to come to work anymore.”

Su Yu's complexion suddenly became extremely indifferent, and he spoke softly.

As soon as she heard Su Yu's cold words, Chen Yufei trembled all over.
It had been so difficult for her to become Su Yu's secretary, and she was fired the next day?

Would she have to walk the same path again and be killed without knowing the reason behind




No! She couldn't let that happen!

Chen Yufei thought firmly.
She quickly turned red-eyed, and tears streamed down her face.

“President Su, are you dissatisfied with what I did? If so, can't I just change it? Please don't fire me!” Chen Yufei walked to Su Yu, spoke in a humble tone, and sobbed.

Seeing her like this, Su Yu's expression didn’t change much and said.
“Then tell me, why are you afraid of me?”

“In fact, Mr.
Su, I borrowed money from an online loan platform to pay my tuition.
They said that if I didn't repay the loan on time, they would take me and sell me to a club.”

“The salary in our company is high, that's why I applied for the job.
If I lose this job, I won't be able to pay next month's interest.
That's why I'm scared.
Please don't fire me!” Chen Yufei pleaded with tears in her eyes.

Chen Yufei took out an IOU from nowhere and handed it to Su Yu.
Su Yu glanced at the IOU and was dumbfounded.

The dignified and pure school girl is borrowing money from online shady organizations???

This IOU is really true.

It's just that after Chen Yufei finished borrowing, she repaid the loan directly, and only lost some interest.

In order to survive, this woman's mental state also improved extremely fast.
But, this still wans’t enough to make Su Yu trust her.

“Moreover, the company's executives just saw what happened outside the door.
Now they definitely see me as your woman.”

“If you fire me, I won't be able to face anyone.”

“Then I might as well jump and die here!” Chen Yufei said, gritting her teeth, as Su Yu's expression remained unchanged.

To her, death was just death, whether it came sooner or later.
She walked quickly towards the window of the room.

“That was a misunderstanding.
Those executives won't talk too much.
Alright, you can just stay here and do your job well for now.”

“Remember, don't try anything against me, otherwise, I won't let you off.”

Su Yu finally said, seeing Chen Yufei's determined expression.
From his experience in killing for several lifes, he could tell that Chen Yufei may be lying about other things, but her desire to die just now was not fake.

This shows that she really needs this job.
He tested Chen Yufei like this for his own sake.

No matter how bad he performed, the people around him must be trustworthy.
Of course, he will also observe Chen Yufei.

After all, her identity is quite complex.
She is the sister of Ye Tianchen's subordinate who has already been treated as a discarded pawn and has been dead for several years.

Ye Tianchen will come looking for Chen Yufei sooner or later, but that's another story.

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