Chapter 37: Ye Tianchen called Chen Yufei!

“Although this kid has some mental problems and is arrogant, but I can sense that he's quite powerful.
If it wasn’t for me, those kids wouldn't stand a chance against him.”

“Since you have already decided to teach him a lesson, why not kill him?”

Chen Yi asked with some confusion.
Killing someone isn’t something she is unfamiliar with after all.

That’s right! She was the one who had secretly intervened Ye Tianchen's hero-saving beauty plan.
She attacked his heart and his plane, which left Ye Tianchen with no fighting capability.

“With Brother Yu's personality and strength, he still didn't kill him, even though Ye Tianchen provoked him, so he must have some kind of plan.

“If I kill him, what if it disrupts Brother Yu's plan? So, let's just teach him a hard lesson.” Meigui shook her head and said.

Chen Yi covered her forehead, looking speechless.
How come she hadn't noticed that Meigui was a love-struck woman who completely lost herself when she fell in love with a man?

Sure, Your brother Yu is strong in the business world, but she couldn't see how good he was in martial arts.
However, she was an experienced person who understood the madness and blindness of a woman deeply in love with a man.

“When should I make my move then?” Chen Yi asked.

“No rush, let's wait and see.” Meigui waved her hand.

Then, a pure and jealous expression suddenly appeared on her face, making her look cute and seductive.

“Humph! Gu Qingcheng, that little flirt, actually took Brother Yu to the Jinxuan restaurant to show off her love in public.
It's making me so angry.

“I want to show her who really loves Brother Yu more! Yes, I must find a chance to do it when Brother Yu and Gu Qingcheng are both present! Aunt Chen, when the time comes, beat him (Ye Tianchen) to death for me!”

Chen Yi covered her face once again.
This girl whom she knows since childhood has completely fallen for someone.

The night went by quietly and the next day, Su Yu woke up feeling refreshed and looked at the frozen food in the fridge without any appetite.

I miss Qingcheng’s delicious breakfast.”

Su Yu felt like he has adapted to the feeling of being constantly pursued by a girl in just one day.
In one word, it was great! However, Su Yu is not a person who likes to be pretentious.

After finishing his morning routine, he drove out to have breakfast and eventually arrived at Wan Yu Group.

At this time, Chen Yufei had already started working in her office.
She slept very well last night, the best sleep she has got since the second rebirth of the past life.

She didn't know why, even though her safety has not been completely resolved.
But her sixth sense as a woman told her that Su Yu in this world doesn’t seem as




“No, I can't lose my vigilance.
The other side may play some new tricks in this world.
I have to find a way to figure out why he wants to kill me!”

Chen Yufei secretly reminded herself.

Meanwhile, Su Yu had finished dealing with several business plans from the previous day and started scrolling through short videos.
The remaining tasks can be handled by the staff.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…

Just then, the phone on Chen Yufei's desk suddenly vibrated.
Chen Yufei's face changed slightly and she glanced at Su Yu secretly.
Seeing that it was an unfamiliar number, she hung up.

However, the phone kept ringing.

“Answer it,” Su Yu said.

“Oh.” Chen Yufei nodded nervously and picked up the phone.

“Is this Yufei? I am your brother's comrade-in-arms.
I am waiting for you at the coffee shop across from Wan Yu Group,” came the deep voice of Ye Tianchen from the other end of the phone.

Su Yu, whose physical condition has greatly improved, heard the sound from the phone instantly.
He is too familiar with Ye Tianchen's voice.

It seems that the plot has sped up.
Ye Tianchen came to look for Chen Yufei so soon.

Chen Yufei trembled all over upon hearing his words.
In her five lifetimes of reincarnation, besides her own life, she was also concerned about her brother.

Now that she heard her brother's comrade has come, she naturally have to meet him.
In the previous five lifetimes, she never made it to the chapter where Ye Tianchen came to find her.

“I understand,” Chen Yufei said calmly, and hung up the phone.
She then looked at Su Yu cautiously.

“President Su, a friend of mine has an urgent matter and is waiting for me outside the company.
I would like to ask for leave for some time.
Will it be okay?”

Su Yu smiled.
In fact, he was actually curious about the plot development, and his gossip fire burned strongly in his heart.
“Sure, go ahead.
Come back soon.”

“Thank you, President Su.” With that, Chen Yufei quickly walked out of the office, and Su Yu followed her.

His attitude towards her will be influenced by the upcoming plot development.
Of course, Chen Yufei's trust level is still at 85 and has not changed.

Chen Yufei did not notice Su Yu following her.
She arrived at the café where Ye Tianchen had been waiting.

And Ye Tianchen, who had been waiting in the cafe, saw Chen Yufei in a seductive secretary uniform, his eyes lit up.
This woman is truly a treasure.

However, he soon became furious.
The information provided by Lao Hu has already stated that Chen Yufei joined Wan Yu Group and became Su Yu's secretary.

This kind of treasure is being made a secretary for Su Yu.
For this atrocity, Su Yu must die! He must die!

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