Inside a cave on the side of the mountain, Luther sat on a stone with the dragons heart in his hand.

”Fascinating isn it? ”

— Luther to Geyser

”Well, what
e you gonna do with it is the question? ”

— Geyser to Luther

Luther took awhile to answer. But since he kinda likes the old man he ended up telling him what its for.

”This, this, Im gonna absorb. ”

— Luther

”Are you crazy? Your gonna perform dragon-heart transplant on yourself? ”

— Geyser

”I can and I will (Luther got up, venturing deeper into the cave) its all part of the process old man. ”

— Luther

”A question before you go, did you know that the dragon you just slayed is that of the kings Immortal Order? ”

—Geyser to Luther

Yes, The Immortal Order, who doesn know of them? A group of forty-four very powerful and dangerous beast spreading all over the continent, either guarding an area or restricted to an area. The same beasts used by the king in the Battle of Emn 10 years ago to recapture the moral of the people of Durandal. If it were not for them the King wouldn be the King we have today.

”Yea, Ive been hunting it for awhile. ”

— Luther to Geyser before secluding to perform the transplant

”Boy, you amaze me to this very moment. To see such talent and drive, youve shown me more than any other mage has for the short time Ive clung to you. I don know how much time I have left but I hope to see something of you. ”

— Geyser in his mind, thought much of Luther


Just across from Forktown Bar a gathering was taking place in the presence of the Royal Family and other families of noble backgrounds. This event was the recruiting of individuals to participate in the upcoming raid on the moving island— Autumnholm Archipelago.

The island recorded to have only shown itself every 888 years. Tracking it is nigh-impossible and knowing where its gonna appear doesn make the task any easier. It is said that the island evolves around ancient magic and is home to various creatures and deities that guards its secrets. The competition was to gather the best of the best, only the most high-intelligent and skillful would be able to contribute.

With that the competition begins.


Luther successfully finished his transplant now coming out of the cave. The old man gave him a good look when he realized the blissful aura circulating the boy.

”Oh sorry, probably shouldn show that out in the open. ”

— Luther to the Old Man

”Cocky bastard! ”

— The Old Man

Luther left Bloodsplill with the old man on his favorite magic trick— air lift. Compressing a certain amount of air beneath their feet, to either air-walk or cruise through the sky. The latter was Luthers decision. Traveling at a fast pace, the bird-eyes view captivated the old mans attention. You could clearly see the flat horizon of lands that stretched for miles and miles below. But then straight ahead was a long line of very tall trees that seemed to stretch from one end of the map to the other. Before even approaching the thick forest Luther opened a portal and the two zoomed right through driving on the other side of that dense forest.

”(Looks back) why didn we just go through the forest? Whats the point of wasting magic like that ”

— The Old Man to Luther

”I see your wits has failed you old man. Word of advice, don ever trying going through the forest, its a never-ending, inescapable maze. Its like that for a reason; to separate the 2-4 regions. ”

— Luther to The Old Man

The old man would remain quiet for the rest of the journey. It took them an hour to pass over Farmers Ranch— this massive bronze canyon, Nursery Roads— a long confusing mix of trails, and Oafer Totems— the burial site of a once forgotten King— before arriving home.

From above, the Rocky Mountain ranges were in the shape of an upright pitchfork, the slight little opening at the end. And remind ye the mountains were colossal. Luther would cruise down to the middle of that pitchfork area and about midway on the side of the mountain was this veil outline of a stone door. Only Luthers eyes could tell the difference. They flew up to that side of the mountain where Luther mumbled a few indiscernible words then the crinkling of the door sliding back began.

”Its a pretty tight spot and a big drop from here. Stay sharp. ”

— Luther to the Old Man

Luther and the old man stepped into the entrance and proceeded along its tube-like structure. Just a few steps in there was the drop, it nearly gave the old man an heart-attack sliding down the down.

”Uwaaa, ugh! ”

— The Old Man

They both landed on a sack of hay at the end of the tube— it opened up to this wide, warehouse-like area filled with modernized appliances, utilities etc..etc… The old man in particular, when he fell became immediately overwhelmed by what he saw.

”(Looks around) if a house was made to be built-in a mountain…this would be it. Amazing, so this is how he supports his daily life? Impressive. ”

— The Old Man in his head

”Maaa! ”

— Luther

”Luther, is that you? ”

— Elizabeth from another room

”Wait here, shes not accustomed to have visitors. ”

— Luther to The Old Man

Excavating the area Luther followed the voice of his mother to nearby bedroom on his far left. As quick as he went in was as quick as he came out, with a women of stunning beauty to the old man. But Im that moment the old man retained a memory… a memory that he thought was once forgotten.

In the flashback we see the old man happily smiling, playing with the younger version of the women hed seen before him.

”(begins sobbing) Baby El? (drops to the floor) Is that you? ”

— The Old Man to Elizabeth

Both Luther and his mother looked up to see the old man in tears, on his knees, reaching out desperately.

”H, how do you know that? The only person whos ever called me that name is… ”

—Elizabeth started

”…Granpa, yes its your grandpa. ”

— The Old Man finished

”Omg. ”

— Luther in his head

Elizabeth suddenly felt a little life in her body, enough to dash over to her now announced grandpa, and give him a hug so tight. Luther cringed at the two sobbing in each others arms on the floor.

”Yea, (starts vanishing) I think its time for me to head out, they got some catching up to do. Speaking of, I got a raid a catch so just in case (places a pet monster) Ill leave you here if things get drastic. (Pats pet, purrs) take care. ”

— Luther in his head


In the open pavilion, the competition was about to be wrapped up. Previously, there were some very outstanding performances, a few were eye-catching to the King. Those were the kinds of fight that riled up the audience, boosting their morale, and King Everbleed loved every moment of it.

”And for our final and last contestant, I call forth to the stage… Luther Everbleed!! ”

— Announcer to All

The city went silent.

”(What the ** did that announcer just say?) (Rises from seat) You dare mock the Everbleeds Houshold!!? ”

— King Everbleed to the Announcer

”(Turns) S, sire…the, the name of the paper states, as I recall (checks paper) L, L, Luther E, Everbleed sire. ”

— The Announcer to King Everbleed

”Blasphemous! The name shouldn even exist in such a place…well I don see anyone around. Erase it and end the comp— ”

— Before King Everbleed finished

From the sky, cloaks fluttering, he appeared like a god descending. Lights, camera, action! His entry scene was straight out a comic book when he landed at the center of the pavilion, disrupting all the commotion and resolving it at the same time.

The King sat back down momentarily and began murmuring amongst his family, specifically with The Queen, his wife.

”(Looks at the so called Luther) no, that can be him. I mean sure, they have the same name but theres no similarities between the two. Hes not my son, hes not my son, my son is dead, my son is dead. I won believe its him but to make sure… ”

— King Everbleed in his head

The King secretly ordered two sword-casters to keep tabs on hat man then signaled to the announcer go with it. The announcer confirmed with Luther if he is Luther before proceeding to call up his opponent.

”And next, we haaave, hailing from the Shogun Family and lord of his own courtyard, I give you Rolland Palms! ”

— The Announcer to All

The crowd went wild.

”(Approaches center pavilion) so you expect me to fight some, some what? Lost cause? What a joke…how about opening your eyes? ”

— Palms to Luther

The announcer backed away.

”(Sighs) Kid (opens eyes; golden in color) Kneel. ”

— Luther to Palms

And kneel, he did. Spectacular; the only way the individuals could describe the event. It was like a father looking down at his son which was quite contradicting for the same was happening to King Everbleed had he known.

”And that marks the end of the competition! ”

— The Announcer to All

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