“Milky Way!!!”

Bai Wushang suddenly realized something and quickly hugged it.


The little rabbit was sprawled on its back and sleeping soundly in his arms.
There was still a small bubble hanging on its nose.

As if it had sensed its master’s warm embrace, it arched towards the inside again.

Its small face was quiet and cute.
Its mouth was slightly open and there was a drop of crystal-clear saliva dripping from it.
No one knew what kind of beautiful dream it was having.

“This guy…”

Bai Wushang heaved a sigh of relief.
He then sent a message to Ah Zhou, telling him not to worry.

Bai Wushang’s eyes analyzed the little rabbit’s status which displayed the words ‘Exhausted’, ‘Weak’, ‘Tired’, ‘Sleeping’, and so on.
Other than that, it was fine.

“It seems that its ability is not something that can be used endlessly.
A bunch of clones and a complete super Moonlight Baptism directly emptied its energy…”

Bai Wushang made this judgment.
He felt a little heartache but was also a little dazed.

His pet beasts were truly each more magical than the last!

“Forget about the Shadow Moon Doppelganger, just having this enhanced version of Moonlight Baptism, Milky Way’s value is unimaginable…”

Bai Wushang’s eyes moved slightly and it was filled with surprise, various thoughts, and worry.

“Currently, this has only been tested a couple of times so the sample size is not enough.
The upper limit of this skill still needs to be deeply explored and researched.
This cannot be rushed.”

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“If there’s a chance, I should train more.
I should see if I can control the output of the Moonlight Baptism to reduce the healing speed and effect, and increase the number of times I can use it and its durability…”

There was a moment of silence.

Out of habit, Bai Wushang stuffed the Milky Way into the lapels of his chest.

Then, he gestured for Ah Zhou to stay by his side while he sat cross-legged on the bed.

The Gourmet Cells that he had accumulated for a long time had not been used.
It was time to sacHe.

In fact, he could have used them when he had rested yesterday.
However, Bai Wushang thought about it and decided to return to the academy.

He did not need any useless recipes now.
He only wanted those that could save his life or increase his strength.

It all depended on his luck!

Closing his eyes, his vision turned black and then bright.
He arrived at the altar of the Gourmand.

He walked straight to the center and placed his palm on the bronze square cauldron.

As the seven-colored flames gushed out, everything around him became dreamy and surreal.

[ Accumulated 355 Gourmet Cells.
Would you like to exchange for a First Tier Gourmand Treasure Chest? ]


Bai Wushang exchanged for three in one go and opened them all.

All of them were yellow goatskin parchment.

“Come, let me see what it will be this time…”

Filled with anticipation, Bai Wushang touched the first portion.

In his mind —

[ Recipe ] : Dyed Rice Cake

[ Ingredients ] : One chameleon (Late stage youth form/…) + 120 grams of gold and silver rice + … + Soul Power of late stage Spiritualist and above.

[ Process ] : Wash the rice… stand still… crush… steam… boil the chameleon…

[ Description ] : Randomly change the color of the hair or skin of a transcendent creature after eating it.
Lasts 1-10 days.

(both infant and mature bodies can be consumed.
The higher the level of life, the shorter the duration.
They are completely immune to complete bodies and above.)

“This recipe… is a chicken rib, right? ? ?”

Bai Wushang pondered for a while.
He really couldn’t think of any meaning in changing the color.

Whether it became more beautiful or uglier, it had nothing to do with strength.

“The Culinary God’s treasure chest is random after all.
It’s not reliable.
If I want to draw a miracle alone… it’s better to give up early!”

Bai Wushang shook his head, vaguely feeling for some experience.

“In the end, the lottery is something that relies on numbers to stack up.
This means that I have to kill more types of extraordinary creatures…”

As he thought, he grabbed the second piece of parchment.

[ Recipe ] : Terror Tea Bird Egg

[ Ingredients ] : 1 Terror Bird Egg (fresh) + 3 grams of Dream Tea + 10 grams of Ghost Branch + 1 bundle of Woe Grass… + Soul Power of late-stage Spiritualist and above.

[ Process ] : Make a seasoning package… put cold water into a pot… cook the bird egg together..

[ Description ] : After eating it, you will experience a frightening dream for a long period of time.
You will have a higher chance of comprehending the skill ‘Gaze of Terror’.

(it is only used by young or flesh life forms.
It is unique for one’s entire life.
It will be ineffective if consumed twice.)


Bai Wushang was slightly stunned, but he was immediately pleasantly surprised.

The effect of this recipe was actually able to help pet beasts comprehend skills!

‘Gaze of Terror’ was a special type of skill that was activated through the pupils.
It was biased towards the spirit type.

Its effect was somewhat similar to the ‘Prestige’ that Ah Zhou had mastered, but it was even stronger.

‘Prestige’ required eye-to-eye contact.
The distance was limited, and the greater the difference in rank, the greater the effect would be.

However, the ‘Gaze of Terror’ was different!

It only needed to stare at the target’s body from a certain distance, and there was a chance to awaken the fear hidden in the target’s heart.

The weaker the target’s mental strength was, the more easily they would be affected by the ‘Gaze of Terror’, and they would be controlled for 1-3 seconds.

During this period, at worst, their reactions would be slow, and at best, they would be sluggish, completely losing their mobility.

Almost in an instant, Bai Wushang was sure that this recipe was very suitable for Ah Zhou.

“If I can use this to comprehend the ‘Gaze of Terror’, and combine it with Ah Zhou’s fighting style and murderous aura, there might even be an additional effect…”

“Milky Way… might be able to give it a try, but I can’t guarantee the actual effect, because its ‘Pupil of the Silver Moon’ is a pupil-type characteristic, so there might be a conflict between these two skills…”

Bai Wushang thought about it.
No matter what, this recipe had great value.

For transcendent creatures, the skills they mastered were mostly learned automatically by instinct.

Even if they were of the same race and of the same level, they might not necessarily have the same skills.

Some were skills that were hidden in their races’ bloodlines.

Some were universal skills, with claws and fangs.
The effects of the skills were similar.

‘Gaze of Terror’ was a common skill.
Theoretically, any transcendent creature with ‘Eyes’ would be able to master it.

However, the probability of this skill appearing was extremely low.
It belonged to the very rare category.

This was because obtaining such a skill not only required one’s perception, but also luck.
One could not lack the right timing and location.

“The magical recipe once again created a shortcut.
I can prepare the ingredients later.”

Bai Wushang was extremely excited.
This time, he was able to draw three times in a row.
Just this portion alone was a huge profit!

“I can accept the last portion, it doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad.”

With a good attitude that he was no longer faking, Bai Wushang quickly obtained the third recipe.

[ Recipe ] : Stinky Herring

[ Ingredients ] : 1 Giant Herring (the pinnacle of youth form…) + 1 portion of Stinky Flower Corpse (the pinnacle of youth form…) + 1 kilogram of Stinky Mud Beast secretion + … + Soul Power of pinnacle of Spiritualist and above.

[ Process ] : Marinate… dissolve… mix… cook…

[ Description ] : Extremely stinky.
It is effective in repelling transcendent creatures within a certain area, including some mature ones.
At the same time, there is a certain probability of attracting stinky creatures to come and taste it.
The specific effects would be dependent on the final completion of the recipe.

(This delicacy can be stored in a sealed seal for a long time.
The longer it is stored, the more the stench will increase slightly.)

“Stinky Herring…”

Bai Wushang closed his eyes and pondered over the recipe twice.
This recipe looked very disgusting.
When the three main ingredients were taken out, it was a taste that ordinary people could not accept.

What kind of qualitative change would happen when they were stacked together?

“The effect is close to the ‘Temptation of the Rat’, but the emphasis is different.”

Bai Wushang nodded slightly.
The taste of this thing was a little too strong, but as long as it was used well, it would be a good trump card.

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