In this era, mana makes the individual. Without it that individual is seen as a ”muggle ” to the world– a non magic user. Though muggles have been around for centuries it is a rare occasion to be or even meet one. But the same can be said for our character, Luther Everbleed.

First son of the Royal Family, Luther was born into nobility with high expectations at birth. Of course its to be expected being the son of not only one of the strongest Warlock, Draegen Everbleed (Luthers father) in history but also the reigning Supreme, Elizabeth Everbleed (Luthers mother). However, instead of giving birth to a potential prodigy they gave birth to something unexpected.

Unfortunately, Luther was born a muggle– individuals who are deemed as an outlaw to society. If word of the most prestigious family giving birth to a muggle were to spread it would ruin both their reputation and dignity– that was Luthers father first thought. But on the other hand his mother had other plans. This resulted in Luthers parents engaging in a heated argument. While his father desired to abandon him, his mother, the more gentle and loving of the two, wanted to keep him. Irritated by his wifes decision and disregarding her position, Luthers father decided to exile them both from the Royal Family. The mother wanted to retaliate but no one would dare go against the Kings Order.

Realizing how pointless it was to persuade her prideful, hard-headed husband, Elizabeth ultimately disbanded her ties with the family before fleeing into the shadows with her son never to be seen again. Though there were a few attempts made by Draegen to track them, they all led to a deadend. And that was it, the last to be heard of Elizabeth and her son. As for their whereabouts, its still unknown.

EXIT. CITY OF BELGADIA , 25 years later

In the middle of the Tenarian dessert where temperature rises nearly above boiling point a single man adjourned a journey under the starry night. Traveling by camel he reached the large medieval gates of the walled city, Belgadia.

Two guards stood by the gates and on the highest tower above them another two peered down. The guards thought to themselves how a man dressed in such thin clothing made it through the scorching desert, a task that has been proven difficult to even the greatest mages.. Suspicious of the intruder, the guards below crossed their spears impeding the mans path.

(The guard questioned the man) who are you and how did you get here? The man opened his eyes and the guards knew his name. They were all too familiar with the story ”The man with blood-red eyes ” , a warlock with no name dubbed The Devourer of Cities and he came to devour theirs.

Immobilized by fear the guards shook at their knees, causing them to be too scared to sound the alarm. This was their first and last mistake that led to the citys demolition. With no warning of danger, civilization within the walls had no time to react and succumbed to the inevitable. Trapped inside his powerful, magical barrier the man wreaks havoc on the city– draining individuals of their mana. Including the notorious and infamous Lord Duke Derringer, who ruled over the city. To the man with blood-red eyes, no stone went unturned, he walked a path of destruction and the city of Belgadia had become another one of its victims.

Continuing his journey heading northeast, Blood-eyes would eventually end up in Zoasos, his target— Ethan Dick, a ruthless authoritarian who abused his power into subjecting the people of their freedom and free will.

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