Chapter 19: President, I'll wipe it!

A moment later, Wu Tianlin hung up the phone and a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

The Wu family's prosperity was right in front of him.
In the future, Wu family would definitely be the number one family in Yuncheng, and even the top family in the Yan Kingdom.

On the other side, Sang Biao looked at the phone that had already emitted a blind tone, lost in thought.

“What does Wu Tianlin want to do by finding someone to deal with Gu Qingcheng?”

Sang Biao was the subordinate whom Meigui instructed to pay attention to Gu Qingcheng's movements.
He hurried to Meigui's room and respectfully knocked on the door.

“Boss, it's me, Sang Biao.”

At this moment, Meigui was watching a video of Gu Qingcheng publicly confessing her love to Su Yu.
While watching, she sneered.

This woman was too ruthless.
She even used the way of a “licking dog”.
Was it necessary to be so competitive just to survive?

If this continued, Su Yu might be taken down by her with just one night stand! She was also a little anxious.

Putting aside the matter of survival, if Gu Qingcheng's plan really worked, she would have to work hard too.
Su Yu must have many pursuits.
At that time, she must be the eldest one among all!

When she heard the knocking on the door, she put away the video and said in a faint voice, “Come in.”

Sang Biao hurriedly pushed the door open and walked in.
“Boss, I just received a call from Wu Tianlin, the head of the Wu family.
He said he wants me to find someone to act out a hero saving Gu Qingcheng scenario.”

“Intercept and harass her on the way home from work, then wait for someone to heroically save her.”

“He said he would pay 1 million yuan.”

Meigui was slightly stunned.
Wu Tianlin wanted someone to act out a hero saving Gu Qingcheng scenario?

What's going on?

“By the way, Boss, this is the video and news sent by the brother who was tracking Gu Qingcheng today.”

The video was taken secretly.
After all, it was difficult for their group of hooligans to infiltrate the company.

But the video was clear, showing Gu Qingcheng's disdain towards Ye Tianchen, Ye Tianchen's anger after seeing the confession video, and the video of Ye Tianchen being taken away by the police officers.

In an instant, Meigui thought of the intercepting and harassing matter that Wu Tianlin had mentioned.

‘The situation can't be this coincidental’, she pondered with a furrowed brow.

Furthermore, she had always suspected that her involvement with Su Yu had something to do with Ye Tianchen.

She thought a little more.
At this time, she must not move Gu Qingcheng.
Should she just refuse?

Suddenly, her eyes lit up.
She was just thinking about how she could approach Su Yu openly and honestly, and now this opportunity had presented itself.

“Get a car ready for me and head to Wan Yu Group.
Wait for my message,” Meigui said in a hurry before heading to her bedroom.

She put on her favorite outfit and a dark, long coat before heading out.

Meanwhile, Su Yu was lying on his custom


massage sofa in his office, enjoying Chen Yufei's massage and browsing through short videos.


Chen Yufei, who was massaging his legs, was speechless.
She had come in to find out why Su Yu wanted to kill her, but he had been browsing short videos for over an hour without doing anything else.

Shouldn't he have collected information before killing someone?

Wait a minute! Something's not right! Could it be that he doesn't need to prepare an excuse because I'm here, and he can just kill me?

A series of images of murder and cover-ups flashed through her mind, causing her to shudder and stop massaging.

No way! It couldn't be, right?

“Huh? Are you feeling unwell? Or are you tired?” Su Yu asked with some confusion when he felt her trembling fist on his thigh.

“Ah…” Chen Yufei was scared.

Hearing Su Yu's voice, she suddenly jumped.
Her squatting figure became unsteady and she screamed before pouncing on him with her mouth open.
Su Yu suddenly felt that something was wrong and then…

The two of them seemed to be frozen, with only the sound of short videos echoing in the office.


At this moment, Su Yu's office door suddenly pushed open.

President Su, you're really…
cough cough cough…
I was wrong, I will knock next time!”

“Sorry for disturbing.
You can continue, I'll come back later.”

General Manager Li saw this scene.

Despite his vast experience, he was still somewhat shocked.

“No need, no need, it's just a misunderstanding.
Do you…
believe me?”

Su Yu stretched out his hand and said.

“Yes, I believe you.
I believe everything you say, President Su.
Now the, I’ll take my leave.
Please continue, no one will disturb you.”

He finished speaking and quickly turned around and walked out.

“It’s nice to be young.
It hasn't been that long yet, oh…”

Closing the door, General Manager Li lowered his head and muttered enviously to himself.

But there was no longer any disdain in his tone towards Su Yu, as there was earlier in the morning.

Of course, Su Yu heard this.

He looked at Chen Yufei with some helplessness.
Two accidents in a row, and both times were like this…

However, it was still a pleasant feeling to have such contact with a beauty.

Chen Yufei had already shrunk to the side like a rabbit, feeling scared, embarrassed, and blushing.

She said with a reddened eye, “President Su, I didn't mean it.
Let me help you wipe it off.”

The panicked Chen Yufei had already forgotten what she had just done and hurriedly began to wipe Su Yu’s pants with her hands.

Su Yu: “…”

You're helping me wipe it off?

But he had to admit that Chen Yufei was somewhat cute at this moment.

“It's alright, don't worry about it.
Just go and call General Manager Li in.
Oh, and wipe your mouth.”

Su Yu smiled.

He wouldn't suffer any loss anyway.

Chen Yufei blushed and wiped her mouth before opening the door and calling General Manager Li in.

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