clean cut went down. 

It was even louder, more forceful, and more violent. 

Shen Jue felt a chill around his neck.
“Please, let me do it.” 

“You can’t move your right hand, how can you do it?” Gu Yanshu’s voice was calm and emotionless, but there was a faint murderous intent in it. 

Shen Jue’s right hand and neck both felt chilly. 

He turned back to look at the bullet screen, as though he wanted to get help. 

Yet, there was only one type of comment:

“Ohhh… Baby is so gentle, Baby is so caring, Baby treats his captain so well…” 

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Shen Jue thought inwardly, no one truly understands how he feels now. 

He wanted to coax Gu Yanshu, but they were still streaming live.
He couldn’t possibly shake Gu Yanshu in front of the cameras now and ask him why he was unhappy. 

However, there were still close to two hours before the live stream ended. 


How was he going to placate this man in the next two hours? 

As he thought about it, his gaze fell upon a kettle in the central island. 

It was water that was boiled this morning before they left, so it shouldn’t be hot anymore. 

Shen Jue used his long limbs to touch everything that was in his way, and in an exaggerated turn of his body, his arm intentionally knocked into the kettle.
The kettle fell from the island, and a loud bang could be heard. 

Gu Yanshu turned around, and all he saw was Shen Jue, who was drenched from the waist down. 

He quickly asked, “Are you alright?” 

“I’m fine.
The water is not hot anymore.” Shen Jue said, “Help me remove the mic, so that the water won’t seep in.” 

For a moment, Gu Yanshu forgot about the question of Shen Jue’s mobility.
He quickly helped him to remove the mic, and when he realised that his pants were fully wet, he said, “You should go up and change.” 

Shen Jue looked aggrieved as he raised his right arm, “I can’t change it on my one.
You have to accompany me.” 


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Initially, Gu Yanshu forgot about Shen Jue’s lie, but with this reminder, he smiled menacingly, “Sure.” 

Since someone felt that he wasn’t dying fast enough, he will grant him his wish. 


After agreeing, he turned and walked upstairs. 

The bullet screen instantly exploded. 

“Oh god! VJ! You should follow them up! Who still wants to see what’s happening in the kitchen! I want to see them changing!!!” 

“VJ! If you still don’t go up, I’ll dock your pay!”

“I’ll splurge on ten fireworks showers, can you show me how they are getting changed?” 

“Shushu, you are still young! Mommy doesn’t allow you to drive!!” 

“There’s already a multi-vehicle crash from the race car that’s speeding through my head!” 

The comments on the bullet screen started turning dirty. 

However, the atmosphere on level three was nowhere as enticing as they thought. 

Once they walked into the room and closed the door, Gu Yanshu turned off his mic. 

Then, he turned to look at Shen Jue, as he cracked his knuckles, “Tell me, how do you want to die?”

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