The next morning…

Luther was up early in the kitchen preparing a medicinal soluble for his mothers illness. This motion came natural to Luther as hes had years of experience in making it. The disease they were trying to cure Internal Decimation an illness in where the more the user uses mana, the more their mana-sufficiency depletes. Luthers mother been suffering from this disease for the past decade; only recently its been progressing better. Luther gently poured the mixed solution in a wooden bowl then headed towards his mothers quarters.

”(Opens door) ahh, (looks at Geyser) he fell asleep at the end of the bed, poor grandpa. (Wakes geyser) oy, top of the morning. ”

— Luther to Geyser


”(Wakes up slobbering) ah, ehh, (wipes mouth) its morning already…boy these days go by. ”

— Geyser to Luther

”That they do (looks at gramps) do you mind shutting the door behind you, its time for my mothers treatment. ”

—Luther to Geyser

Geyser read the situation and understood in that moment he wouldn be of any help.

”(Takes at seat) so that kid is my grandson. Honestly I can say Im disappointed, its more like Im relieved or proud. To see him become the man he is now…if only my son had thought otherwise. (Sighs) like father like son, hes a monster out for revenge, I wonder what will happen in the end? (Looks at door) oh, is he almost out? ”

—Geyser to himself

Both Luther and his mother exited the room.

”How are you feeling…any better? ”

— Geyser to Elizabeth

”Well yes, much better than before (Luther sat his mother down). ”

— Elizabeth to Geyser

”(Turns to Luther) boy what did you do? I mean, her condition between now and yesterday… ”

— Geyser to Luther

”Surprising yes, but the answer is so simple…(smiles) Im an alchemist. ”

— Luther to Geyser

”An alchemist, an alchemist…your not a damn Alchemist! ”

— Geyser to Luther

”Grandpa calm down, your blood pressure. ”

— Elizabeth blurted

”No, Im not but I can do whatever they can like (sparks a rainbow fire in hand) this. Ill let you in on a little secret if you haven realized by now. For the past 18 years Ive been accumulating bountiful of mana, mana I had to converge into my own. Result, as you can see Im able to do miraculous things. ”

— Luther to Geyser

”(Becomes enlightened) so thats how it is…instead of producing mana as we all do, you take it and make it yours. How twisted (shaking his head). ”

— Geyser to Luther

”Maybe it is, maybe it isn but (becomes quiet) since we
e all here together nows the time I think I should tell you both. ”

— Luther

Geyser and Scarlett listened up.

”Ill be transferring to the Magic Academy in a couple of days. ”

— Luther to both

”Luther, why haven I heard of this? ”

— Mother to son

”Well, I hadn known up until yesterday (Luther didn elaborate on the topic) but I should be receiving a letter of admission in the next upcoming days. ”

— Luthers response

”Oh boy, oh boy, its like you
e entering enemy territory willingly. ”

— Geyser to Luther

”No, (begins changing physical appearance) its my scapegoat. ”


Short grey hair, green eyes with a dark skin tone, the person heading towards the Royal Palace had the child of body as if that were true.

”(Enters Main Halle) seriously, one man has the Sun King this on edged. ”

— King Vichba to King Everbleed

”(Gestures) welcome, welcome, youve finally arrived, Khel Vichba. ”

— King Everbleed to King Vichba

”(Looks) ahh, renovation? ”

— King Vichba

”Yes, yes, you see my son here (directs) I presumed who youve met before is preparing to enter the Academy so wouldn we all like to bid him farewell. ”

— King Everbleed to King Vichba

”Farce was it…(shrugs) yea I remember. More urgently, whats with the sudden call of action? ”

— King Vichba to King Everbleed

”(Gets up) lets go for a walk, thats a more private matter. ”

On their walk…

”King Everbleed, is this matter about the the slaying of an Immortal Order? What? You think I didn know? Don forget the title that comes with the name King. ”

— King Vichba to Everbleed

”(The Inhaler of History, I know the stories all to well. You didn just received the name after slaughtering your family, didn you go on to trick Death into giving you immortality? On top of that, you ordered a species of dragons to commit suicide in the Cryptic Volcanos and even experimented before poisoning an entire civilization with poisoned-induced pee? With such heinous acts, who could forget the name, what was your peoples favorite phrase again… All Hail King Vichba!

— King Everbleed to himself

(Smiles) Not only that, if word were to get out the peace weve built would disrupt the entire plane. ”

— King Everbleed to King Vichba

”What were the exact locations of the perpetrator whereabouts? ”

— King Vichba to King Everbleed

”Impressive intellect, there were five cities in total: Belgadia, Kredena, Zoasos, Silcrow City and Linea. I don think I need to tell you what to do once you visit (puts hand up) all five. ”

— King Everbleed to King Vichba

”Remarkable, its been awhile since Ive gone hunting. (Whistles) Ill proceed as follow, proceed with caution (Griffin swoops in) and proceed to inform you after (hops on Griffin) til then…(fwooosh!)

— King Vichba to King Everbleed

EXT. Turancho

Zen, Farr, Pann and their newest recruit, Happy were in a Royal carriage heading south for the Forestline. At one point throughout the journey, Happy spoke.

”So, you three are the kings portal masters? And yet this has been a wild goose chase for one guy. ”

— Happy to All

”Ha. If you think its been that simple then you have a next guest coming rookie. ”

— Pann to Happy

”Might be, (looks out window) but I wouldn be coming back empty-handed. ”

— Happy to Pann

e here. ”

— Zen to All

At this point, Farr and Pann left the carriage proceeding to the edge of the forestline where they would open a portal to let the carriage through. When the portal opened Farr and Pann went back to the carriage before they all zoomed through the portal.

As far as the search went for Luther, the crew couldn come up with a clue as to where he might be. The scoured cities, villages, ruins and even the most darkest area of the region. For the first few hours it was a dead trail where they could see no end. The group felt like they were running around in circles. Happy was most upset as he thought the mission was joke, they had no information, no evidence or no recent whereabouts of the perpetrator. But Zens plan avoided locating Luther.


EXT. Zens Manor

”Zen, what are we to do? Now that the king has an inside man our plans aren as fortified. ”

— Pann to Zen

”Yea, Panns right. Hes a vampire, Im sure if he comes with us on this mission hell expose the truth to the king. ”

— Farr to Zen

”Zen, all im saying is we might need to rethink our options. ”

— Pann to Zen

”No, I know what well do. The answer is right before your eyes, just leave him stray. ”

— Zenn to Farr & Pann

Present…. in a run-down ruin near the Colossal Mountains


”So, (glances at Zen) in the end we have a cold trail. ”

— Zen to Happy

”(Gazes at the Colossal Mountains) It seems so. ”

— Zenn to Happy

”Mhm.. ”

— Happy to himself

”So what now? Do we go back and tell the king? ”

— Farr to All

”(Gets up) What
e you going on about (approaches Farr) precisely (cold stare) what do you mean do we tell the king. ”

— Happy to Farr

”N, no… I was just s, saying that… ”

— Farr didn finish his sentence…

”Farr. Keep it together. Don lose composure, right now hes just testing you. Keep your cool. ”

— …Pann telepathically to Farr

”Well. ”

— Happy to Farr

”Enough Happy. We need to get back (points up) don you see its getting dark out? Its the worst time try and further any investigations because we might become the prey. ”

— Zen to Happy

”Tch yea, lets go. ”

— Happy

…little did they know hes was right there, he was right…there.

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