On the Black Arena, Bai Wushang’s mood was a little delicate.

So it turned out that he was the worst…

Xiao Tieshi’s explanation was very straightforward.
It was because he was a self-awakened individual with outstanding innate Soul Power.

When the corresponding change was transferred to the physical body, the change was far greater than that of ordinary students.
As a result, it was even more difficult for him to control his physical body.

This meant that he had to put in multiple times of efforts to close up this gap.

“Let me show everyone what will happen if you master stronger techniques when your physical fitness is at a disadvantage!”

“Wushang, summon your Demon Ape!”

Xiao Tieshi patted Bai Wushang’s shoulder.
His white teeth were always so shiny.

Bai Wushang didn’t say anything.
The whitish silver Book of Oaths appeared and a vast black shadow jumped out.

“Roar roar!”

The moment Ah Zhou came out, he turned his head to look at Drunken Fist Monkey.

His eyes were filled with fear!

“Ou ou ~ ~”

Red Monkey grinned and circled the Demon Ape, nodding his head repeatedly.

‘Not bad, not bad.’

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‘This pectoral muscles, this waist-to-hip ratio, this buttock.’

‘They were developing really well!’

Xiao Tieshi raised his thick eyebrows and laughed out loud.

“After not seeing you for a day, the Demon Ape seems more energetic.
Good! This is what I want!”

The students below looked curiously and whispered among themselves.

Most of them were surprised and envious.

There were also people with bright eyes that revealed a hint of determination.

These kinds of people were the most confident, and they were also quite prideful.

They were very satisfied with their pet beasts, and they would not be blindly envious of others.

At the place where their gazes gathered, Xiao Tieshi took out a full-body green metal suit and put it on.

“This suit is a special training suit made of soft green gold.
It weighs more than a thousand pounds and can restrict my agility in all aspects.”

“After wearing it, I will be like a relatively weak battle beast at the peak of the youth form.”

“Then now, this is our battle area.”

Xiao Tieshi pointed at the ground with his toes, indicating for everyone to see a circle drawn on the floor.

The diameter of the circle was about fifteen meters.
It was a relatively narrow area for both humans and beasts, so there was extremely limited space for them to dodge.

“Bai Wushang, have your Demon Ape attack with all its might.
As long as you can chase me out of this circle or hit me in the chest within ten minutes, then you win.”

Once this rule was announced, the spectating area was in an uproar.

A few valiant-looking girls did not dare to believe it, and their faces were filled with astonishment.

“It’s normal to restrict one’s physical body, but this rule is too disadvantageous for Instructor Xiao, isn’t it? The Demon Ape’s body is several times larger than his, and the battle area is only the size of a palm.
Would it really be fine?”

“That’s what I think too… but this is Instructor Xiao’s suggestion, so he should be very confident.”

“Enough, stop mumbling! The battle is about to begin!”

“Ah Zhou!”

The Demon Ape and Bai Wushang had a telepathic connection.
Without saying anything else, they charged forward.

When they were close to Xiao Tieshi, they clenched their fists and waved their arms.

— Collapsing Mountain Fist!

“Your momentum is great!” Xiao Tieshi praised loudly.

After saying those words, he bent his knees and leaned back, easily dodging the attack.

Then, he did another side flip and circled behind the Demon Ape.

He also threw a punch.
His movements were clean and neat, without a hint of redundancy.

This punch was very sudden and also very inconspicuous.

Ah Zhou was somewhat caught off guard.
This was the first time he had fought with a human in such a way.
He did not expect that the other party would take the initiative to attack instead of retreating.

He instinctively judged that he could not take this punch head-on.
Therefore, he used his arms to support the ground and his back legs to kick.

“Bang –”

The collision of fists and legs produced a huge impact sound that was like a sonic boom.

Xiao Tieshi stumbled back two steps, and his eyes were filled with joy and surprise.

He was happy that the Demon Ape was indeed a “Muscular Beast”, and its pure melee fighting style was very much in line with his preferences.

He was shocked that this Demon Ape was stronger than he had expected! Faster! And more sensitive!

“I… I feel my burning youth.
Ah, again!”

Xiao Tieshi rushed forward with explosive steps, taking the initiative to get close to the Demon Ape.

Ah Zhou was not willing to be outdone.
His fists and palms flew, his legs kicked, his knees knocked, his sliding shovel, his head hammered.
Ah Zhou did all sorts of moves.

Xiao Tieshi was carrying heavy loads and had all sorts of restrictions.
If it could not even win like this, it would really be too embarrassing for the ape!

After dozens of rounds, Ah Zhou became more and more violent, but he still could not win against Xiao Tieshi.

What about Xiao Tieshi? He had already worked hard in the morning training, so his physical strength was greatly exhausted.
Now, he was even sweating profusely, and his reaction speed was gradually slowing down.

However, he always had the upper hand when it came to attacking.

As the third party, Bai Wushang had observed clearly that Xiao Tieshi’s seemingly hard body was extremely flexible and could perform many extreme movements.

His fighting style was also agile and changeable.
Sometimes, he would find an opening and take the initiative to attack, and sometimes, he would continuously dodge to survive.

Whether it was Bai Wushang or the other students, they were all convinced.

“To be honest, I was originally quite pained by the ten-point mystic energy registration fee.
But now, I actually feel that it’s too cheap… have I started to inflate the cost of the course?”

“No, brother, you’re not alone.
I also have the same thoughts! Also, I can’t wait to learn.
Instructor Xiao, quickly come and trample on us!”

“Demon Ape, you can do it! There’s still one minute left, don’t lose too badly.”


After being unable to defeat Xiao Tieshi for so long, Ah Zhou could be said to be in extreme discomfort.

This was the first time he had fought in such a sullen manner!

He was clearly at an advantage in every aspect, and the other party was clearly becoming more and more miserable.

However, he just couldn’t win.

Xiao Tieshi, who had been through hundreds of battles, had not only displayed his physical body techniques, but also his understanding of the battle and his judgment of space.
These were all very detailed things.

He was making use of everything he had to ensure that he could last longer.

Suddenly, Bai Wushang reminded him with his mind, “Ah Zhou, there are only ten seconds left!”


The Demon Ape, which was in the middle of a fight, suddenly increased its speed.

Its body was like a mountain peak, charging forward.
It raised its right hand high and fanned down with great force.

“Hu –”

A strong wind swept across the surface, and the palm of the black ape, which was the size of a cattail leaf fan, sealed off all the space for Xiao Tieshi to dodge.

Crushing Palm!!!

The Demon Ape had been preparing for this skill for a long time.

From the beginning of the battle, it and Bai Wushang had agreed on a strategy.
They would reserve 10% of their strength and wait until the end of the battle.

The goal was to win by surprise!

The goal was to let their opponent be caught off-guard!


The loud collision sound was accompanied by countless stone chips flying in all directions, and a cloud of faint dust spread out.

The students who were originally chattering and watching the battle were instantly completely silent.

The sounds of swallowing saliva and gasping for air rang out one after another.

“This Demon Ape is a freak…” a female student was dumbstruck, and her pretty face turned a little pale.

“This… Did the instructor lose?” A male student didn’t have much vocabulary, so he simply used the word ‘F*ck* in all his sentences to express his thoughts.

Only Bai Wushang was silent, and he sighed inwardly.

He still… lost!

As expected of Instructor Xiao!

On the arena, the dust dispersed.

Xiao Tieshi and the Demon Ape’s figures were exposed in front of everyone.

The green-clothed man crossed his arms and raised them above his head, completely blocking the Demon Ape’s palm.

His appearance was somewhat miserable, his calves sank into the ground and faintly trembled.

However, he tried very hard to stand straight on the spot.
Under his thick sword-like eyebrows was a resplendent smile.

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