Sheng Ping decided to change the topic.
He turned to Xia Qingqiao, “What about you? You’re also the young master from a rich family, so why did you think of becoming an idol?”

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Xia Qingqiao stuffed a large beef ball into his mouth, and he spoke with his mouth full, “Because I would have to go overseas to study if I didn’t become an idol.
And I would have to inherit my family business once I came back.
I don’t like my father’s company, so I could only become an idol.” 

His gaze was innocent and pure, and his expression was sincere and honest. 

Everyone at the table: “……”

Sheng Ping rubbed the area between his brows, “Xiao Xia, in future, if others ask you the same question, you shouldn’t be so honest in your reply.
Just saw that it was your dream.”


“Oh, okay.”

Even though Xia Qingqiao was a silly boy, he was still quite obedient. 

He thought about it again and then added, “However, this isn’t the only reason.
Once, my sister brought me to Brother Yanshu’s concert.
At that time, I wondered how someone could look so handsome on stage.
Onstage, this man looked so dazzling, and so, I decided that I wanted to become someone like him.”

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Qw Zydpbw alxykdle kxryppkhl, “R twlpp R zkjle kv.”

“I saw that you learned the piano and even the Russian language when you were younger.
You even went for vocals training.
I guess your family should be very supportive of you?”


Gu Yanshu lowered his eyes and didn’t directly reply Sheng Ping’s question about his family.
Instead, he simply said, “When my mother was young, she was a musical actress based in Russia.
Later on, she came back and became a vocals teacher, hence I learned a little from her from a young age.” 

Sheng Ping nodded, “That’s good.
You are indeed gifted.
Yesterday, I met Director Qin, and he said that your vocal range is so wide, it’s suitable for so many things.
Next week, if you have time, go and try out their OST song.
I’ll help you arrange for the audition.”

“Thank you, Teacher Sheng.”

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To participate in the OST for an internationally-renowned director’s movie would be a career-changing moment for idols like them. 

Gu Yanshu’s fans were rejoicing on the bullet screen. 

“Director Qin? Is that the same Director Qin that I’m thinking of? Our boy is getting his breakthrough!!

“Ohhhhh… The fans rooting for his career are satisfied now.
All the best, our boy!!”

“I don’t know why, but I felt like crying when Teacher Tienan spoke about the time when Xiao Shu returned.
It’s really fortunate that those lousy things back then didn’t defeat our Gu Xiao Shu!”

“I have to say, when I saw the three of them sitting down and having hotpot together, I already felt like crying.
It feels like I’ve gone back to the days when I was watching the group variety show.”

When Huang Yinan saw the bullet screen, he laughed.
“That’s true.
This reminds me of the days when we secretly had hotpot in the hostel together.
It feels like it hasn’t been a long time, but it’s already been five years.
Honestly, I had never expected myself to be able to sit with Old Shen and Xiao Shu on the same table, having hotpot together.
It’s really like a dream come true.” 

Shen Jue replied leisurely, “Why can’t you expect this?”

“Back then, when the group disbanded, the two of you… Forget it.
Let’s not talk about this.”


Huang Yinan cut himself off, then handed the other two a can of beer each.
“Anyway, I can be at ease now, seeing the both of you like this.
After all, we all managed to survive all the hardship and difficulties back then together, so how can it be that we can’t be buddies now that all of our lives are better.
Am I right?”

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How is he right? 

Shen Jue couldn’t be bothered with him. 

Who wants to be buddies with Gu Yanshu?

He then replaced Gu Yanshu’s beer with a can of Wangzai milk [1]: “You want to let him drink? Do you want to die?”

“Oh, that’s right.
I almost forgot about it.” Huang Yinan patted his head and looked at Gu Yanshu, “Xiao Shu, see how well Old Shen treats you.
He still remembers that you can’t drink.
Don’t be angry with him anymore.
Look, he even got injured because he was protecting you.”


Gu Yanshu put his chopsticks down. 

It was fine before he said that. 

Now that Huang Yinan brought this up again, Gu Yanshu, whose expression had already softened, seemed to have recalled something.
He stood up and walked back to the kitchen, and after some time, he carried a massive bowl out and placed it in front of Shen Jue. 

“You should eat this.”

His tone was as cold as ice. 

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Shen Jue looked down at the bowl. 

There were no sides, no flavouring in the dish at all.
It was simply a large bowl of pig trotters in hot water. 


Shen Jue looked up at Gu Yanshu. 

Gu Yanshu looked down at him with a cold expression on his face. 

Shen Jue used his left hand to pick up the fork, “Alright, I’ll eat it.”

Then, as he smelled the strong, spicy fragrance from the hotpot and listened to the happy and cheerful voices of the others giving their ratings on the hotpot, he silently ate the bowl of boiled pig trotters. 

He thought internally, This idiot Huang Yinan is really my “good buddy”.

The bullet screen was filled with comments along the lines of, “Their team spirit is incredible!”

[1] Wangzai milk: Milk beverage from Chinese company Want Want 

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