Chapter 8.1 Uncomfortable Sleeping

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Gu Yanshu had a dream.

He dreamed that when he was a teenager he practiced dancing too much that his leg hurt, so he wanted to ask for a leave for a respite.
But Shen Jue the bitch took advantage of the position as the captain, forcing him to call himself elder brother, otherwise would not give him the leave.

So annoying.

But did he call it at last?

He didn’t do it as he remembered.

He still got some backbone.

He thought about these, turned over, and was about to sleep a bit longer.

But after his turnover, the sunshine then created a hazy halo around his retina through the semi-thin eyelids, reminding him it had been the morning outside.

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When he walk by the TV he almost bumped into Xu Fangfang who was twisting herself like a ball of twine.

Xu Fangfang smiled at him as she pulled her leg over her head: “Morning, Shu.”


“Teacher Sheng and Xia have a variety show to record and have left.
The breakfast is in the kitchen, you can just go ahead and eat.”


Gu Yanshu had just taken two steps towards the kitchen when he met Xie Shuang who was walking out of the kitchen with a sandwich.
Xie Shuang saw him, then asked: “Eh, Shu, why did you just get up? Shouldn’t you go for the rehearsal?”

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Xie Shuang was the debut singer of the “Strongest Stage”.
It should be she heard the director mentioned that he would go to battle the stage today, but didn’t know what happened afterwards.

So he replied lightly: “I won’t go due to some sudden issues.”

“Ah, I see.” There were too many strange and weird things in the entertainment fandom, so Xie Shuang did not ask more questions, but just smiled brightly, “Then you can happen to work today to earn money, otherwise you may not even be able to afford the food.”

Then she pointed to the sandwich on the kitchen island table, “Even that sandwich, is still the one that Mr.
Shen robbed for you from Xia’s mouth.”

Xu Fangfang also felt funny after hearing this: “Yup, Mr.
Shen said Xia is only one meter seven and a half, but actually one hundred and thirty pounds, so if he does not control weight anymore he would not be called an idol.
Xia was so scared to hear this and drank a cup of plain water in the morning.”

Gu Yanshu lifted eyelids a bit and turned at Shen: “That boy is only seventeen.
He is still growing.”

Shen Jue lean idly against the back of the sofa, headed down to fiddle with the phone, and said carelessly: “I am for his own good, if he doesn’t pay attention to body management, he can only take the harmonic star route.
And also, if I get enough money, why would I go to grab food with a child?”

Gu Yanshu got silent.

He had forgotten that they had no money.

Cao Dan took the opportunity to take out the speaker: “Uh, in this case, do you gues want to learn about working to earn money? There are special offers of high-paying jobs today.
You’ll get paid according to how much you will have worked.
More hard work, more money.
A opportunity that can’t be missed.”

That’s a very tempting thing to say.

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Because if he couldn’t pay the heating bill today, then he would have to be sleeping in the same bed with Shen Ding again, which was much more terrible than not being able to eat.

So Gu Yanshu didn’t hesitate: “What kind of work.”

Cao Dan: “Wearing doll clothes to the subway station to hand out leaflets.
10 cents for a copy.”

Then two thousand copies were enough.

Gu Yanshu nodded: “Okay.”

Shen Jue raised his head to look at him: “You see that doll suit? It’s big, thick and heavy, can you stand it?”

Gu Yanshu thought of him wrapping himself into a baby silkworm last night, and in the dream Shen forced him to call Shen brother, feeling upset and angry.

He coldly said: “That is also better than not sleeping well at night.”

“Sleeping badly?” Shen Jue raised his eyebrows slightly, half squinting his eyes, “You mean, last night you slept uncomfortably with me?”

“Mmm, uncomfortably.”

His face was stiff and unbroken, as if the bedwetter who had slept for ten hours in one breath before was not Gu Yanshu himself.

If not for the glorious history of five consecutive “Dididi” of lie detector in the past, Shen Jue would probably believe it.

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But did not want to break him down, so just lightly laughed: “Okay, you say uncomfortable then uncomfortable, I try to work hard, try to let you sleep comfortably in the next few days.”


Just as the words finished, a sound of a heavy object landing on the ground was heard.

The crowd inclined their heads to look, Xu Fangfang got up from the yoga mat with difficulty: “Nothing, you guys continue, you guys continue.”

In her heart, however, she sucked in a cold breath.

Oh, gosh, wh, what the hell? Sleep with me? Uncomfortable? Try to work hard? What kind of weird words are they talking about?

No, no, no, I can’t substitute my private hobbies into my work, I can’t look at people with porn glasses, and I can’t be nasty anymore.

Xu Fang Fang shook his head vigorously and returned to normal thinking, “I also joined the leaflet distribution, today Sister Xie will have the competition, so I want to buy her a bouquet of flowers.”

Cao Dan nodded his head and looked at Shen Dec, “What about Mr.

Shen Jue lazily lifted his legs: “your doll clothes can stuff me these two long legs?”

So you’re so proud to have the long legs?

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