Law of Return Online

Chapter 2: Leveling up and New Achievements!

It didn take even two seconds for the ad to appear globally again.

[Congratulations to Achilles player for being the First Player to complete the 1st main quest. This achievement is engraved on the board of fame for all eternity!]

There was so much new information that Jacob almost felt dizzy.

Unintentionally, he already made the news twice on the same day…

Of course, at first, people didn reveal so much, since everything was new and unknown, however, even after a short time, some have already started to move.

Despite being happy, he was scared at the same time. However, even afraid, knowing that if he was discovered he would be hunted, Jacob does not regret it.

However, that doesn mean he would wait for them to find out, without thinking twice, he grabbed the 20 silver coins that the snails dropped and ran away as quickly as possible.


Upon arriving home, Jacobs heart was racing. But, there was also a smile on his face.

I did it, I really did it! Clenching his hands tightly, he wanted to scream, but he was afraid to attract attention, he lived near the road and had neighbors.

Taking a deep breath, calming his racing heart. Jacob arrived in his room.

Opening the statues, he smiled again.


Name: Achilles

Title: First Player

Class: N/A

Level 4 – Exp (60/80)


Strength: 15

Intelligence: 16

Physical: 17

Attack: 60 – Agility: 15

Magic: 64 – Resistance: 16

Life: 340 – Defense: 17


Hehe, level 4 in the first mission and a big jump in my stats. Despite having the chance of skill drop from killing monsters, he didn feel sad when he didn get any even after killing 20 level 1 snails.

That was just the beginning, sometimes its even necessary to kill more than 1,000 of the same monster to get a single skill.

Now, I have to plan my next steps. Going to the dungeon is out of the question, as the lowest level I know of is level 10. So… The best thing is to enter the labyrinth!

Not only that, he even had a lucky chest. Although the chances of something useful coming along depend a lot on each persons luck.

Without hesitation, he took the lucky chest from the inventory. It was like one of those surprise boxes you find in any toy store, red and well-decorated.

Laying it on the bed, Jacob opened the box.

[Congratulations to the 1st player of the Law of Return who obtained a grand prize from the lucky chest!]


Jacob had no idea what this space in the contract was about, however, the system put emphasis on highlighting it globally, despite not announcing what the item was, which he did, at least that much, as the name itself is too flashy and would bring even more unwanted attention to him.

Opening the inventory, he saw a small miniature island.

Clicking on the item, a new screen appeared:

[You may bind the artifact (Contract Space) with you. Do you want to do it now? Yes – No?]

Despite never having seen it before, or even heard about it, he still clicked yes.

[Congratulations, you have successfully linked Contract Space with you!]

Below, some information appears:

[Contract Space: Increases 50% chance of being able to hire a pet – Pets that stay within the Contract Space gradually improve their bloodline and even have a chance to evolve. Currently, the contractor only has room for two pets.

This is fantastic! Jacob smiled and laughed.

He could imagine that it was something good, however, it was beyond his expectations!

Should I try to hire a pet before entering the maze? A valid question. However, he soon dismissed it.

Although the chances of hiring a pet have increased, it doesn even have a pet ability. It would be difficult without a pet tamer skill.

Ill get a little stronger in the labyrinth first, then Ill try to hire a pet.

Taking the labyrinth key from the inventory, Jacob held the blue crystal key and imagined an invisible door in front of him and made a gesture to try to open it.

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