Wushang could hold on until now.

He had almost forgotten the time and everything else.

The three Little Fist Monkeys surrounded him, jumping up and down.
Bai Wushang had been beaten up from the start.

It would be considered good if he could dodge five or six out of ten punches.

He had to tank the rest.

As his stamina decreased, it became more difficult to dodge.

The Little Fist Monkeys did not know that.
They would automatically change shifts and have new monkeys take their places.

Bai Wushang could not remember how many times he had been smashed to the ground.
He struggled to get up.

“Wushang, stand up!”

“This punch is too slow.
You have more space if you dodge to the right!”

“Watch your back! Watch your back! Be careful of your blind spots!”

Xiao Tieshi ran back and forth between the students.
Sometimes he was serious.
Sometimes he was encouraging, constantly giving advice.

On the other side, the Demon Ape was not idle either.

Although it was a course aimed at the Master’s physical training, under Xiao Tieshi’s arrangement, the Drunken Fist Monkey took the initiative to act as a Pet Beast Trainer.

Any student who contracted a pet beast of a similar type could receive its guidance.

Thus, the Demon Ape joined forces with three to five transcendent creatures like tigers, bears, leopards, and oxen to attack the Drunken Fist Monkey.

However, they were overturned, pushed back, and knocked down consecutively.
They ended up panting.

In the end, sixty to seventy percent of the students could not hold on.
They lost midway and were sent to the infirmary.

The rest of the students barely completed their training targets and left after receiving Xiao Tieshi’s praises.

Bai Wushang and the Demon Ape were still fighting hard.


Little Milky Way stayed not far away.
It covered its eyes with its little paws and didn’t dare to look.

It looked to the left and saw that its master was being beaten up.

It looked to the right and saw that the big guy was also being beaten up.

It was too horrible!

The little fellow’s heart ached a little and felt a bit sullen.

Its small claws dug into the ground, picking up the lime in boredom.

“Wushang, let’s call it a day for today’s training!” Xiao Tieshi stared at Bai Wushang, who was trying to get up.
He gave him a thumbs up and said with a smile, “Youth also needs rest.
If you continue to practice, you will lose more than you gain!”

Hearing his voice, Bai Wushang gradually recovered from his highly focused state.

He instantly felt a burning pain in his chest.
His entire body was soaked as if he had just been fished out of the water.

“Here, take this!” Xiao Tieshi handed him an item.

“This is a medicine bag that I made myself.
Taking a medicinal bath within 12 hours can promote the recovery of the body’s functions and effectively relieve fatigue.
It is most suitable for you to use.”

Bai Wushang was a little surprised and immediately thanked him.

He sincerely felt it was his luck to meet such a good teacher.


A white shadow flashed.
The little rabbit jumped three times consecutively and landed on Bai Wushang’s shoulder.

The little rabbit stepped on the shoulder plate and stomped on it twice.
It obviously felt uncomfortable.


“Okay, okay, I’ll take it off immediately.”

Bai Wushang laughed lightly and poked its bulging cheeks with his fingers.

Milky Way: (。・ˇдˇ・。)


After two hours of fierce fighting, Ah Zhou was also exhausted.

There was dust on its black fur, and many wounds were squirming.

But he was very satisfied with its fight and felt excited from the bottom of its heart.

The Drunken Fist Monkey was a super powerful pet beast of the complete form level!

With such a sparring partner, the more miserably it lost, the more apperception it would gain from the fight!

“Wushang, remember to replenish your energy after training.
Don’t forget to eat!”

“Got it!”

Bai Wu Shang said goodbye to Xiao Tieshi.

He took back Ah Zhou, picked up the little rabbit, and left the training hall in a hurry.

“Sh*t… I’m already late…”

Looking at his watch, Bai Wushang was a little speechless.

He had turned on the Do Not Disturb mode during training.
But without realizing it, it was almost one o’clock.

He had promised to meet Mu Xiaoxiao at the canteen in the afternoon!

Bai Wushang’s head was hurting faintly.

He could roughly imagine how angry that girl would be with her threatening gestures.

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