e of the Truth.
Then he sorted out his thoughts.

The current goal is to live extravagantly while pretending to showoff and making money at the same time.

It's not difficult for Su Yu, who knows some business stories and has a golden finger.
He took out the three pieces of business information that the system had given him and glanced at them.

They were three pieces of stock information, with the most

recent one being today's news.
Since this novel is a modern, feel-good story, there is not much talk about business.

Moreover, the author has no business knowledge, only focusing on how powerful the characters are.

It shows that the Zhao Group in Cloud City will hold a press conference this morning at 11 o'clock, announcing the development of a new drug that can relieve heart disease pain, which will be launched in the market at 3 o'clock this afternoon.

Then the stock price of Zhao Group will rise rapidly, from 100 yuan per share to 300 yuan per share (purely fictional world setting) in just a few hours.

Then at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the stock price will start to fall.
When the heart disease treatment drug is launched in the market, it is found to have significant side effects, and the stock price plummets to 60 yuan per share.

“Zhao Family…”

Su Yu rubbed his chin, this was good news.

There were three top-level families in Yuncheng, and Su Yu's Su Family and the Zhao Family were ranked behind them.

The two families were equally powerful, and their business had many overlapping areas.
They had been competing fiercely against each other for a long time, and now was a good opportunity for Su Yu to make a profit.

Then, he looked at the information of the other two stocks, which had not appeared in the novel's plot and had high profits.

At this moment, Chen Yufei had already changed back into her clothes and walked out.
Su Yu looked up and saw her.

[Name: Chen Yufei]

[Age: 23]

[Identity: Senior Student of Yuncheng University and Host’s Secretary]

[Trust Level: 80]

Su Yu was surprised that Chen Yufei's trust level was so high.
It was a bit unbelievable, but he could now trust her.
It saved him a lot of trouble.

“Notify the General Manager and the Director of Finance to assemble at the office of the Director of Finance at the Financial Department for a meeting,” Su Yu ordered.

“Yes, Mr.
Su.” Chen Yufei adapted quickly and immediately notified the General Manager and Director of Finance by phone.

Then Su Yu, along with Chen Yufei, headed towards the Financial Department.

I don't know why this young master called us here.
Is he ready to play pretend guidance work after playing enough in the office?”

“On the first day, he played with those things in the office.
This young master is really not good!”

“Director Li, you have to advise Mr.
Su later, he can't mess around.”

In the office, the General Manager and the Director of Finance talked for a while.

In the midst of this argument, Su Yu and Chen Yufei arrived shortly after, and this time Su Yu mainly came to establish his authority and pave the way for his future slacking off life.

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