y this time: “I think you should think twice.”


“Many benefits actually……”

“Does Chen Ran like men?” Gu Yanshu interrupted.

Ding Yun responded without thinking about it, “Of course not.”

“So does he like me?”

Ding Yun had no idea what kind of fucking questions Gu Yanshu was asking.

But she had to be nice when she asked for something, “It’s just business, I don’t really want you two to do anything.”

Gu Yanshu overlapped his fingertips and clicked twice: “So this is essentially a matter of selling your own false sexual orientation and feelings.”

Ding Yun argued, “This is idol’s business consciousness.”

“I don’t think a man with this kind of behavior deserves to be called, an idol.”

“But this is what the girls fancy nowadays.”

“Fans have the right to their own imagination, but that doesn’t justify an entertainer’s intentional inducement to deceive for profit.”

Gu Yanshu maintained a calm, even indifferent sanity from start to finish.

Ding Yun heaved his tone: “Entertainers themselves are commodities, and as long as they can cater to the market, that’s a justifiable reason.”

“That’s a shame.
I’m a human.”

A light sentence with a distant end.

Chen Ran felt he had been satirized.

Who the hell was not a human?

The room comes to a brief standstill.

The negotiations collapsed.

A long while later, Ding Yun smothered his fire and pronounced with heavy bites: “This is the idea of the company’s top management.”

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“Well, nothing to do with me.”

Collapsed again.

Ding Yun pushed the computer away and lit a cigarette, making an agitated sound as the lighter fell on the desktop.

Gu Yanshu leaned against the backrest, his jaw slightly raised, and his neckline extended with a lean and sharp curve.
The eyelids were half drooping, and the corners of the eyes were even more upturned, making the whole person look frosty.

Even with thinness, like an edge without the blade.

Ding Yun found herself get entangled with him.

Chen Ran who was sitting next to them saw this situation, pouting his lips and cautiously probed: “Brother Yanshu, you don’t like me, so you don’t want to create the CP topic with me, isn’t it?”

The young boy’s tone was clean and soft, and his tone sounded pure and pitiful, all child-like aggrieved.

Gu Yanshu lifted his eyelids and looked over.

Chen Ran was actually very good-looking, white and delicate.
The corners of his eyes were slightly downcast, and he was blinking his eyes at this moment, showing a kind of dazed innocence in a puppyish way, which made people feel they couldn’t bear to hurt him.

Gu Yanshu was silent for two seconds, seemingly thinking.

Then he slowly opened his lips.


For a moment, his thoughtful expression was so serious that it made people want to beat him.

Later on, Fang Yuan couldn’t remember how he and Gu Yanshu walked out of the meeting room, but only remembered that Chen Ran’s expression was so wonderful and extremely impressive.

Just after getting into the car, Fang Yuan couldn’t help but give a thumbs up: “Awesome.”

Either he didn’t speak, or he spoke to piss others off, he was simply the natural enemy of White Lotus Bitch.

(TL: White Lotus Bitch is referring to someone who looks pure but with a dark heart.)


However, he still felt a bit unjust: “But the Strongest Stage was given to Chen Ran just like that.
He really got a bargain.”

Gu Yanshu curled into the backseat, closed his eyes, and lazily said, “He can’t hold it.”

Then he didn’t speak again.

Silent for two seconds, Fang Yuan realized what was going on.

He tended to doubt at first, why Gu Yanshu gave up on such a valuable resource, the Strongest Stage, without hesitation.
Now he understood the reason.

Regardless of whether they two would give up the resource or not, the right to allocate resources was still in the company’s hands, after all, they would still wait half a month to terminate the contract.
So this part was non-negotiable.
The main reason why they called Gu Yanshu to discuss today was just to hype the CP.

But the right to decide whether to hype the CP or not was in Gu Yanshu’s hand.

Then the outcome was, what I gave you was what I didn’t want that much.
As for what I would never want to do, you had no way to persuade me to do it.

Any other things were nonsense to me, but at least I’ll first piss you off.

And the most important thing was that “The Strongest Stage” was an all-open-mike performance variety show, and it’s also a live broadcast, so all the participants were strong singers.
Guokong TV was satisfied with the live performance of Gu Yanshu in the concert, so they chose to work with him, but for Chen Ran……

Fang Yuan tsked twice, fend for yourself.

At another place.
Chen Ran who needed to fend for himself was unaware of this situation and just sat uneasily in the conference room: “Sister Yun, what should we do now?”

“Just do what you need to do.”

Ding Yun sneered, holding the cigarette between his fingertips and taking a puff, “It’s his business if he doesn’t cooperate.
You just keep clever and lively, and don’t have to worry about the opportunity.”

“Then what if Gu Yanshu says something that is bad for us?”

“What kind of things he can say?” Ding Yun’s eyebrows were raised, “He was just a CP speculator back then, but now he’s a big star and thinks he’s a thing? He even didn’t see how desperate Shen Jue was to hide from him.”

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This was something Chen Ran didn’t understand.

“Sister, what do you mean?”

Ding Yun exhaled a smoke ring and asked, “You know they used to be a boy band, right?”


“Then you know how hot their CP hype was back in 2017 and 2018, right?”

Chen Ran had heard about it.

“Then do you know how they broke up later?”

Chen Ran had no idea.

Ding Yun dusted off the ashes: “The CP between the two was so hot that everyone in the fandom knew about it, and there was a media interview where someone asked Shen Jue if he and Gu Yanshu were really gay.
And guess what?”


“Shen Jue got furious on the spot, smashed the microphone, and choked that man’s neck against the wall, calling him disgusting.”

Chen Ran opened his eyes wide in surprise, “You can’t be serious!”

“I don’t want to be serious as well.
They are all entertainers, who would get violent over such a statement in public? Unless …… “she paused,” he is particularly repelled by this, it’s the taboo!”

“That’s to say, Shen Jue is homophobic?” Chen Ran asked hesitantly.

“Or what?”

She asked rhetorically.

She slowly took a drag on her cigarette and explained, “The day after this incident, their group was disbanded, and they went their separate ways and never met again.
From the year-end ceremony to charity dinner, whenever Gu Yanshu was invited, Shen Jue would never attend, desperately wanting to be completely isolated from Gu’s life.
So tell me what else it could be?”

A doubtlessly questionable sentence, sort of provided a conclusion to all the speculations.

Chen Ran began to understand what’s going on: “”No wonder their two’s CP hype just went on the Trending this morning, Shen Jue’s suspected love affair was exposed, so it’s because Shen wanted to dispel the rumor and embarrass Gu.”

“You’re right.”

Ding Yun tsked, not hiding her contempt and sarcasm.

“Gu Yanshu is just pretending to be noble, what can he say about you? Anyway, the company is investing in this show, so as long as you follow the script I give you, post-editing won’t be a problem, understood?”

Chen Ran hurried to respond, “Got it, I’ll listen to Sister Yun.”

Ding Yun nodded her head with satisfaction.

She liked this kind of entertainer.
This kid was eager for the popularity, so would be obedient.
As long as he followed the way she had designed, it was not a dream to be all the rage.

As for whether he was a commodity or a human……

It made no difference as long as he could make money.

Anyway in fandom, only capital was always dominating.

No matter how brutal Gu Yanshu was, he could only blast off on the spur of the moment and then watch the resources being taken away from him, without doing anything with her.

Thinking of it, Ding Yun finally smiled.

The phone on the table just happened to light up.

She picked it up in passing, glancing at it carelessly.

But the moment her eyes touched the screen, the smile that had just been evoked, along with the color of her lips, went completely pale.

There lay a message with iciness on the screen.

Zhang]: Someone replaced Chen Ran for “Cohabitation Life”.

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