Chapter 14.1: Don’t move.
I’ve hidden you safely.

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Ten minutes later, Xu Fangfang sported a nest on her head as she carried a bowl of dumplings that were cooked till they were oddly shaped, and started inhaling them. 

Shen Jue sat across from her, playing with his phone on one hand, while pretending to hold his coffee cup with his other. 

His fingers would tap the cup occasionally, and beside it was a freshly baked croissant. 

The logo on the bag clearly indicated that the price of the breakfast was way out of this poor villa’s financial abilities. 

The contrast was extremely strange. 

Jue Shuang, who had just come downstairs, had also raised a brow in doubt. 

Shen Jue took a sip of his coffee leisurely, then smiled gloriously at her, “Gu Yanshu got this for me.” 


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Zlv, Fbld Kwl pbsole yd liwyzzu tzsakswp pxkzl, “Qw Zydpbw cswtbv vbkp qsa xl.”

Fbldt Vkdt: “……?”

Did I even ask you?

Thirty minutes and five seconds later, Gu Yanshu came down with a foul expression on his face. 

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Shen Jue couldn’t show that glorious smile anymore. 

He took a sip of the coffee and explained nonchalantly, “I was the one who asked Gu Yanshu to get it for me.” 

Everyone else: “……” 

They were feeling numb. 

Gu Yanshu glared at Shen Jue coldly. 

Then, he turned towards the four regular colleagues who were inhaling their dumplings and explained, “I could only bring one portion back this morning.” 

The regular colleagues nodded their heads in unison, “We understand.” 

Gu Yanshu added, “I’ll bring for all of you next time.” 

The regular colleagues shook their heads frantically, “There’s no need, no need.” 

Gu Yanshu: “……” 

Shen Jue suspiciously took another sip of coffee and even smacked his lips, “It’s sweet.” 

Why would an Americano without sugar or milk be sweet? 

Gu Yanshu felt that he had to prove that he wasn’t partial towards Shen Jue, so he reiterated, “I’ll definitely bring your share next time.” 

Before the regular colleagues could shake their heads frantically again, Cao Dan had already taken out his loudhailer and shouted furiously, “Next time?! What next time?! All of you are really disrespectful towards the directors!” 

Oh… There were still the directors… 

The group then recalled that last night, they seemed to have agreed that they wouldn’t sneak food in. 

Cao Dan looked at the six indifferent expressions and snorted angrily, “From today onwards, all food and drinks in the cohabitation house must be purchased with the money provided by the production crew! Bringing in food from outside is prohibited! If anyone violates this rule! And is discovered! Fifty dollars of living expenses will be deducted!”

Gu Yanshu expressed calmly, “I don’t even have fifty dollars for you to deduct.” 


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Cao Dan was extremely resentful of their attitude, “All of you! You are so passive in your work! A reality show is a variety show.
You have to present your true selves! Won’t your fans be disappointed if they saw all of you acting like this?” 

As though he heard a joke, Shen Jue sniggered, “How is this a reality show? And you’re still asking me to show my true self?” 

His tone was full of ridicule. 

Cao Dan was still being self-righteous, “Firstly, there’s no script, secondly, there’s no character set-up, how is this not a reality show? How are we not allowing you to be yourselves?” 

“Because the real me is…” Shen Jue paused, then continued lightly, “Rich.” 


“Very rich.” 


“Even if I don’t move an inch, I’ll still be able to have a lot of money.” 


Damn, there was no refuting this. 

Cao Dan suddenly felt that he might get a stroke soon. 

Pressing his own philtrum to save his own life, he gave up this useless communication with the ruffian.
Instead, he went directly to cue the programme, “Alright, so long as you are happy.
Eating or drinking well, that’s your freedom, but you have to fulfill the requirements of the guests.” 

“Guests?” Even the eternally good-tempered person Sheng Ping couldn’t take it anymore.
He waved the dumpling that didn’t even have any chilli oil, “Look at us, do we look like we are a wealthy family who is able to host guests?” 

Cao Dan ignored all the mocking and grievances, and continued his monologue. 

“From today onwards, there will be guests coming over occasionally to stay with us.
The members in the house have to complete all the requests that the guest raised during this period.
The guest will rate every member when he or she leaves.
Members whose feedback are good will be given a hundred dollars as a prize allowance, those who receive moderate feedback will obtain fifty dollars, while the ones whose reviews are bad will have fifty dollars of their allowance reduced.” 

As he said that, an idea seemed to have struck him, and he thought of a solution.
He added, “Also, from today onwards, the fines system will take in overdrafts.
That means that fines can cause your living allowances to go sub-zero, and the money from your part-time jobs will be used to fill that amount before any more money will reach your hands.” 

“What if the guest wants to enjoy the Manhan Quanxi [1]?” 

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“That’s your own problem.” 

“What if we are really so broke that we can’t even afford to eat?” 

“Based on scientific investigations, humans would have to fast for seven days before their organs would slowly start to fail.” 


Cao Dan was finally satisfied.
He smiled cheekily, “The first guest will appear this afternoon.
By the way, these are his requests.” 

Sheng Ping took the list and read it. 

Squirrel fish, beef brisket with tomatoes, sweet and sour pork tenderloin. 

These were dishes that lay in the spectrum of simple yet pompous, homemade dishes of intermediate difficulty that he could at least still handle. 

Sheng Ping nodded, “Looks like it’s a guest from the North who likes sweet and sour flavours.
Alright, we’ll first see if we have enough money at hand.” 

After paying for the heaters and purchasing daily necessities, every room didn’t have much money left.
Adding the leftover money from yesterday’s busking, which amounted to over a hundred dollars, they could only put together over four hundred dollars. 

To survive more than a month with just four hundred dollars was impossible, no matter what. 

“It looks like there’s a need to serve this guest well, so that all of us can try to get good reviews.
With six hundred dollars more, we can at least live more comfortably.” 

Just as Sheng Ping said this, his phone rang.
He looked down at his phone, then walked to the balcony. 

He returned quickly, “There’s a director who’s looking urgently for me to discuss some matters.
I have to attend this meeting, so I’ll have to rely on all of you to receive the guest today.” 

He then looked at Gu Yanshu, “Xiao Shu, you can speak Russian right?” 

Gu Yanshu paused for a moment before nodding his head, “Yes, I know a little.” 

“That’s good.
Just now, Director Qin Fan suddenly mentioned the video from your busking yesterday.
He requested for me to ask you if you have any interest in singing for an OST, it seems like it’s Russian.
He didn’t say anything else though, but if you are interested, I’ll speak to you again when I return tonight.” 

Director Qin Fan was a renowned director who had received quite a number of international awards.
To be able to sing in a song in his movie’s OST was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an idol singer like Gu Yanshu. 

Gu Yanshu nodded simply, “I’ll have to trouble Teacher Sheng then.” 

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From a side, Xia Qingqiao said enviously, “How could a casual busking effort by Brother Shu result in a director inviting him to sing in an OST? If I knew this earlier, I would have gone to busk too.” 

Shen Jue reminded him mercilessly, “Can you sing to such standards?” 

Xia Qingqiao: “……” 

“Can you speak Russian?” 

Xia Qingqiao: “……” 

“Are your fans able to recognise you through that thick mascot outfit?” 

Xia Qingqiao: “……” 

Seeing that the child was about to cry, Gu Yanshu glared at Shen Jue before consoling Xia Qingqiao, “You’re only seventeen.
There’s no hurry.” 

“Oh right, your Brother Yanshu had already won the Best Rookie Singer award when he was seventeen.” Shen Jue finished up his coffee leisurely. 

Xia Qingqiao was heartbroken. 

Sheng Peng added another blow with a straight-laced expression, “That’s why opportunities are left for people who are well-prepared.
It may seem a casual coincidence to you, but the person could have already worked hard for ten years.
Hence, Xiao Xia, you should just lose weight first.” 

Xiao Xia wailed as he pushed the rice bowl in his hand far away. 

Gu Yanshu pushed the bowl back to him, “Don’t listen to them.
You’re still growing, so you have to eat more.
You just have to practice harder after you eat.” 

Xia Qingqiao was beyond grateful, “Boohoo, only Brother Yanshu treats me best.
I love Brother Yanshu forever!” 

Gu Yanshu didn’t reply, but he also didn’t coldly put a distance between them. 

Shen Jue sat on one side watching the pair acting all intimate, while his hand started turning the coffee cup in his hand mindlessly. 

He thought about this small thing Gu Yanshu – how could he treat others gently, but was always so fierce towards him? 

So, Gu Yanshu probably still hates him. 

Shen Jue tapped the coffee cup, his gaze lowered. 

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