Chapter 1: Decided to laze around, heroine intervened!

“Hah! Hah! Hah!…” gasping for air, Su Yu lay on the ground, watching the male protagonist who had already died in front of him.
“System, can I become the ruler of this world now?”

[Ding! The host has not killed the male and female protagonist enough times to become the ruler of this world.
Please continue to work hard.]

[Starting the sixth cycle.]

[Countdown: 5, 4, 3…]

“System, what the hell…”

Before Su Yu could finish cursing, he suddenly felt dizzy and closed his eyes in a daze.
When he opened his eyes, he was lying on a mattress.
The familiar ceiling and room decoration indicated that he had time-traveled once again.

Su Yu's mentality completely collapsed.
This was already his sixth time in this clichéd urban power fantasy novel called “The Return of the God of War”.
The novel was about Ye Tianchen, who achieved the title of War God after struggling abroad for years, returning to China to show off, establishing a business empire, and ultimately, bedding all the beautiful women in the novel except for the female lead, who remained a virgin.

When he first traveled to this world, he bound himself to the villain system, which had two functions.
The first was to intercept the protagonist's chances and gain rewards, and the second was to kill the male and female protagonists and become the ruler of the world.

As an antagonist in an urban novel, the male protagonist was his natural enemy.
He could easily be killed by the male protagonist if he was not careful, so he happily began his killing spree.
In the first cycle, he gained rewards by intercepting the protagonist's chances and improved his strength.
Then, when the male and female protagonists had no relationship, he killed them both.
However, the system always had various reasons to reject him as the ruler of the world.

“System, what the hell! I've killed the male and female protagonists for five cycles.
If they're not tired, I'm tired.
Are you teasing me?”

[Ding! Host, please calm down.
According to this system's calculations, as long as the host kills the male and female protagonists once again this cycle, you can definitely become the ruler of this world.]

“If I trust you again, I'll be the fool!”

“This lifetime, I'm just going to be a slacker.
I'll love whoever I want to love, and enjoy my life as a rich second generation.”

Su Yu chose to be a slacker.
He was tired of killing the male and female leads for five lifetimes.

[Reminder to the host, if the host does not kill the male and female leads, your safety may be threatened.]

“Threatened? I believe you, M$@#F@*$! Would this young master be afraid of them? Hurry up and give me the beginner's gift package.”

Su Yu snorted.
After all, he was the villain, and he had to be stronger than the male lead.
Otherwise, how could he live a comfortable life as a rich second generation?

Being a slacker wasn't a death sentence.
If the male and female leads dared to provoke him, he would have to teach them a lesson.
Therefore, he couldn't miss out on the beginner's gift package.

With each rebirth, his strength from the previous lifetime would be reset, and he would become an ordinary person.
The system called it the training to become a ruler.

[Ding! The beginner's gift package is now being distributed.]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining a bone-cleansing pill, a protective jade pendant (can withstand nine fatal attacks), and a divine-level martial art.]

Su Yu's eye twitched.
The beginner's gift package given by the system was different in each lifetime, but this one was the most useless.
It didn't even have a basic cultivation technique.

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