One day after school, I was standing in front of a couple of guys.

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“What the fuck are you?”

“Who are you?”

The couple, a man, and a woman, were leaning close together and staring at me.

As they just said this, I didn’t know them and they didn’t know me, and today, at this moment, for the first time, we met face to face.

—-Are these guys the ones? Aisaka’s ex-boyfriend and cheating partner.

Yes, these are the two people Aisaka mentioned.

As for the guy, I recognized his face because there was a photo left behind, but I didn’t know the girl, but since they’re making out like this, I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong.


To be honest, even now I’m wondering why I’m in a place like this.

I only used the hypnosis app because I wanted to do naughty things with Aisaka, but then I found out about her hidden past and acted like this before I knew it.

No matter what I did, there was no merit to it, and moreover, it’s not like I can press down and say I saved you.

“…… huh.”

“Why are you sighing on your own?”

“That’s disgusting.”

I looked at their faces as if I wanted to sigh.

Unlike me, the guy is handsome, and the gal is a black gal who looks like a slut.

Aisaka is also a gal, but Aisaka is definitely better than her.

“Hey, you, do you know Mari Aisaka?”

“An? What about Mari?”

Bingo, it seems there’s no mistake after all.

Unlike me, who thought it was a given, he opened his mouth with a grin.

“What the hell, you’re one of those guys who’s in love with her, don’t tell me.
Ha, maybe you’ve heard some stories? Like, for example, that I cheated on her?”

Apparently, he can blabber on as he likes without me having to ask.

“It’s a funny that a guy like you would come forward for Mari, you know.
I don’t know what kind of things you heard, but it’s too late now.
I don’t have anything to do with her anymore, and more importantly, her parents believe in me.
No matter how many times I remember it, it was hilarious to see her cry.”

“He’s really a devil, isn’t he? I feel sorry for her.”

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Poor kid, for someone who says so, her face was smiling.

He thought I was at a loss for words at his words, or he felt even better, and continued to say even more.

“She’s dreaming too much about high-school romance.
I don’t care if we’re childhood friends or not, and I don’t care how much pain she is in.
I don’t even care if she takes this opportunity to kill herself or something.
I mean, wouldn’t that be easier?”


This kind of person probably doesn’t really believe that the other person will commit suicide.

That’s why they can speak irresponsible words like this and hurt people with impunity.

“…… What a scumbag you are..”


Well, I’m a scumbag too.

Perhaps he was offended by being called a scumbag by a stranger.
He moved away from the woman next to him and came closer towards me.

My mind was calm when I saw him approaching me.

“Say it one more time, man.”

“Ggh …….”

He wasn’t much taller than me, but his grip strength as well.

The grip on my chest put pressure on my throat and I twisted my face into a suffocating expression.

“It’s good, it’s good, it’s good, let’s do it, let’s do it♪”

And the woman behind me was also heartily amused and cheerful.

To be honest, I’d never met anyone with this kind of evil side before.

There was a bit of a bullying-like incident in junior high school, but it was resolved peacefully, though unusual, as both sides reconciled.

“She …… was making cuts on her arms, you know?”


“It’s a wrist cut.
Even if she didn’t intend to die, she was driven to do so, you know?”

“So what’s wrong with that, I’ve been telling you for a while now that it doesn’t matter if she dies on her own or not!”

As it was, I was punched in the cheek with a thud.

It hurt, my tongue was also cut, and the taste of blood spread in my mouth.

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I had never been in a fistfight before, so my body and my mind were not used to this kind of pain.

The pain should not have been unbearable, but tears came out.

“Oh my God, that’s so bad! You’re already crying!”

“This is what happens when you trash challenge me.
You should know your place, you little shit.”

Saying that, they walked right past me.

“…… wait!”

I stood up, holding my cheeks.

The two of them were getting frustrated, and the eyes they both turned on me were as if they were looking at rubbish.

“Are you looking for a death, bastard?.”

“That’s enough!”

From my point of view, your voices are more annoying than mine, you fuckers.

The approaching man’s hand reached for my neck again, but I grabbed his arm and made eye contact with him.


And it’s an understandably loud tongue lashing.

My gaze was quite aggravating, and he raised his free arm and …… That arm never swung down on me.



“…… wh?”

The hypnosis app, I activated it.

The hypnosis app that I activated targeting the two of them was effective, and like my sister and Aisaka, they both stared at me like dazed.

“Well, I decided I’m going to do whatever I want with this app.
Then I’ll just do what I want to do for my own self-satisfaction.”

I then gave them both an order.

I told the man that he was now to go to Aisaka’s house, explain the whole situation, clear up the misunderstanding with Aisaka’s parents, and that when he got back to his own house, he was to run naked around the neighborhood screaming at full speed.



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They turned their backs to me and walked towards the direction of Aisaka’s house.

“…… I’m really doing it, aren’t I?”

All I wanted from them should have been the first part.
The second part was the resentment of being completely beaten up and made a fool of.

Running naked and screaming through your own neighborhood, if you do this, those guys won’t be able to walk out with a straight face anymore – even if that’s why they didn’t know why they did it.

“Oh man, I’m getting scared now that I’ve actually given the order.
Let’s get the hell out of here.”

I feel a slight sense of guilt, but it’s more a feeling of, “Suck it up.

I’m also an irredeemable asshole when I feel think they’re going to be hurt in any way, and I’m the one who did it, and I feel superior that I won’t be found out because of the power of the hypnosis app.

“Well, whatever, I just have to be an asshole.
I’m still testing how powerful this app is, but there shouldn’t be much I can’t do with it.”

That’s exactly what he’ll be able to do if he finds another girl and puts her in a hypnotic state after he’s calmed down a bit.

This time I’ll be able to do whatever I want with those bulging breasts and release my desires in many other ways.

I was thinking about that as I headed home.

“Hey, what’s wrong with that?”

“…… Eh?”

Well, naturally, my cheek was swollen from the beating, and not only my sister but also my parents were worried.

I had never been in a fight before, so they were very worried about what had happened.

“Are you cut somewhere? Open your mouth?”

My sister, who was always so kind to me, was very new.


A few days passed since then.

It seems that what I had ordered those two to do was carried out perfectly, and rumors circulated that a man running around the neighborhood, naked and screaming, had been taken care of by the police.

It was whispered at my high school, and they even seemed to know who was from which high school.

“There are some serious creeps out there, huh?”

There ain’t no perverts like that among us!”

“There ain’t no way there are….”

I listened to my friends’ stories, feigning irrelevance.

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I was thinking that I had gone too far afterwards, but on the other hand, I was also thinking that I had the worst kind of personality when I was thinking that I should be sorry.

—I honestly don’t care what happened to those two.
But I really have a talent for hypnotism, don’t I?

It’s impossible for anyone with a normal heart to think of doing naughty things to girls with this kind of power.

‘After all, you have to be evil like me!’

“Good morning everyone~!”

“Good morning Mari!”

“Good morning~!”

While I was spending time like that, Aisaka came to school.

She looked the same as usual, but I hypnotised her once since then and asked her what’s going on, and she said her parents apologized to her as they rubbed their heads on the ground.

She didn’t understand what was going on for her, and she said it was complicated, as if she couldn’t forgive them for not fully believing in her.

[I don’t know what happened, but I feel like someone saved me.
I felt like someone was talking in my ear.
I can’t remember that, but somehow it feels like that.]

Although I was thrilled by the words she added at the end, I didn’t mean to save her, nor did I act in any way worthy of being thought of as such.

From her point of view, she just doesn’t remember, and I’m the scum who saw her naked without her permission.

“…… She’s got a really hot body..”

Incidentally, I was allowed to squeeze Aisaka’s breasts when I hypnotised her.

Although I still felt guilty about touching a woman’s breasts under hypnosis, such things were nothing more than rubbish in front of that heavenly softness.

With this, I felt like I was finally becoming a proper bastard.

“Aisaka’s been laughing a lot lately, hasn’t she?”

She even got a confession yesterday, right?”

“Well, if she’s that beautiful.
And on top of that, she has great style.”

As if her worries or possessions had fallen away, Aisaka began to smile without any pretense, which seems to have further boosted her popularity.

“Do you want to go to karaoke today?”

“I’m going!”

“Then it’s decided!”

Listening to Aisaka’s voice happily talking about her after-school plans, my mind was occupied with who my next target would be.

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