Chapter 9: Your face and smile are disgusting

Gu Qingcheng turned her head and saw a handsome man walking towards her.

She furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

She actually had some impression of this visitor.
After all, in the past five lifetimes, she had met this man, Ye Tianchen, in each lifetime.

He seemed to be the man she had met by chance a few days ago.
However, she had long forgotten why they had met after experiencing several reincarnations.

Besides, she didn't have time to deal with men now.
What if Su Yu misunderstood?

She looked at Ye Tianchen coldly and said, “Please call me Gu Qingcheng.
Do you have any business with me?”

“It feels like ages since we last met.
I missed you so much these past few days.
So, I came to see you,” Ye Tianchen said, with a smile that he thought could conquer any woman.

He didn't mind Gu Qingcheng's indifference.
Women who were conquered by his handsome face had no challenge for him.

Since he saw Gu Qingcheng last time, he couldn't forget her stunning face, devilish figure, and the independent and self-reliant temperament.
He immediately investigated her information through some means.

She was pure and had business talent, which would be helpful for him to establish his own business empire in the country.
She was definitely a talent that could be developed.

As long as he found someone to help her a little, she would definitely become a top elite in the business world.
He was determined to get Gu Qingcheng.

Moreover, he believed that with his personal charm, it would be easy to conquer this cold beauty.

“First of all, what you said and your face and smile are disgusting, and it make me want to vomit,” Gu Qingcheng said in a cold voice.

“Secondly, I have no relationship with you, I already have a boyfriend, and I don't want my boyfriend to misunderstand.
You better watch what you say.”

“Lastly, get lost.” Gu Qingcheng said coldly.

Upon hearing the words “Missed you so much,” and seeing the other person's mouth almost pouting up to his eyebrows, Gu Qingcheng felt a wave of nausea.

How could he compare with her Su Yu? Moreover, in her eyes, he was just a passerby in the five cycles of reincarnation.

If Su Yu found out about this man, wouldn't she be devastated?

With that, she quickly avoided him like she had encountered something filthy and walked quickly into the company.

“Crunch, crunch!”

Seeing Gu Qingcheng's retreating figure, Ye Tianchen clenched his fist tightly, and even the joints made a cracking sound.

To be honest, he was furious.

His face alone was enough to make those overseas royal ladies fall in love at first sight.
His smile had even melted countless beauties.
And yet, this would make Gu Qingcheng want to vomit??

Did this woman have any good taste at all?

Suddenly, he was stunned.

Wasn't Gu Qingcheng's personality the reason he wanted to conquer her?

This kind of woman was the most satisfying to conquer!


Nonsense! He had investigated her a few days ago and found out that she was single, with only one suitor who was her lapdog.

Where did the boyfriend come from?

“Very well, a woman who values her chastity has caught


my attention,” Ye Tianchen licked his lips, and a glint flashed in his eyes.


“Oh my god! Come and see! Our CEO Gu just confessed his love to Su Yu in public, and she even brought breakfast for him!”

“What?! Is it true? Doesn't our CEO Gu hate Young master Su Yu, the playboy?”

“OMG, it's really happening! What is going on? Did Young master Su Yu finally get what he wanted?”

Before starting work, many employees of the company arrived one after another.

The news about Gu Qingcheng's public confession to Su Yu had spread like wildfire on social media.
Some even took out their phones and called their friends to watch the video.

When they saw Gu Qingcheng actually confessing her love to Su Yu, everyone was shocked.

Someone immediately offered their “insight”, claiming that Su Yu was threatening Gu Qingcheng.

Upon hearing this outside the company's entrance, Ye Tianchen's expression turned cold and he quickly moved towards the person who was watching a video on his phone.

He snatched his phone away and saw Gu Qingcheng holding roses and breakfast, confessing to Su Yu in a humble manner and even asking if he was angry.

“Damn it!” Ye Tianchen cursed out loud.

The woman he valued actually went to confess to another man, and in such a humble way.

His entire head felt like it was about to explode, and his face turned red with anger.
This Su Yu was really looking for death!

He immediately returned the phone to the person beside him who had been angrily scolding him and headed towards Wan Yu Group.

“I don't believe it, CEO Gu must have been threatened by Young master Su!”

“That's right, from my understanding of CEO Gu, she hates guys like Young master Su, and she never bends over for money!”

“I think Young master Su may have threatened her through her parents or the Qingcheng Group?”

“It's possible, you see Young master Su’s calm expression just now, as if he had expected it! There was no surprise at all.”

“This Su Yu is too despicable! He's trying to force her into a relationship!”

The following words of the crowd made Ye Tianchen slightly startled.

Yes, according to the information he had received, it was very unlikely for Gu Qingcheng to be interested in Su Yu.
It must be Su Yu who was threatening her.

His thoughts quickly turned.

“This Su Yu is just a waste, I can crush him with one hand.”

“The most important thing now is to win over Gu Qingcheng and make her deeply in love with me.”

Soon, Ye Tianchen had finished his thoughts and with a smile, he walked into the building of Qingcheng Group.

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