EXT. – FORKTOWN, Forkton Bar (D)

Inside this bar it was like any other day. A live band performed to captivate the audience with waitresses and waiters serving great drinks. But if we look to our far right, one man was unmoved throughout this commotion. His eyes were shut but he was clearly staring in the certain direction.

”Ay, aye, ay, a young lad like you got ya eye shut? ”

An old man with a cane stumbled upon the young mans table. Without even receiving an answer, the old man took a seat nearby. He then went on to say how youngins these days don respect their elders. The young man couldn help but scoff at the outrageous comment before staring you know, ”And you are? ” The old man grinned when he said, ”Geezer, Geyser, whatever is fine. ” then took a sip of his beer.

”Hey, (wipes lips) you didn answer my question yet. ” The old man went ignored, ”Lets leave that for another time. It was nice meeting you. ” By the time the old man could rub his eyes to look up, the young man vanished. The old man took another drink of his beer to make sure he was seeing things clear, then in a seconds notice he sprung from the table dashing through the doors.

Since outside was crowded when the old man got there he had to squint beyond the crowds before he spotted the young man leaving the city through the plaza. Rushing through the crowd the old man bounced from people to people while yelling Brat, wait up! Not too long after, the old man caught up to the young man on the road leading out the city.

Along the path with wooded trees on either side, the old man paced a few feet behind the young man. As he tried to keep up, the old man couldn help but wonder.

Ohh I might be drunk but I know danger when I see one. That young lad right there doesn sway too far from it. I wonder what journey youll bring me my son.

— The old man to himself

The old man kept tail behind the man, each time getting closer and closer throughout the walk. This went on for quite awhile when suddenly the young man came to an abrupt stop, turnt to the old man and said, ”You shouldn have come here. ” The old man thought the young man was speaking to him but in fact they had visitors— four to be exact.

”Fuck, they got us! ” One said to the other; two charged behind the old man.

”Come here old man, run me them pockets! ” One man said. It was then the yound man opened his eyes.

”Just a moment ago, I couldn give you the answer. Well how about a demonstration. ”

As the young man opened his eyes, everyone who fell upon his gaze were neutralized, even the old man. But even so, for the four visitors it was far worse. Just the mere eye contact with the young man pinned them to the ground. The old man felt his body able to move again when he suddenly turned around to look at four men laid out on the floor.

”No way, he did all that with just a look. Color me impressed. ”

— The old man to himself

Before long the young man continued his journey with the old man ultimately deciding to follow along. The trip was far and wide. The two traveled through forests, across desserts, continuing beyond lost cities and ruins. When the young man finally made it to his destination, a rocky-mountain 20. 000 ft high. Here the young man cast a move, air lift this shuttle like disk of wind swooped both men all the way up the mountain. They dropped off on a flat surface where the fog was so dense made it impossible see. But with a wave off his hand, the atmosphere cleared.

The young man removed his cloak to reveal a dark tone and a very aesthetic figure. In his right hand appeared a staff with a red orb at the end.

He said, ”Ive previously told you it was pointless to follow me old man. And yet you stuck with me till this very end. Im gonna need you to step back a little itd be a shame if you died today. ”

The old man thought it was silly at first until he saw it. (vvvwoosh!) Something came flying up from over the cliff and the old man couldn believe his eyes. For the first time in nearly a 100 years hes seeing a dragon. He was looking at a dragon. But this dragon as it came back down its headed towards them.

The old man pointed his cane at the dragon, ”Boy, don tell me thats not coming closer! ”

In response, ”Yea, yea, I know. ” As the dragon prepared to launch a ghastly attack, the young man put up a barrier preventing that. In retaliation, the dragon insisted on scorching them. But it was a high-grade barrier, very hard to phase. The dragon mustve realize it was pointless to continue as it stopped its attack.

”Who told it to do that. Now, lets see how you like it. ”

— The young man to himself

The old man watched as two giant configurations appeared in the sky; there palms where half the size of the dragon, made it easy for them to hold the beast in place. Without further ado, the young man leaped into the air landing above the dragons head.

”Well old man…decide whether or not you truly decide to continue the journey after witnessing… ”

— The young man to the old man

The young man lifted his palm and placed it against the dragons head. Before long energy could be seen moving from the dragons head, traveling up through the young mans fingertips.

”Is he…is he stealing the dragons magic!? ”

— The old man to himself

As the impossible flashed before the old mans eyes, he witnessed the dragon drained of its mana as the body deteriorated. The configurations disappeared and both the body and young man fell back to mountain cliff. The impact caused a massive smoke screen that oh so slowly vanished.

Right as the man hopped of the dragon the old man calmly asked, ”Whats your name boy? ”

The young man chuckled and said you know, ”Luther…Luther Everbleed. ”

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