the rice.)

Then they rang the bell.

Soon there came the rustling sound of footsteps.

The door was pushed open a crack, and a young and cute head peeked out, and when it saw Gu Yinshu, its eyes widened instantly and pushed the door open: “Ahhhhh! Yan – cough cough cough -“

Before she could finish her sentence, her voice split and she coughed violently.

Xia Qingqiao, a newcomer to the company, debuted in the previous year’s audition with a quite good voice.
So how did it suddenly become like this now.

Gu Yanshu took out a packet of tablets from his pocket and handed them over: “What’s wrong?”

“On your concert —- Cough —- screamed my head off and got hoarse”


You held a concert or I did?

“I couldn’t help it.
It was so hot, so we must support!” Xia Qingqiao’s hoarse voice was very excited, “Brother you were amazing yesterday! A Supreme!”

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He didn’t hide his fascination at all.

Shen Jue watched from the back of Gu and wondered why this kid was talking so much.
He made it sound as if Gu Yanshu had blown up the stage yesterday, just to show off.

He spoke in a cold voice: “Just stand here at the door?”

The tone of his voice sounded impatient.

Only then did Xia Qingqiao suddenly found there was another person aside.
He was busy preparing to apologize and say hello, but the moment he saw the person’s face, he froze there.

He stood there with her mouth open, confused, and threw a questioning look at Gu Yanshu.

Gu Yanshu showed a blank expression to convey that he knew nothing.

Xia Qingqiao shifted back to his gaze and dumbly said, “Hello, Teacher Shen, I am Xia Qingqiao.”

Shen Jue: “Hmm.”

Xia Qingqiao: “?”

Shen Jue: “?”

Xia Qingqiao: “……”

Never mind, maybe all the movie emperors were aloof.

No wonder he and brother Yanshu had been at odds for years, after all, they both spoke coldly, and certainly had nothing to say when they were together.

Xia Qingqiao understandingly walked between the two and entered the house together.

After the entrance, there was a spacious living room, decorated with light-colored wood and fabric.

At the other end of the living room were large floor-to-ceiling windows, outside of which lay a calm lake under the dusky light of the nightfall.
Inside the windows was the soft bright incandescent lamp, under which covered the soft carpet.
Three persons were sitting around on the carpet, talking something.

Hearing the sound, they all turned their heads.

When the older man saw Gu Yinshu, he smiled kindly and gently: “Shu is here? Why lost weight again?”

Gu Yanshu nodded: “Hello, Teacher Sheng.”

Sheng Ping was the veteran among the entertainers’ circles.
He was over forty years old, ever won the movie emperor, worked as director and producer, got abilities, connections, resources, and was humorous, witty and knowledgeable.
He had met Gu Yanshu several times in the variety show before, and was very kind to him.

They were acquainted.

After greeting Gu Yanshu, Sheng Ping looked at Shen Jue next to him.

It seems that he was not surprised by Shen’s appearance, but he gave a pretentious “wow”: “What kind of wind has blown Shen the movie emperor to us? We’re so honored.”

Shen Jue had a good relationship with Sheng Ping, and he could tell the derision in Sheng’s words.
He put down the suitcase, pursing up his lips: “Well, just won the movie emperor, and come to boost my commercial value.”

Saying that, he raised the corner of his eyes to glance at Gu Yanshu.

Gu Yanshu didn’t want to talk to him, and coldly looked away.

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What did he mean by repeating the words that fans used to curse him?

Showing a pitifulness or a provocation?

Sheng Ping, sitting on the side, caught the eye-to-eye exchange between the two, tsked twice without a word, pretending he was a tool man and keeping his mouth shut.

Instead, two girls greeted them.

One was Xu Fanfang, who was the same age as Gu Yanshu, a child star from a small flower girl with a sweet and lovely appearance.
She had always been known as the national sister who was quite popular.

The other one was Xie Shuang, just over 30, an independent music producer with both fame and ability, who had won many international awards and owned a unique voice, attracting lots of loyal fans over the past few years.

The two girls were both not well acquainted with Gu Yanshu and Shen Yue, so they got nothing else to say after saying hello.

As the general director, Cao Dan naturally took over the conversation and picked up the trumpet: “Well, everyone is here now, so let’s see how we arrange the rooms for you.”

The villa had three floors.
The first floor included a living room, dining room, kitchen, and a video game entertainment area.

The second floor had two double rooms, where the south-facing one contained a large built-in checkroom and the north-facing one was equipped with a massage chair.
There was also a single room, which was reserved for the flying guest.

(TL: The flying guest is an entertainer who is invited to attend this show for only one or two episodes.)

The third floor was half terrace and half sunroom converted into a double room.
The side facing the terrace had a set of floor-to-ceiling windows, and the roof had a large skylight that could be opened and closed for good light.

All rooms had en-suite facilities with bathtubs.

Without objection, the bedroom with checkrooms was given to the two girls.

As for how to arrange the rooms for the left four persons, the director team was a bit hesitated.

The original script was to arranged Sheng Ping And Xia Qingqiao to live in the room on the second floor, and Gu Yanshu and Chen Ran to live in the room on the third floor, which was convenient for creating the CP topic.

However the investor suddenly revealed Chen Ran got a scheduling conflict, and Shen Jue’s team just had a plan to boost Shen’s popularity, so they prefer to replace Chen Ran with Shen Jue and asked the program team if they agreed.

At the time, the program team just thought if they replaced Chen Ran with Shen Jue, they would hit pay dirt, so they made a quick decision and a deal, then remembered there was still a Gu Yanshu on the program.

The affairs between Shen Jue and Gu Yanshu was something that everyone in the fandom had heard about.
Although the rumors were somewhat exaggerated and fabricated, but it was true the two hadn’t been in the same frame for years.
So they guess the relationship between the two was literally bad, and the homophobia of Shen Jue was also true.

In other words, the script designed for Gu Yanshu and Chen ran couldn’t be used any more.
Otherwise, these two who were together with some grudges would fight each other, and Shen Jue would certainly not want to……

“I’ll live with Gu Yanshu.”




Before the director team could figure out a plan, they heard a lazy self-satisfied voice, so they looked up abruptly to find where the voice came from.

Then they saw Shen Jue was sitting on Gu Yanshu’s suitcase, propped up on his long legs, crossing his arms before the chest, perceiving the astonished looks from everyone, and raising his eyebrows diffusely.

“So? No?”

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