EXT. Kings Royal Chamber

In the Kings Royal Chamber, Zen, Farr, Pann and the kings Chief Advisor were all present, discussing a matter at hand.

”So the raid turnt out to be nothing and the island somehow collapse. This is all Im receiving from this report…its ludicrous. ”

— The King to All

”My King, everything written in that report is a fact. Farr and Pann right here serves as witness to the incident. The contestants didn stand a chance in subjugating the island but they did in fact (pulls out a scroll) receive this ancient artifact that I believe works wonders (hands artifact to the King). It was after that the island began to collapse, we believe that artifact mustve been sustaining its existence. ”

— Zen to The King

”Fascinating, this must be one of the Elder Scrolls forgotten by the temple inhabitants— The Shard of Curses.

— The King to All

”(Looks at Chief Advisor) do you have something to say Chief? ”

— The King to his Chief Advisor

”Apart from the fact Im suspicious of the collapse of the island, this new information.. ”

— The Chief Advisor stops midway

”Well go on, whatever needs to be said can be said before the Portal Masters. I mean, if it were not for them how would we travel beyond the Dark Forest…don be silly. ”

— The King to his Chief Advisor

”Sire, one of the 44 Immortal Orders has been slain…this happened just before the raid. There was also a vague similarity spotted between the collapse of the island and the slaying of the Immortal Order. Both the island and the dragon deteriorated in the same way, zapped of mana. ”

— The Chief Advisor to his The King

”But clearly this artifact was what supported the island, isn that right? ”

— The King to his Chief Advisor

”I suppose…but it still leaves a question, if theres a perpetrator behind all this? ”

— The Chief Advisor to his The King

”Zen, I want you to round up a group of trustees to accompany on your new mission. Operation Tiedown: find the perpetrator, dead or alive. If there is one, bring me their head. ”

— The King to Zen and the rest

”As you wish sire. ”

— Zen to his King

On the Kings orders, Zen rallied a group of 14 trusted companions to accompany him on his mission. They had set out just before sunset on carriages hailing the Kings Crest— to battle my men.

EXT. Nursery Roads

Luther successfully lured his attackers to an area less crowded, filled with obstacles and confusing trails to slow movements.

”(Turns) who are you and why did you guys decide to trail me. ”

— Luther to his attackers

”(Two figures appeared from behind a few grave stones)…like wed answer that. ”

— One said

”If so be the case why
e you still standing there? ”

— Luther to his attackers

They suddenly charged at Luther: one had a spear and one had a bow, they both attacked in sync. The one with the spare would go toe to toe with Luther, bringing a barrage of attacks that had a powerful force behind them. Each blow that landed would leave a mark on Luthers arms that radiated steam.

”Tch, you
e good with a spear. Thats not very common around here. ”

— Luther to the attacker

”Thwang ” the swish of an arrow grazed by Luthers face after what he said— the other attacker. Realizing the arrows effect had no affect on Luther, the archer prepared three more arrows and rapid fired at Luther. At the same time he was being pushed back by the one with the spear.

”Deadly Art, Heart Punture. ”

– The attacker with the spear

”Maniac Barrage, Showstopper. ”

— The attacker with the bow

Both attackers performed a move simultaneously, the one with the spear attacked with pinpoint accuracy while the archer sent volleys of arrows as support.

”How annoying (fwit, fwit, fwit, dodges arrows) it turns out (parrys spear) you guys are trained experts. What a way to ruin my day (slowly opens eyes) youll pay. ”

— Luther to his attackers

”You…sit. ”

— Luther to the attacker with the spear

”What…what is this? My body won move.. ”

— The attacker with the spear to himself

The first attacker became immobilized, not by fear but by simply looking into Luthers eyes. You see, within Lutherseyed lies something special and that something isn keen to being stared upon to long. Anyone who makes eye contact with Luther for 5 secs or more…becomes overwhelmed by a telekinetic force that compels them to do as he orders. When Luther told the attacker with the spear to sit, sit he did. Moments after Luther materialized a ballistic axe in his arm; with a swing (whoosh) Luther bashed his head-in.

”Omg…that bastard. ”

— The attacker with the bow to themself

”Heh, heh, heh, heh (licks blood from hammer)…you guys truly didn know what you were in for did you? ”

— Luther to the other attacker

The archer felt fear, air-tight suffocation fear when Luther began approaching them. They took two steps back before attempting to get away but the manifestation of arm grabbed her when Luther said halt. Luther walked up behind the perpetrator who was weeping and wailing to set them free.

”Let me go this instance! ”

— The attacker to Luther

”Oh hush, stand trial and receive your punishment. ”

— Luther to the last attacker

”Tch, you dare hurt a woman..what kind— ”

— The attacker to Luther

”…the kind that doesn care (unmasks the woman, freezes) Milly…it can be? ”

— Luther to Michelle

”(Eyes open wide) L, Lulu..? ”

— Michelle to Luther

”(Releases Michelle & steps away) What the hell!? (Points) why are you here…no, what are you doing here!? ”

— Luther to Michelle

”Don you see, Im obviously on a mission to kill you. ”

— Michelle to Luther

”Wha… (begins fake sobbing) since when…(sobbing stops) since when did you want me dead? So you
e telling me you don remember the time….never mind, never mind, never mind, never mind ”

— Luther to Michelle

”(Twitches) uh…Lulu, I told you to stay and what was your decision?

— Michelle to Luther

”Tch, (approaches closer) you have a slick tongue as usual (stick his face in her face). ”

— Luther to Michelle

”Hngh… Lulu you
e too close. ”

— Michelle to Luther

”Oh am I ? (Backs away) I guess thats always been your weakness to me, the least I can do is forgive you for this misunderstanding. ”

— Luther to Michelle

”So thats just it? You
e gonna leave again? ”

— Michelle to Luther

”Michelle…(Luther began reminiscing of the times he spent with Milly)…what do you want me to do? ”

— Luther to Michelle

”Come back with me…to the Kingdom. Its time to stop this nonsense moving around and take whats truly yours. ”

— Michelle to Luther

”So, you weren assassins sent to kill me…cuz I almost killed you, like I did (points back) that guy. ”

— Luther to Michelle

”…But anyways, I didn know you came to an agreement, since when? ”

— Luther continued

”Do it matter? All I want is for you to keep your promise. ”

— Michelle to Luther

”Ah…its not that simple. ”

— Luther to Michelle

”Then Ill aid you, help you from the inside…that should suffice. ”

— Michelle to Luther

”(Shed do such a thing) then aid me you shall, Ill give you further notice. ”

— Luther

EXT. Gallaria Plaza

Zen and the other group members were scouting the entire northern region for any eye-witnesses that spotted anything unusual at Bloodspills Cliff.

”Dammit…weve already searched half the region and no one knows jack shit! ”

— Farr

”Well, we haven checked there (points). ”

— Pann to Farr

”Huh…you mean Forktown Bar? Why the hell would we go in a bar right now…its almost dark out you idiot. ”

— Farr to Pann

”Doesn hurt to try…(cause I want to find this perpetrator too…is it really you?)…everyone wait out here, (signals) Farr, Pann you guys come with. ”

– Zenn intervened

”(Enters bar, looks around) there he is. ”

— Zenn to Far & Pann

”Theres who…(gets dragged by Pann). ”

— Farr

”(Stops at a table with withered down man in a farmers hat) Mister Miser, its been awhile…any news? ”

— Zenn to Miser

”Zen, Farr, Pann…its good to see you
e all together. Why do you take a seat, right over there…take a seat. ”

— Miser to all three

(All three sat in sync.)

”…well then, whatd you have? ”

— Zen to Miser

”Based on detail, Ive got nothing. Whoever you
e after, they
e really good at covering their tracks but Im Mister Miser and I got your eye-witness. ”

— Miser to all three

”Tell us, who is it? Spill the beans will ya (gets smacked by Pann) ow! ”

— Farr to Miser

”They said he wore a cloak and had golden eyes. ”

— Miser to all three

(Zen, Farr and Pann each had the same person in mind…Luther)

”So where is he now? ”

— Pann to Miser

”Last checked, on the other side of the Dark Forest. ”

— Miser to Zen

”(Smacks table) Goddammit, how is he that far already…ahh far. ”

— Farr

”Miser, thank you (gestures genuinely) with this information, we at least now know hes nowhere in the northern region…thats for sure (gets up) I think well be taking our leave. ”

— Zen to all

Later that night…

Zen, Farr and Pann would report to the Kings Chambers.

”So, what
e you gonna tell the King…that a participant of the raid that escaped are the cause of the death of an Immortal Order? ”

— Pann to Zen as they walked to the Kings Chamber

”Listen, you two have been with me for awhile right? What Im about to tell you is just suspicion but I think that participant is the astard son of the King the one who wasn born with any magic you know? ”

— Zenn to Farr & Pann

”N, no way. You can actually believe that, right Zen? ”

— Farr & Pann to Zen

”Yes, I mean, didn you see his reaction at the competition? Personal experience made me realize it, the reason he acted out was because he was just as surprised as everyone one the announcer said the name. ”

— Zenn to Farr & Pann

”Yea, cause like…isn his some supposed to be dead or was the story a whole cover up? ”

— Farr to Zen

”I don know…just follow my lead once we
e in there. ”

— Zenn to Farr & Pann

Zen, Farr and Pan all entered the Kings Chamber. Inside the Prince was present, presumably engaged in conversation that ended shortly after his father dismissed him.

”(Approaches the King) My king, as per orders weve done some investigating and this is what weve found. ”

— Zen to The King

”(King Everbleed read over the report) and all this is true? That they mightve escaped to the Dark Region?

— King Everbleed to All

”Yes sire, not a spec of detail was overlooked (Farr & Pann looks at Zen). ”

— Zen replied

”Mhm, then the situation has worsened. Even if you were to get across the Dark Forest, how would you go about tracking the individual? ”

— The King to Zen

”We were thinking of locating a professional tracker (glances at Pann) however that option seem to be far fetched. ”

— Zen to The King

”No, I have your solution. Come in Happy, (Happy enters room) you have guests. ”

— King Everbleed to Happy

(Who is that?) Zenn, Farr & Pan thought.

”Hes my newest recruitment, do you know what s a vampires specialty is? ”

— King Everbleed to Zen & others

”D, don tell me… hes the tracker? ”

— Zen to The King

”(Ding, ding, ding) correct (looks at Zen & others), so go rest for tomorrow we hunt

— King Everbleed to All

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