Law of Return Online

Chapter 1: The First

It was December 25th, Christmas morning, when Jacob heard a knock on what appeared to be his door. Which was, of course, very strange, since he was new in town and didn know anyone yet, and on top of that, it was six in the morning.

Still in his robe, Jacob went to the door and was startled to see what appeared to be a man standing there, holding a large box.

The reason for the uncertainty of being a man or not, was because despite being someone tall almost 200 cm tall, he wore loose clothes and a hat hiding his face.

”Are you Jacob Smith? ”

”Yes. ” He answered out of reflex, then was taken aback by her voice.

Without knowing why Jacob felt a familiarity when he heard the voice. It was male, but he had the feeling it wasn the real voice like he was changing his voice on purpose.

”This is for you. ” He said, handing it to the big box without giving Jacob time to refuse or anything like that.

”What is it? ”

”Yes. ” He said this as if it was an acceptable answer as Jacob finished picking up the box.

Jacob didn give up and asked, ”Whose is it? ”

There was nothing written like his, or the name or return address on the outside of the box. Just shiny gold wrapping paper and a big white bow.

”No idea, ” he said, as he turned to leave.

”How did you get the box? ” Jacob asked. All this seemed rather strange. He wore baggy green winter clothes with a hat hiding the rest and such.

He stopped and replied without turning around: ”It was given to me to give to you, ” he replied uselessly.

”Err… ”

Without giving him a chance to ask any more questions, the man left without turning back.

Jacob stood in the doorway watching him walk back out onto the sidewalk, wondering if he could get into a van with a company logo. But he didn even get in the car; he just turned right onto the sidewalk, then just disappeared.

Jacob felt like rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn hallucinating. Ghost?!?

It was disturbing to think like that. A man simply disappeared onto the sidewalk.

Without knowing it, his heart skipped a beat.

To be honest, he even thought that it might be a bomb since this situation was too weird. When he nearly dropped the box on the floor, his heart skipped a beat.

However, after he stopped to think, until he felt the weight of the box as he walked back into the house, he felt that it was unlikely, he even wondered if there wasn a simple light pillow inside.

Just to be sure, he tried to listen for any sounds inside, but he heard nothing.

With the big box on the table in the kitchen, curious, he opened it after much hesitation.

The moment he opened the box, the large box started to become particles of light and these fragmented particles dazzled his eyes, as he strained to try to see what was going to happen, Jacob could feel that the particles of light seemed to enter the body his.

When he closed his eyes completely, as he couldn keep them open anymore, with pain in his eyes, something even more surprising happened.

”Then thats it… ”

Minutes later, he simply muttered these words before starting to laugh out loud.

It was also at this moment that something else happened.


[Choose a name: << __>>]


Jacob typed on the holographic keyboard that appeared just above the holographic screen: Achilles.

At the same time he finished choosing the name, something happened in the whole world.

A holographic screen appeared before every intelligent being on earth. Even newborn babies.


[Congratulations to Achilles player for being the First Player of the Law of Return Game. This achievement is engraved on the fame board for all eternity!]

[Congratulations to Achilles player for being the first to earn a unique Title!]


It was as if for a second, the world stopped.

Many believed they were hallucinating, but those who noticed other peoples strange actions deduced that they weren the only ones seeing this holographic screen.

Soon after, the holographic page changed.


[Choose a name: <<__>>]


Unlike Jacobs turn, for the rest of the whole world, only the option to choose the name appeared without giving any explanation.

A strange situation happened for those who had newborn babies, that was the fact that only biological parents could see their childrens page…

Of course, this was only realized after knowing that it wasn just the mothers who could see, but the fathers part too…

Jacob already knew this, hes experienced it himself before!

This wasn the first time that Jacob has seen the Law of Return Game appear. Somehow, the moment he opened the big gift box, he gained memories of another life he had. Be it this life from a parallel world or anything like that, in this life, he also became a player of the Law of Return, however, he hadn been the first player, nor had he even happened to receive such a gift, just like every other the rest of the world, he only had to choose the name.

However, he made the mistake of choo

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