Chapter 21.6: Coming out of the closet

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Shen Jue grabbed the silly boy who was still in a daze, and ran outside as fast as he could.

Gu Yanshu turned around to take a peek. 

Following behind them was a large group of black figures. 

And everyone was running extremely quickly. 

What kind of d*mned haunted mansion was this?!


Gu Yanshu ran with all his might, and didn’t have the time to think about anything else.
All of his strength was used for escaping, and he ran for a long time, not knowing when the end would come. 

When they finally saw the sunlight, they stopped and bent down, panting as they supported themselves on their knees. 

And as they panted, they suddenly smiled. 

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Gde Qw Zydpbw eked’v oydv vs alqwpl. 

Because the slide and the run just then felt really good. 

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He liked that uncontrollable loss of gravity; it was only during times like that that he would feel excited, frenzied, and even feel free from his worries. 

Hence, he played all of the exciting rides in the amusement park. 

By the time he was done, it was already evening. 

Both of them were rather tired. 

And they started strolling leisurely around the amusement park. 

As they walked, they passed by the haunted mansion again. 

Shen Jue suddenly turned to look at Gu Yanshu, “Do you think that Li Feng’s love for Wang Mei was real?” 

Gu Yanshu didn’t know why Shen Jue wanted to discuss the romance in a ghost story. 

However, he still considered it seriously, “No.” 

“In order to be with her, he’d rather be fired and scolded.
He even took revenge for her and killed himself for love.
Doesn’t that count?” 

“If Li Feng really loved Wang Mei, then he should understand the meaning of waiting and protection.” 

Gu Yanshu’s reply was calm and determined. 


Shen Jue stared at him, but didn’t say anything further.
His gaze made Gu Yanshu suddenly think about the time when they were in the cabinet, when he asked Shen Jue why his heart was beating so fast, and Shen Jue asked him the same question back. 

His heart started beating quickly again, and before he could figure out what Shen Jue meant by all these, he heard the man chuckle, “Do you want to eat something sweet?” 


Gu Yanshu looked at him doubtfully, what is this man thinking? 

However, Shen Jue didn’t seem to think that anything was wrong. 

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He just thought that once a child answered a question correctly, they would usually be rewarded with sweets. 

He pointed at a hut beside the haunted mansion, “Do you want to eat cotton candy?” 

Gu Yanshu looked in the direction that he pointed at.
True enough, there was a round eat leaning onto a sweets counter, tiptoeing and looking all around. 

Gu Yanshu walked over and kneeled down, “Little boy, what are you looking at?” 

The boy’s childish voice sounded, “I want to eat sweets.” 

“Why don’t you buy it then?” 

“Mommy has to work hard for it.” 


Gu Yanshu was silent for a short while, then rubbed the boy’s head, “I’ll buy it for you.” 

“Mommy said that we can’t take things from strangers.” 

The boy blinked, and the expression on his face was serious. 

Gu Yanshu said patiently, “Then, how about you sing a song for me, and I’ll give it to you as a reward?” 

The child tilted his head and looked at Gu Yanshu for a long time.
He thought that this elder brother looked very good looking, so he must be a good person.
Hence, a wide grin appeared on his lips, and he said, “Okay!” 

The child’s voice was very cute, even though he was out of tune.
However, Gu Yanshu continued kneeling before him, listening silently as he completed the song, then rubbed his hair again, “You sang well.” 

On the side, Shen Jue had already bought two cotton candies and came over with them. 

He gave one to the little boy, and one to the big boy. 

The little child took the cotton candy and smiled sweetly at Gu Yanshu, “Thank you, Brother!” 

Then he smiled sweetly at Shen Jue, “Thank you, Uncle.” 

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Shen Jue: “?”

“I’m going to share the candy with my mother! Bye, Brother! Bye, Uncle!” 


After that, the kid ran away on his short legs. 

Shen Jue had to rein in his anger.
He was about to scold the boy, but when he turned, he saw Gu Yanshu holding the cotton candy.
His head was lowered, but corners of his lips were curling upwards, and a trace of a smile flashed across his eyes. 

Behind him, the sunset accentuated the definition of his side profile, softened his eyes and brows, making him appear gentle and handsome. 

A soft feeling arose in his heart. 

Uncle it shall be then. 

Since it was so rare that he was smiling. 

Shen Jue had bought a cotton candy that was larger than his own head, and he asked Gu Yanshu, “Did you have fun today?” 

Gu Yanshu tore a small piece and put it into his mouth, “It was alright.”

If Gu Yanshu said it was alright, then it really was alright. 

It seemed like he had made the right decision. 

Shen Jue felt that he deserved to be rewarded too, so he pushed the cotton candy to Gu Yanshu. 

Gu Yanshu: “?”

Shen jue raised his right arm with much difficulty, “I can’t move my hand, so I can’t tear the candy off.
How am I supposed to eat it?” 

“Can’t you just bite it off?” 

“I’m still a male good, how can I dirty my face with cotton candy?” Shen Jue looked at Gu Yanshu, his words making logical sense. 

Gu Yanshu: “……” 

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Forget it.
After all, he was injured because of him.
After all, he helped him back there in the haunted mansion.
After all, they had come out of the “closet” together. 

Gu Yanshu pulled a small bit of cotton candy and put it near Shen Jue’s mouth. 

Shen Jue was about to eat it when a crew member ran out of the haunted mansion. 

“Teacher Gu, Teacher Shen, the candid photo of you in the haunted mansion has been printed.
Take a look.” 

There was a candid shot in the haunted mansion? 

Gu Yanshu felt that his performance in the haunted mansion wasn’t too valiant. 

He shoved the cotton candy into Shen Jue’s mouth, then took the photo begrudgingly. 

The photo captured Shen Jue hugging him as they jumped off the fourth floor and slid down the slide. 

Shen Jue’s hands were protecting his head and his waist, while he was buried in Shen Jue’s embrace, revealing only his side profile.
It didn’t look too ugly. 

It was still fine. 

Gu Yanshu heaved a sigh of relief, but quickly frowned.
He felt that there was something strange in this picture. 

Shen Jue’s hands were protecting…





Gu Yanshu looked up expressionlessly at Shen Jue, who was still tasting the cotton candy that he had just been fed with, but there was a murderous intent in his eyes. 

Shen Jue, who had just tasted a bit of benefit, slowly raised an eyebrow. 


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