Law of Return Online

Chapter 6: Notices

As Jacob was preparing to attack the group of four wolves in front of him, a holographic screen appeared in front of his retina.

[Congratulations to the player [Harvey] for being the First Player to awaken a rare bloodline. This achievement is engraved on the board of fame for all eternity!]

Huh? Jacob raised a frown. It was different from the time he saw in his memories.

In his memoirs, he saw that the first to achieve this feat was the player codenamed Yesday.

Yesday was one of the most outstanding players, he was always in the top 100 international players.

Well, Im not sure if these memories I have of the other me are from the future, or from another alternate reality, or something like that.

Rare bloodline… This is something I have no recollection of getting, most likely something genetic or getting through the system… Well, theres no use thinking about it now.

The best he could do was get strong as quickly as possible and earn a place in the world that was about to turn upside down.

Although he didn know if things would happen the same way, he remembers that it wasn so different from those zombie apocalypse movies and books.

The number of people who died in one year was approximately 1 billion people.

Thats a scary death toll.

Although there was an increase in people born per year, it was still less than the number of people who died.

In the second year, 200 million people were born, but more than 1 billion died.

Already in the third year, the number of deaths decreased a little, a little more than 500 million, but it was still a scary number of deaths.

Jacob didn want to dwell on those memories right now, he shook his head, pushing those thoughts aside, and charged at the bloodthirsty wolves in front of him.

There were 4 wolves at level 13.

However, Jacob wasn so worried. Although their attack power is more than double that of angry wolves, they have less defense and health.

This floor is all about speed, if its fast enough and deals considerable damage, its a quick win.

[- 75]


Jacob didn think twice as he backed away.

The other three bloodthirsty wolves were faster and stronger, so he needed to be even faster when retreating.

Waiting for the cooldown to pass, Jacob dashes forward again.

[- 71]

[Experience gained 13]

[Bonus experience gained 6.5]


”Woof! ”

The bloodthirsty wolves became more aggressive and were filled with rage as they snarled at Jacob who backed away.

Jacob waited for them to approach, and when he had the chance he attacked and retreated.

[- 70]


At the same time that he retreats, he is almost against the wall, Jacob then runs forward, but towards the sides, and with his feet on the walls, he walks sideways on the wall, passing very quickly by the bloodthirsty wolves, changing position.

The bloodthirsty wolves turn and howl at him again.

If it was anyone else, he would be paralyzed by the ferocious howl of the bloodthirsty wolves, however, this had no effect on Jacob who had a neutral expression as he attacked again.

[- 73]

[Experience gained 13]

[Bonus experience gained 6.5]


Jacob didn relax just because hes already managed to kill bloodthirsty wolves afterward, even when he saw that 1 item appeared the instant the bloodthirsty wolf hed just killed defragmented.

Attacking with speed, the two bloodthirsty wolves attacked from the left and right sides.


Backing up again, Jacob didn choose to move forward, but rather waited.

When the bloodthirsty wolves approached once more, though, coming from the left, he leaped into the air at the same time as the wolves leaped.

With great maneuver flexibility, he contorted his body and twisted his left hand into a fist, and punched using all his strength caught squarely on the top of the jumping bloodthirsty wolfs head with his foot, he just slashed in with the intention of fending off the other wolf.

[- 77]

[- 43]

[Life -10]

Jacob slide backward, but without activating the skill, and ran forward then kicked upwards at the bloodthirsty wolf that fell to the ground.

[- 71]

[Experience gained 13]

[Bonus experience gained 6.5]


”Now all thats missing is you… ”

The bloodthirsty wolf seemed to understand what Jacob said and growled and with a thunderous howl, he leaped towards Jacob.

Jacob was waiting for this and he punched upwards, the punch caught the bloodthirsty wolf in the stomach.

[- 75]

[Experience gained 13]

[Bonus experience gained 6.5]

”Its over… ” With a smile, he picked up the silver and gold coins, then picked up the dropped item.

When he takes the item in his hand, he notices that it was a helmet and evaluates it.


[Helmet made from Bloodthirsty Wolfhide (Medium Quality)]

Strength +4

Intelligence +1


”Good. ”

Wasting no time, he wore a helmet that looked more like a winter cap in black.

Jacob saw the portal appear and went through it.


[Obtained: 300 Experience – 100 Gold – Skill – Icy Breath (Low Grade Quality)]



”Thats it! ” Jacob raised his fist in excitement. His eyes glittered as he looked at the information that flashed before his retina with anticipation.


Name: Achilles

Title: First Player

Class: N/A

Level 7 – Exp (74/640)


Strength: 18 (+7)

Intelligence: 19 (+1)

Physical: 20 (+3)

Attack: 100 – Agility: 25

Magic: 80 – Resistance: 20

Life: 470 – Defense: 23


His status has greatly increased. However, he himself knew that it would be a risky fight if he went up against the 300 cm tall boss standing in front of him.

It was a level 20 boss with 1000 health. Not only was life very high, but all statuses were. Even if he learned the skill: Ice Breath, with the bosss high resistance, it was almost very unlikely to work.

Taking the Labyrinth key he used to enter, Jacob used that key to exit.

When he left, being back in his room, Jacob sighed softly.

Looking at his smartphone screen blinking on the counter beside the bed, Jacob picked it up and unlocked the screen. When he saw that he had two messages from Abel…

I need to sort this out sooner or later… Jacob sighed again at the thought of his adoptive parents and sister.

The reason he was living alone was that he had recently found out that he was actually their adopted son and one thing led to another, he turned out to be an asshole, and had an argument with his adoptive parents, so he moved in alone in another city.

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