Broken Blade (part 1)

When Chu Yan came back, the sun was already sinking.

He rubbed his forehead with his fingers, feeling a little troubled.
It was obvious that in the previous life he loved Bai Hua very badly, but after his rebirth there was no feeling of affection at all, which was also strange.

Chu Yan's original intention was to stabilize Bai Hua first, while not leaking anything strange, and then secretly track down the vicious person manipulating behind him.
It's just that Bai Hua looked gentle and innocent on the outside, but really shrewd on the inside.
He wouldn't be able to get any clues out of him for a while.

Chu Yan suffered many mistakes when he was young, and after he succeeded as the palace master, he hated those kinds of intrigues very much.
Before meeting Bai Hua, he was obsessed with Martial Arts, but ever since his heart was bitten by that little poisonous snake, he threw himself before Bai Hua.
Thus here and there, he had a few disputes in Jianghu.

The Jiuzhong Palace was located in a remote and deep place, easy to defend but difficult to attack.
Although it also took in ordinary humans that wanted to put up business, they were all very well-proportined, and they seldom wade into those muddy waters that shouldn't be waded.
Coupled with the fact that it had a profound connotation, such a force that acted mysteriously, insidious but did not cause any fatal harm, generally wouldn’t make endless enemies, and naturally would only live happily and be at leisure.

Because of this, the Jiuzhong Palace had gained the reputation of being both righteous, evil, and unpredictable.
To put it bluntly, it was simply that the Palace Master was too lazy to deal with worldly matters.

However, the situation was different now, the scene of the destruction of the Jiuzhong Palace was still vivid in his mind, and Chu Yan could no longer be idle.

What's worse was that his rebirth was too shocking, and there was no one whom he could consult with, making it uncomfortable to hold it in his heart.

Chu Yan walked to the door of his sleeping chamber and raised his hand to stop the attendants on both sides who were trying to salute.

At this time, Ah Ren may have fallen asleep again, after all, he was injured like that……

He sighed.
Mo Ren's face appeared in his mind again.
Quiet, indifferent, obedient, forbearing…
It seemed that he had no emotions of his own.
No, it should be said that this person was unwilling to easily show any emotions in front of him.

Chu Yan once thought that such Ah Ren was very good, like a real sharp blade.
But now for some reason, whenever Chu Yan thought of such Mo Ren, it felt like a thin thorn was pierced in his heart, making him feel broken and hurt, but couldn’t be pulled out.

When they were younger, when Mo Ren first met him, it seemed that this man was not yet cold-hearted.
He didn’t know when it started………

Perhaps he made a mistake when he asked this man to be his sharp sword.

Fortunately, there was still time to make up for it.
Thinking of this, Chu Yan was a little pleased, and gently pushed the door open with his hands.

However, when he saw the scene inside, his expression suddenly changed, and he clenched his fists unconsciously.

“Ah Ren…”

He did not see Mo Ren sleeping peacefully on the bed as he wished.

Instead, Mo Ren was kneeling beside the bed, with his head down, he meticulously smoothen the last creases in the corner of the bed with his hands, as the setting sun outlined his brows and eyes into different shades.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, he knelt straighter, bowed his head to Chu Yan, and said, “Master, this subordinate had cleaned up the Zhongqian Hall.
Master’s sympathy for the past three days, Mo Ren is extremely grateful.”

Chu Yan's gaze swept across the room, the quilts on the bed had been neatly stacked, and all the food plates, medicine bowls, sweat towels and other things on the table were cleaned up by him.
Except for the man kneeling in front of him, there was nothing left that could prove that someone stayed in the Palace Master's chamber for three days.


Chu Yan turned to look at Mo Ren who was kneeling calmly at the foot of the bed, simply wanting to kick him directly out in anger.

This man, this fellow, undoubtedly wanted to convey to him the following meaning: Now you can let me go.

At this moment, Chu Yan only felt an evil fire burning in his heart, which made him ache everywhere, but the blood flowing from his limbs and bones was cooling down inch by inch.

He endured his emotions and approached step by step, stopping in front of Mo Ren.
The Palace Master stared at the guard, and said through his teeth, “Who asked you to do this? Who told you to clean up—who said that this Master will let you go!?”

Mo Ren trembled imperceptibly, and raised his head in shock.
This time, he met Chu Yan's phoenix eyes full of anger and pain, “This Master clearly told you to wait for this Master to come back, can’t you understand, huh?”

“Where do you want to go—————Where can you go while being like this!?”

After that few words were spoken, Mo Ren's already pale face faded a layer of blood.
Reflexively, he wanted to knock his head on the ground, and said in a trembling voice, “This subordinate is guilty, Master should appease his anger…!”

In fact, he didn't quite understand why the Palace Master was angry, he had drunk the medicine himself, and he did wait for the Master to come back, to personally take his leave.

However, Mo Ren would not justify anything, since he provoked the Master, it must be that he did something wrong.
After receiving the punishment, he could think about it slowly, and thought about it steadily.

But Chu Yan was stunned as he came back to his senses, and quickly grabbed the man's shoulders with quick eyes and hands.
He didn’t let Mo Ren knock down his head.

Then there was an incomparable regret welling up in his heart, and only thought that his tone was too harsh and might have frightened him.
Chu Yan almost hurriedly said, “Don't be afraid, this Master won’t punish you.”

Mo Ren was stunned, and his handsome face went blank.
Chu Yan only felt that the shoulders under his hands were so thin and hard.
He couldn't bear it after all, and slowly tightened his arms……….he embraced Mo Ren, and sighed, “This Master is sorry, it’s just that this Master does not want to be angry at you.

“Master?” Mo Ren stiffened for a moment, then looked at Chu Yan calmly, and hesitantly and cautiously said, “If there is anything, this subordinate will go down and deal with it…..”

He didn't understand why Chu Yan held him again.

Chu Yan suddenly closed his eyes, “No, there’s nothing…”

He felt that his tongue was not working.
Facing such a Mo Ren, he didn't know what to do, “It's not that this Master wants you to do something…you…you are seriously injured this time, if you don't take a good rest, what kind of disease will you suffer in the future…”

Mo Ren now understood.
At present, since his Martial Arts was not yet abolished, he was still the sharp sword that could break open a way through the obstacles for the Palace Master.
That’s why, at this time, the Master still cared about him very much.

Thinking of this, he felt a little happy inside, and said softly, “This subordinate's injuries are fine, therefore the Master doesn't have to worry about it.”


Chu Yan's expression darkened, and he vaguely felt that there was something wrong with Mo Ren's words.
Especially the phrase “don't worry about it”……Maybe Ah Ren still thinks that I am only concerned on how to better “use” this “sword”?

He didn't know how he became like this.
Obviously he was reborn, and he obviously started to learn how to be considerate of the people in front of him, everything should start to get better.
But why was it that the relationship between him and Mo Ren seemed to have become more distant?

Chu Yan moved his lips.
For a moment, he really wanted to tell Mo Ren everything about his previous life regardless.

He wanted to tell him how wrong he was, how regretful he was, how he wanted to be nice to him now……

But when Mo Ren casted his eyes like an ancient well, thousands of words were blocked in his throat.

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