You are the fool. 

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Gu Yanshu shrugged Shen Jue’s arm away, but failed. 

He had a sudden realization – he didn’t actually have to run.
If the fans recognised him, he simply could have signed a few autographs and took some photos.
It might not have been that serious.

However, with Shen Jue’s appearance, they were forced to escape.
Otherwise, if the fans recognised both of them together, a real carnage might happen. 

Hence, unwilling as he was, he could only be led away by Shen Jue. 

His hand was dragged tightly, and he stumbled as he ran.
Behind him were hysteric cries of “Gu Yanshu, come back!!!”, causing Gu Yanshu to have an illusion for a moment that he was eloping. 

But very quickly, he rejected this analogy. 

Between Shen Jue and him, could this be considered elopement? This could at most be described as “raiding the execution grounds”. 

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The entire set of movements were completed smoothly, as though he didn’t do anything to offend that cute Pikachu. 

However, when he turned around, he noticed that Pikachu was glaring at him furiously. 

He could feel the anger emanating even through the headgear. 

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Shen Jue could already imagine Gu Yanshu’s current expression.
He chuckled internally as he recalled the feeling when he touched Gu Yanshu’s butt. 

Yet, he acted innocently, “What’s the matter? Are you expecting me to help you remove the headgear?” 

Who needs your help? 

Gu Yanshu was cool about it, “No.” 

He shot his arms up, thinking of pulling the headgear off by himself.
However, when he was raising his hands, they were suddenly stuck mid-air, and he couldn’t reach higher no matter how hard he tried. 

That movement lasted for three seconds.
The air seemed to have stilled, and the situation became extremely awkward. 

Shen Jue couldn’t control himself, so he burst out laughing. 

He then curled his finger, “Come over here.” 

Gu Yanshu refused.

Putting his hands down, he pursed his lips and turned to look outside the window, wanting to pretend that nothing had happened. 

Yet, he underestimated the size of the headgear.
When he cocked his head sideways, he knocked head-on onto the car window, causing a loud bang. 

The car shook three times and the sound was extremely tragic. 

Shen Jue could faintly hear a sharp exhalation of breath.
He felt sorry, yet tickled.
He sat up straight, then reached out, “Alright.
Cut it out.
Move here a little, I’ll help you remove it.”

Gu Yanshu wanted to dodge, but Shen Jue didn’t give him the chance to.
He relied on his arms’ length and strength and easily removed the headgear, revealing a pretty and small head that was soaked in sweat. 

Because the cool dark brown hair was flattened for a long time, it drooped limply, covering half his eye, causing his entire aura to soften quite a little. 

It was just that his expression appeared almost murderous. 

Shen Jue raised a brow, “Is this how you look at your saviour?” 

“Did I need your saving?” Gu Yanshu’s tone was even moodier than his face. 


Something like turning one’s back on others, if Gu Yanshu claimed to the second, no one would dare to claim that they were first. 

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Shen Jue simply raised the headgear and threatened, “Then shall I put it back on for you?” 

Gu Yanshu didn’t speak. 

He tilted his head first, then turned his entire body around, leaving Shen Jue with a plump but indifferent back view. 

Shen Jue looked at it, then suddenly chuckled. 

He felt that the butt-touching incident before that really wasn’t his fault. 

After all, this was such a round and yellow rat.
Who could tell the difference between its butt and its waist? Under those desperate times, what was wrong with him using some strength against the part that appeared the softest? 

That said, with such a thick mascot outfit, the butt wasn’t even his real butt.
Must he really be that petty about it? 

Furthermore, last night, when someone proactively threw himself into his arms, he had remained a gentleman, and didn’t take advantage of him at all.
Now that he was treated as an asshole, no matter how he thought about it, he had lost out. 

Hence, he decided to claim that advantage at night. 

However, someone appeared determined to sleep in separate beds. 

Shen Jue deliberated in his mind, then asked leisurely, “Why did you suddenly think of busking without any reason?” 

Gu Yanshu retorted coldly, “Why else would I do it?” 

“To earn money?” 

“Otherwise, would I do it for art?” 

“Where’s the money then?” 

“The money…….”

Gu Yanshu suddenly froze. 

Right, where’s the money?

The money was with Xu Fangfang. 

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And where was Xu Fangfang?? 

Gu Yanshu turned back, but the train station had vanished out of sight. 

They seemed to have accidentally abandoned Xu Fangfang. 

When the workers carried Xu Fangfang back, she was about to collapse from exhaustion. 

Wearing the Kumamoto bear outfit, she lay sprawled on her back, feeling like there’s no more meaning to life.

The follow PD who accompanied her explained, “After the both of you left, the fans recognised Xu Fangfang.
Because they didn’t manage to catch Xiao Shu, so they grabbed Fangfang for pictures and autographs one by one.
There were too many people, hence she’s exhausted.” 

Gu Yanshu poured a glass of warm water and passed it to her, “I’m sorry.” 

Xu Fangfang pushed her body up with much difficulty.
She took the cup and gulped the contents down in one breath, then wiped her mouth, “It’s alright! It’s good that Teacher Shen and you ran off.
Otherwise, none of us would be able to walk out of that plaza alive today.” 

Anyway, so long as the couple that I ship is fine, my sacrifice is nothing. 

Xu Fangfang lay back on the floor, feeling satisfied. 

After a while, she thought about something else, then added, “However, there were two fans today who were especially fanatical.
They wouldn’t listen to anything we said, and they almost managed to tail us all the way back here.
Xiao Shu, you’ve got to be careful the next time you go out.
Also, the money’s here.
Count it, see how much there is.” 

As she said that, she pulled out a large bunch of scattered change from her small pocket. 

Gu Yanshu didi a rough count.
They sang for about two hours, and with the additional pay from handing out flyers, there was a total of three hundred and sixty-eight dollars and twenty cents. 

He counted a hundred and eighty-five dollars, then handed it over to Xu Fangfang. 

Xu Fangfang hastily waved her arms, “I can’t accept so much.
It was you who did all the singing, I didn’t contribute much at all.” 

“You paid for the sound system rental, and you also collected all the money for us.
In the end, you were also the one who helped to block the fans.
Moreover, didn’t you say that you wanted to buy flowers for Sister Shuang?” Gu Yanshu’s voice was calm, his tone light, but he somehow sounded logical. 

Xu Fangfang pondered for a moment.
He was right. 

Gu Yanshu was probably feeling embarrassed now.
If she didn’t accept the money, he would probably feel bad.
Furthermore, a family shouldn’t communicate in two languages [1].
She’ll accept the money first, and when he was short of money in future, she could then take it out again. 

Between a hunk and a beauty, there was no need for such superficial courtesy. 

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Hence, she didn’t bother to reject it again.
She took the money and said, “Alright.
I’m going to take a shower and rest for a bit, while we wait for Teacher Sheng and the others to return.” 

Saying this, she then stood up clumsily, and wobbled up to the second floor.
I’ve been cooped up in this for an entire day, I’ve become so sticky.” 

Gu Yanshu also prepared to return to the third floor to shower and change. 

As he recalled the chill after showering last night, he turned around and reached his hand out towards Shen Jue, who was lying down on the sofa and playing with his phone. 

Shen Jue: “?” 

Gu Yanshu went straight to the point.

“What money?” 

Gu Yanshu remained patient, “The money you earned from the florist.
Twenty is enough.” 

The heater would cost two hundred dollars.
After splitting the money with Xu Fangfang, he only had a hundred and eighty-three dollars and twenty cents.
He was still a little short.  

Yet, Shen Jue seemed to not understand, “Why should I give you my money?” 

Gu Yanshu brought out the last of his patience, as he said calmly, “To pay for the heater.” 

“Whoever said that I wanted the heater on?”


“Don’t you know that I’m allergic to heaters?” 


Gu Yanshu looked at Shen Jue’s striking face.
He placed his thumb over his index finger and pressed it down hard, causing a crisp “crack” sound. 

Initially, he wanted to fight this peacefully, but three days without a beating, the child has now started tearing the roof apart [2]. 

[1] Means that a family shouldn’t be overly polite or courteous with one another. 

[2] Another way of saying “spare the rod, spoil the child”.

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