other anything anymore.
And now, I also don’t need to take a single cent from you, nor do I intend to inherit a single share of your inheritance, so you don’t have to bother about me anymore.” 

“You’re my son, why should I ignore you?” 

“It’s not like I’m your only son.” That was all Shen Jue needed to say. 

Shen Ji was speechless. 

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He knew that he would lose the argument based on this matter. 

Shen Jue was never interested in these family dramas.
He chuckled menacingly as he said, “Of course, if you intend to use Gu Yanshu to threaten me, like you did give years ago, or get your old friends to lend you some of their troops to lock me up, starving me of food and water till I had to be resuscitated at the hospital, go ahead.
Anyway, as long as you torture me, I’ll make sure you won’t have a good life too. 


He continued, with a hint of mockery in his words, “Anyway, even if I don’t intend to inherit anything from you, the shares and assets that my mother left me is sufficient for me to cause some turbulence in your life.
Am I right, Chairman Shen?” 

Shen Ji’s expression chilled, “Is this how you speak to your father?” 

“If a father threatened his son with the future and safety of the person he likes, just so that he would get married and give him a grandchild could inherit the family business, can he still be considered a father? Why can’t I speak to you like this?” 

“I did all that for your own good.”

“Oh, that really wasn’t too obvious to me.” 

Shen Jue narrowed his eyes, looking as though he was grinning, but the mockery in his tone was undisguised. 

After some time, Shen Ji said coldly, “When you wanted to become an actor like your mother, I agreed to it.
You like men, I won’t stop you too.
You can play with them secretly, just don’t play them to death.
However, you’ll still have to get married and have children.
Those things that cannot be brought to light should never be brought to light.” 

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“I don’t agree.
Wasn’t a mistress who should be hidden from the world brought to the light by you? Moreover, I’m really not interested in getting married and having kids, nor will I go and harm other women for such reasons.
You should keep these thoughts to yourself, but don’t ever say them again.
These words really disgust me.” 

Shen Jue then stood up slowly, and his tall build instantly created a strong pressure against his father.
Shen Ji finally realised that his son was only unrestrained and ostentatious on the surface.
In reality, he had long matured. 

Shen Jue looked at his father’s white hair, but remained calm and firm, “I didn’t come here this time to hear you reprimand me.
I wanted to tell you that since you are investigating me, then you should know that I’m close to Ye Leng and Ye Wei.
Hence, even though I might be late in taking back what belongs to my mother, I’ll take it all back sooner or later.
If you want to live a good life, and retain the Shen family’s reputation, then you should stop trying to interfere with Gu Yanshu’s life.” 

He turned to leave, but before he left, he turned his head back and added, “Also, Shen Ji, you’ve really aged.” 

Then, he turned back again and left without another word.  


The sound of glass crashing could be heard from behind him. 

A servant asked carefully, “Young Master, are you staying here tonight?” 

Shen Jue replied softly, “No.” 

Someone was scared of the dark and was waiting for his return. 

That person had promised to keep the door open for him, so he would also have to keep his word. 

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