Chapter 35: You will be my woman sooner or later!

Inspecting the outside of the room, Ye Tianchen followed Wu Tianlin out while carrying his pig-like head.
Several thugs followed closely behind them.

“Patriarch Wu, we will remember this matter.
We will definitely report to our boss, Sister Mei, when we go back,” the thug leader snorted coldly and left with the others.

Ye Tianchen's eyes flashed with killing intent as he watched the thugs.
“You bunch of trash, sooner or later, I'll kill you!”

Wu Tianlin was also feeling frustrated.
He had brought up this matter, but it had turned out like this in the end.
However, his gaze towards Ye Tianchen became strange.

This guy is supposed to be a war god, right? He should be quite capable of fighting, so how did he end up like this against a few small thugs?

When he was overseas, Ye Tianchen didn't personally save him.
It was just that Lao Hu that saved him was powerful, and he called Ye Tianchen “boss.” So he thought Ye Tianchen must be even more powerful.

But is this Ye Tianchen just seeking fame and reputation? Is he all talk and no action?

Feeling the suspicion in Wu Tianlin's eyes, Ye Tianchen became even more displeased.
“There was a master among those thugs, who secretly attacked me during the fight, making it difficult for me to use my strength.”

He gritted his teeth and explained, unwilling to lose face.

“A master? Sneak attack?” Wu Tianlin furrowed his eyebrows, his face turning grim.
“Hmph! Does this Yin Mei think she's invincible in Yuncheng? How dare she be so bold as to interfere with my affairs!”

Ye, rest assured, I will seek justice for you from her,” he said, determined to do so.

“Yin Mei? What does she look like?” Ye Tianchen's heart stirred as he asked.

“…” Wu Tianlin was speechless.
This war god's focus is truly a bit weird.
However, he still introduced her.

“I've seen this Meigui several times.
She is definitely a beauty among mortals, both in appearance and figure.
She is on par with Gu Qingcheng in terms of beauty, but she has a more womanly charm.

“Moreover, her strength is extremely powerful and mysterious.
When she arrived Yuncheng, she became the queen of the gray area within three days.

“No one knows how she did it, as those who opposed her didn't even know how they died.” Wu Tianlin provided a detailed introduction, and Ye Tianchen's eyes brightened.

As beautiful as Gu Qingcheng, but with a more feminine charm.
She is extremely powerful and mysterious.
This is definitely an important force for him to root himself in Yuncheng!

Moreover, if there really is a master among those little hooligans today, it shows that the other party's strength is indeed extremely strong.
If this woman becomes his own woman, he has nothing to worry about in Yuncheng.

With this thought, he even felt less resentment towards those little thugs.
Once Meigui becomes his


woman, those little bastards will all be under his control.


They even considered to record audio.
She's smart.
No wonder Meigui is so powerful.

“You don't need to worry about Meigui, this kind of thing is not a big deal.” Ye Tianchen suddenly said.


Wu Tianlin was full of question marks in his mind.
Weren't you just saying that you wanted to kill those little thugs? And now it's not a big deal anymore?

Are you sick or something? Just then, his phone rang.
It was an unknown number.
He answered it.

“Patriarch Wu, my people cooperated with you to act, but you actually called the police and arrested them.
Do you think that I, Meigui, is easy to bully?” Meigui’s tone on the phone was extremely cold.

“Meigui, don't accuse me falsely.
It was you who sent a master to ambush and injure Mr.
Ye, and now you're trying to shift the blame.
You didn't follow my instructions at all.” Wu Tianlin also spoke coldly.

“A master? A man who can't even beat a few little thugs is worth me sending a master to ambush? Don't pretend if you don't have the ability.

“Now my men are in the patrol room and it cost me a lot of money to release them, two million flat rate, let's call it even.” Meigui said lightly.

“Meigui, don't think I'm afraid of you.
You're just a person in the gray area…”

“Wu Tianlin, I said two million.
If you don't pay it, you'll bear the consequences!” Meigui said lightly, showing no fear towards Wu Tianlin.

This made Wu Tianlin tremble with anger.
After all, he is the patriarch of the second-largest family in Yuncheng.
How could he be afraid of a woman like Meigui who could only roam around in the gray area?

On the other side, Ye Tianchen's eyes lit up when he heard Meigui's domineering words.
He felt that they had a similar temperament.
They were both fearless individuals.

He directly grabbed Wu Tianlin's phone and said, “Miss Mei, I am Ye Tianchen.
There must be some misunderstanding in this matter.
We are ready to pay two million.

“Do you have time now? Let's meet and clear up the misunderstanding and get to know each other.” Ye Tianchen spoke in a carefree and casual tone, but his voice was a bit hoarse due to his swollen face.

Meigui retorted, “Who are you? Do you think you are qualified to know me? Remember to have Wu Tianlin transfer the money.”

beep… beep…

After saying this, Meigui hung up the phone.
She is deeply in love with Su Yu and will not have any contact with other men, even in conversation.
What if Su Yu gets angry?

Moreover, she suspected that the person on the other end was related to the cause of her death in the fifth life.
She wants to stay away from such people as much as possible.

“I like her character,” Ye Tianchen said.
“Meigui, right? You will be my woman sooner or later!”

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