still be busy in Shanghai wiping his asses for missing the award ceremony last night, and Young Master Shen will not pack his own bags.

Thinking of this, somehow, Gu Yanshu thought of those tweets sent by Shen Jue.
It seemed to say that the woman in the photo was not a girlfriend, but an older sister, so he didn’t go to the award ceremony because something happened at home.

But in any case, it will not be because Shen went to his concert.

Gu Yanshu took out a dust bag and hung up his coat one by one.

Shen Jue had found the location of the three cameras in the bedroom.

Then he knocked on the suitcase beside his hand: “Where do you want to put this?”

Gu Yanshu casually glimpsed.

The box was filled with some rice, small sun, medicine box, and so on by Fang Yuan, which were not supposed to be use.

“Put it at the bottom of the cabinet.”

H said very naturally.

Shen Jue put the suitcase where Gu Yanshu said it should be, and his tone turned a bit more jocular: “You are really good at ordering me around, right?”

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Gu Yanshu paused.

In the past, he had become accustomed to order Shen Jue around and didn’t pay attention.

Soon, he said with ease, “After all, Teacher Shen is willing to help others.”

It’s not a big deal, but it sounded like a mockery.

Shen Jue really couldn’t get along with the two words “Teacher Shen”, thinking he would stop the little bastard from calling this again.

When thinking, he glanced at the little bastard, and happened to find Gu was taking out a small box of pills.
He narrowed his eyes for a moment, gave a short sneer, straightened up, and smoothly pulled a few pieces of cloth over the back of the sofa to cover the cameras in the house.

Then he walked up to Gu Yanshu and reached out the hands to the back of Gu’s waist.

The sudden approach, with the unique scent of mature male hormones, like an invasion of territory, made Gu Yanshu instantly step back.
His whole body tensed out of a tense defensive posture: “What are you doing?”.

Shen Jue ignored him and, with his long arms, reached forward, turning off the mic behind his waist and then backhandedly turning off his own, “Why so nervous? I’m going to eat you?”

Gu Yanshu opened his hand: “Sick.”

“Who’s sick?” Shen Jue to pick up the pill box and shook it twice, “I thought you came to record this show because you’re better, but you only went this far?”

In his hand was a bottle of prescription medication to help sleep.

Gu Yanshu responded coldly: “What’s your business?”

Shen Jue laughed in anger: “If it’s none of my business, when did I ask to live with you in the same room?”

From the first day he met Gu Yanshu, he knew that he had a problem: he had to lock his doors and windows at night, he had to wrap himself tightly in a blanket, and he couldn’t have anyone next to him, or else he wouldn’t sleep well.

Like a frightened little animal, he must carve out an absolutely safe area for himself, or else he would always be tense and ready to flee at the slightest hint of trouble.

At that time Shen had to forced him to sleep under the same quilt.
With forcing and coaxing, Shen got him used to sleeping in the same room.

Now Shen saw that Gu actually agreed to record the cohabitation variety show, and meanwhile was not willing to live with him, so he thought Gu had improved a lot over the years, but it turned out to be the sleeping pills.

He was not afraid of the side effects of the pills at such young age?

So Shen Jue directly threw the pills box into the trash can.

Gu Yanshu frowned: “Shen Jue could you be reasonable?”

Shen Jue lowered his eyes and looked at him, saying idly: “You don’t need it anyway.”

“How did you know……”

How did you know I wouldn’t need it.
After all, it had been five years, and how could everything be the same as before.

But still, the words didn’t come out.

The door clanged fiercely: “Brother! Are you okay? You didn’t fight with Teacher Shen right? Why the mic was also lost! And no camera as well! Brother! Calm down! Impulsivity is the devil!!!”

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The voice of the man outside had been hoarse, and with this heartbreaking shout, it sounded particularly brutal.

Shen Jue tsked: “Do we look like people who would fight?”

Gu Yanshu ignored him and answered the door, “Nothing, just changing clothes.
I’ll come down after changing.”

After the words, there was a relieved voice from the door, “That’s good.
Then brother, we’ll wait for you in the living room.”


Hearing the sound of footsteps going far away, Shen Jue laughed: “Look at you, with a cold face all day and night, you scared the child.”

Gu Yanshu gave him a blank look, closed his suitcase, put it in the corner, and walked towards the door.

Shen Jue stopped him: “Come back.”

Gu Yanshu showed a bad temper: “What?”

“I thought you said you would change your clothes?”

Gu Yanshu paused, walked back to the suitcase, took out a home jacket, then began to lower his head and started to unbutton his body, halfway through the unbuttoning, stopped and looked up at Shen Jue.

Shen Jue: “?”

“I’ll change the clothes.”

“I’m not stopping you.”

“You will watch while I change it?”

Shen Jue laughed lightly: “Don’t worry, I’m homophobic.
I’ll do nothing to you.”

Gu Yanshu was ignoring it with an indifferent face: “But I’m phobic about you.
Please turn around.”

Tsk, still such a thin skin.

Shen Jue felt that if he said one more word, Gu would get annoyed and turn against him, so he turned around, sat on the sofa, and looked out of the window.

The sky outside the window was already completely dark, and the lights inside the house seemed to be getting brighter and brighter.

The glass clearly reflected the silhouette of the person behind the door.
The jacket had been taken off, and when the arms were extended upward, the hem of the sweater was lifted by the microphone, revealing a slender white waist.

Good looking.

The legs were nice, too, straight, thin and long.

Just a little too thin.

But probably because of years of dance practice, the little ass was still nice although thin.

Shen Jue leisurely leaned against the sofa with his legs crossed, enjoying watching Gu’s body shamelessly.

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