Rebirth (part 2)

Chu Yan's heart sank.
In the end, he was still a bit late.

The face of Mo Ren in the past who endured all kinds of punishments reappeared in front of his eyes again.
For a person who devoted his life to him, and for a heart that was only loyal to him, he had let him down so much in the previous life…..

Chu Yan's heart ached like being stabbed with a knife for a moment, then he raised his palm and slapped open the door in front of him.
He immediately saw a young man tied to a torture rack inside.
His clasped hands hung limply on the frame, his head was drooping, and his sweat-drenched black hair covered his face messily.

How could he not recognize him, the blood-stained and unconscious person in front of him was his only personal bodyguard Mo Ren at this time!

The two executioners who had swung their whips heard the sound of the door, but they couldn't hold back their strength, and hit the body with two strikes again.

Blood splashed, and the severe pain made Mo Ren's body twitch instinctively, yet he was still in a deep coma, unable to make any sound.

Seeing this scene, Chu Yan's eyes were about to burst, and with a movement of his body, he snatched the whip of a person that still wanted to strike again, broke it into two pieces, then let it fell hard to the ground.
Only then did the two executioners realize that the person in front of them was actually the Palace Master, they broke out in cold sweat from fright, knelt on the ground and bowed their heads in salute.

Chu Yan couldn't care less about these things, he tore the rope tied to Mo Ren indiscriminately, and carefully carried his body, which had slumped due to the loss of support, and into his arms.

His heart instantly constricted, and regret flooded him like a tidal wave.
Chu Yan felt lost for a moment.
With his trembling fingers, he brushed away the hair of the person that was wet with blood and sweat, and what came into his eyes was a handsome pale young face with fine eyebrows.

Sure enough, it was the original Ah Ren…still with a body temperature, a heartbeat, and not cold…

Yang Yifang, the Hall Master of the Punishment Hall who rushed over from behind, became dumbfounded, upon seeing the Palace Mster carefully hugging the blood-stained person and refusing to let go.
He almost thought he had seen a ghost during daytime.

He couldn't help but think in his heart about the rumor that ever since the peerless Young Master Bai Hua came to Jiuzhong Palace, the position of the opposed personal guard Mo in the Palace Master Yan's heart fell again and again, and was not as good as before.
He didn't believe it at first, yet, he had entered the execution hall yesterday after all.
He couldn't help but to believe it.
He just simply felt sorry for this loyal young guard for a long time, but when he saw the Palace Master acting like this…….

Sure enough, the Palace Master is moody and unpredictable, and his thoughts are incalculable…

The approaching breath of Hall Master Yang behind him finally brought Chu Yan back to his senses.
He then directly wrapped Mo Ren's upper body with his robe, picked him up and walked out of the Punishment Hall.

But before going out, Chu Yan looked around coldly.
The young Palace Master of the Jiuzhong Palace had an arrogant temper, his words and deeds were fierce, a master that wielded absolute power and a man of his word.
Everyone in the Punishment Hall was overwhelmed by his momentum, and immediately bowed their heads.

Chu Yan looked at Yang Yifang, and said in a deep voice, “Hall Master Yang, I don't want to hear any gossip about today's matter in the Jiuzhong Palace.”

“Whoever it is that can't hold back their tongue, I don't mind pulling it out for him.”

“Yes! This subordinate understands.” The Hall Master replied with a shudder on his back.

Then Chu Yan finally left the punishment hall.
He carefully carried Mo Ren all the way back to Zhongqian Hall, then called the best physician from the Medicine Hall for diagnosis and treatment, and attentively watched the physician administer the best medicine on the wounds.
Everything was done according to the specifications of the Palace Master.

Mo Ren suffered a serious injury, and Chu Yan again was concerned amidst his confusion.
After tossing back and forth for a day and a night, it was not until dawn the next day that the physicians from the Medicine Hall were sent away.
Naturally, a ban was imposed and rumors were not allowed to spread.

When all was said and done, there were still too many strange things in the previous life, and thinking about it now, there were many ones that were unclear. 

Perhaps Bai Hua's identity was not an ordinary spy, and the forces behind him were also extraordinary.
He was schemed against by this very person that was beside him for ten years, his great ancestral foundation was destroyed by his own hands, and he could only watch as his subordinates die tragically one by one……This blood-soaked revenge, this bone-eating pain, Chu Yan naturally wanted to return it back ruthlessly.

Now that he had recognized the spy's disguise, calmly recalling the past, he always felt that many seemingly inadvertent things may have been done on purpose; probably Bai Hua had already framed Mo Ren many times overtly and covertly, and he was always kept in the dark.
Qiu Quan, who served him personally, perhaps she couldn’t say it to him and be detailed about it.

Since he wanted to take revenge completely, he mustn’t alert the enemy, and the best policy was to take it slowly.

Withdrawing his thoughts, seeing the daylight outside and looking at the person sleeping on the bed, Chu Yan suddenly felt a warm feeling in his heart.

He was indeed reborn.
His heart should have been a mess right now, but he was so absorbed by Mo Ren’s injury, and unknowingly accepted the absurdity.

Chu Yan was conceited and ostentatious by nature, and never believed in ghosts and gods, but now that he had accepted the fact of rebirth, his heart seemed to open up and relaxed as if he had seen the moon through the clouds.

What he did wrong can be changed; what he had destroyed can be made up; what he had failed to protect can be cherished. 

Good, very good.

Chu Yan held Mo Ren's slightly cold hand, stared at his handsome face sleeping peacefully, and his originally hesitant thoughts gradually settled down.
He thought about it for a long time.
Although it was too long and he couldn't remember clearly, he still had the impression that he and Mo Ren hadn't had their relationship fragmented at this time.
It shouldn’t be too late, as he was given the chance to start over again.

There were no other people in his sleeping chambers, thus no one noticed that the usually sharp eyes of the Palace Master of Jiuzhong Palace were actually soft at this moment.

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