Chapter 20.1: @XiaoShenXiaoGuIsAMatchMadeInHeaven must be holding a grudge against him

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The air in the set was still. 

And a murderous intent surged. 

Cao Dan explained humbly, “About that… Last night, we spoke to you about it, and even asked for your opinion…” 

They did mention it. 

And had also asked for their opinion. 


Because he felt that the issue with the car accident was partially his fault, hence he agreed to it out of guilt. 

However, who would have thought that the live broadcast they had agreed upon would start early in the morning, without giving them any time for them to adjust? 

Gu Yanshu’s gaze chilled. 

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Tso eke vblu clbyhl? 

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Gv vbkp bswa, vblal pbswzed’v cl vss xydu…”

Jlqsal bl qkdkpble bkp pldvldnl, Uys Pyd kdvlaawrvle bkx yde pyke ayvbla raswezu, “Mbl dwxcla sq hklolap obs olal oyvnbkdt zkhl byp fwpv rypple vbl sdl xkzzksd xyaj!”



“If you turn on the live now and change it to Guokong TV’s Internet version, you can even interact with the audiences live!” 


After saying that, he didn’t bother about the reactions of the three celebrities, he reached his fat and stubby finger out and swiftly pressed a button.
Immediately, three extremely handsome faces with strange expressions appeared on a 102-inch giant screen in the living room. 

For the convenience of filming, the entire first floor had been made into a broad open space.
The kitchen and dining room were open concept, and there was no obstructed view between the living room and these two areas.
Moreover, the screen was gigantic, the resolution of the screen was high enough, and their eyesight was good enough, hence the three people at the dining table could clearly read the comments on the bullet screen.  

“Ahhhh!!! I’m gone!! I’m dead!! I’m alive!! And I’m dead again!!!” 

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“Shen Jue! What’s wrong with you? Where’s your cool but overbearing and rich young master character setting? Why are you all coy? Why?! Why?!” 

“Acting coy is a must! The bowl cannot be broken! Because Jue Jue Shu is real!” 

“My entire being has exploded and the shreds are flying everywhere, and the corners of my mouth are beside the sun! It’s so good to be alive, because you can see anything!” 

“Last night, when I scrolled through Weibo, I felt that everything was unreal, but now I know I’m wrong! Jue Jue Shu is real! If it isn’t, I’m going to perform an upside down Lassie!” 

“The sister up there might not need to do so.
What I’m more concerned about is, what do they mean by a relationship that came out of sleeping together on the same bed? And it wasn’t the first time that he’s showering, washing his hair and feeding him? Comrade Yinan, if you don’t elaborate, I’ll have to go on the highway myself!” 

“I’m already on the highway imagining Gu Yanshu tying Shen Jue’s hair for him.
Then think about the way Gu Yanshu cooks! This is the unseen wifey character of a cool male god!” 



It was fine if the bullet screen was full of “Ah ah ah ah”, “kswl kswl” [1], and “Jue Jue Shu is real”. 

What was this about “wifely character”? 

And what’s with the habit of going on the highway? 

Gu Yanshu expressionlessly put down his spoon and bowl, “I haven’t washed up, so I’m going back to the room first.” 

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Shen Jue looked at his clean and pretty face and his neat hair, “Haven’t washed up?” 

Gu Yanshu remained stoic, “Mmm.” 

Shen Jue looked at his tiny ears and looked down, covering the smile in his eyes, “Oh, sure, go ahead.” 

Gu Yanshu’s face was cold as he stood up, went upstairs, and disappeared from the livestream. 

What was left on the bullet screen was: 

“Pretty Gu has left, Pretty Gu has left.” 

“He’s feeling shy, he’s feeling shy.” 

“He’s ears are red, his ears are red.” 


“Stop commenting, stop commenting.
It’s time to protect our Maknae Gu.” 

It was only when Gu Yanshu walked into the bathroom, closed the door and ensured that the camera was no longer filming him that he supported himself on the washbasin and slowly let out a breath. 

Looking up, he saw the reflection of a man whose tips of his ears were already crimson. 

Gu Yanshu felt that it was because the heater in the room was too warm. 

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He turned on the tap, placed his fingers under the cool water, then he pinched his earlobes.
However, his mind wandered unconsciously back to the scene before, and not only did his ear not cool down, it became even warmer. 

But why was it so warm? 

There was clearly nothing between Shen Jue and him.
It wasn’t the first day that CP fans loved to say strange things. 

Hence, it wasn’t a big deal. 

Anyway, the one who was exposed acting spoiled was Shen Jue, and he wasn’t the one who was embarrassed.
So long as he kept his distance with Shen Jue today, he could prevent those people from gossiping about them. 

However, how did Shen Jue feel when he saw those words? 

Even though he wasn’t homophobic, it didn’t mean that he would like those jokes. 

Would he be unhappy? If he was, what if he threw a fit? 


Gu Yanshu pinched his ears hard. 

Then, he loosened his fingers, took out his phone, launched Guokong TV and clicked on the livestream of “Cohabitation Life.” 

[1] “kswl” is a Chinese popular acronym for “嗑死我了”, or “It’s killing me!” 

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