rely different world. 

At that time, he was angry that Shen Jue lied to him, and furious that Shen Jue had told him that the band had to be disbanded, and even more, he was pissed that Shen Jue was going to leave. 

Because he knew that once Shen Jue left, they would really become people from two different worlds. 

Hence, he said in a moment of spite, “Alright, let’s keep our distance from now on, and we should never meet again.” 

Shen Jue had looked at him for a very, very long time, before he finally ruffled his hair and said, “Be good.
Go home, and don’t let your family worry about you.” 

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Then, he turned around coldly and left, closing the door behind him. 

At that time, he knew that Shen Jue also had his difficulties, and he had always believed that anything that Shen Jue did, there would certainly be ten thousand reasons why he would do that.
Hence, he had never doubted Shen Jue’s decisions. 

Later on, the group really disbanded, they won the lawsuit for contract breach, and everything that they couldn’t resolve previously had finally been concluded.
This increased Gu Yanshu’s conviction about Shen Jue. 

They were still young then, and there were things that were outside their abilities to do.
In time to come, they might be able to resolve these matters, but the days were still long, and anything could happen. 

Perhaps it would be so long that it diminishes the most passionate and innocent feelings that they felt since they were in their teens, it might bury their dreams and perseverance, or it might cause his mother to die a premature death because he didn’t have the money to treat her illness due to rumours and defamation. 

He understood all of these. 

Hence, he had always kept in mind Shen Jue’s goodness. 


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The only reason he had been angry with Shen Jue was because the latter had been unwilling to tell him the ten thousand reasons.
He was angry because every time, he would dress up and appear where he thought would be a venue for their reconciliation, but Shen Jue would not appear.
He was angry because he was acting like an abandoned child. 

Even more so, he was angry that Shen Jue had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and yet, his reaction to his appearance was still as useless as he had been back then. 

However, Shen Jue recalled what he heard the latter’s manager say back in the hospital, “Didn’t you forget how the old master had forced you back then?” 

He decided that he would temporarily not be angry with Shen Jue. 

He stood up and looked seriously at Shen Jue, “Then, will you still come back?” 

His soft and wet hair fell limply between his cold gaze.
There was no makeup on his face, and he looked clean and pretty under the light.
The white t-shirt he wore made him look like the skinny figure that hadn’t changed since his youth. 

It was as though he could easily see the softness deep within the man through that thin shell. 

Shen Jue looked at him and chuckled softly. 

“You’re scared of the dark.
How can you sleep if I don’t return? This time, remember to keep the door unlocked for me.” 

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