I was surprised to see Mari’s strange behavior when she squeezed my hand and looked at me.

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I thought about the hypnosis app and told her I wasn’t going to do it today because I wasn’t in the mood… Mari’s appearance changed drastically and she looked like a puppy that had been abandoned.






No, a puppy would still be adorable.


Her eyes looked only at me, not just here and now, but at the world itself, that I was the only one who existed, and it was as if I was the only one she could rely on… Maybe I’m just being self-conscious, but I sensed such a big deal from her eyes.




“M-mari… well, what’s wrong?”




She’s under my hypnosis, so she should be able to answer whatever I ask.




“I don’t want to… hey why? Why don’t you do anything? Are you bored with me? Is my body unattractive? What’s wrong with it? What’s not to your liking? I’ll fix everything I can fix… hey… okay, please, please, don’t leave me.


“Oh, no.




To be honest, it is undeniable that the atmosphere is quite serious, or rather strange.


However, considering that she was first in a hypnotic state and that I was the absolute superior to her, I had enough room to be calm her down.








This was the first time Mari had reacted in this way, so I was at a loss as to how to react, but I hugged her body as she shed tears in front of me.


I continued to stroke her head to somehow reassure her, and told her the truth.




“You don’t have to fix anything, and I’m not bored with you.”




“Yes, it’s true.
Here’s the proof.”




In order to prove that I was never bored, I squeezed Mari’s breasts with both hands.


I put a little more force into it than usual, but Mari didn’t seem to be too satisfied.


She put her own hand on my hand that was touching her breast, and put her power into it, as if she wanted me to do this all the time.




“…Well, I just wasn’t in the mood for it because of various things.
That’s why I meant just today… ah~”




I wasn’t in the mood… but touching Mari’s body in this way made me feel the desire to vent.


Mari also noticed this and glanced at me, then she returned her gaze to me again and brought her face close to mine.




“I’m kissing you, Mari.”

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After all, it doesn’t seem to be in my nature to be worried for long


In the first place, what is the point of worrying about a matter that you don’t know if there was or not, such a thing was too small a worry in front of this voluptuous sensation.




“Un… hah… I love it… I love it.”




There should have been plenty of other things for me to be concerned about.


From Mari’s earlier appearance to the changes up to now, and of course not only about her, but also about Honma and Wagatsuma.


But I was a simple guy after all.


As long as I’m wrapped up in a happy feeling like this, I don’t even care.




“Then, Mari, please heal me as planned.”


“Leave it to me.
I’ve studied a lot, you know?”






What is a study.
I accepted Mari’s service without giving it a moment’s thought.


Afterwards, I was on her Thigh pillow with a very refreshed expression on my face, along with a wonderful and fulfilled feeling.




“How was it?”


“…How was it, you were doing it while looking at my face, weren’t you? Of course I’m satisfied, you little rascal!”






I gently slapped the big tits dangling in front of me.


The elasticity that bounces back and forth is still wonderful, and Mari’s cute voice, which I heard even more, is also quite a high point for me.


The phone in my pocket has become quite hot, but well, it’s still fully charged, and there should be no problem.








It was paradise, I experienced a really great time.


I didn’t quite understand what she meant by practiced, but to elaborate on what was done to me, I was treated to a combo attack of pinching and sucking.




“This is addictive.
Can I ask you to do it again?”


“Of course.
Fufu  and I’ll get even better at it and… Hmmm .”



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For once, I was relieved that I did not already see the unstable emotional state I saw earlier.


If the reason for this mood being fixed was because of what she was doing with me, that doesn’t make me feel a bit excited or bad.




“Well… hey Mari.”


“What’s wrong?”




She’s in a hypnotic state, so it’s okay.
I decided to talk to her with such a light heart.




“Actually, you know, I did a lot of research last night about hypnosis apps.
And in researching it, I found out that one guy was caught sexually assaulting multiple women.”




“I found out that the guy who got caught was talking about hypnosis apps and stuff like that, but nobody believed him.
Whether it’s true or not, I was a bit disturbed by it and couldn’t shake off the thought of it.”




You’re probably wondering if I’m allowed to tell all this.
But that’s not a problem at all, because, as I’ve said every time, I already know that no matter how much I tell the girls about anything when they’re in a hypnotic state, they won’t remember it.




“I was also worried that if I overdid it with you guys, I’d get to the point where I’d get caught.
Well, when I was touching Mari’s breasts, all that anxiety was blown away.”




I told her this with a sense of, ah-ha laughter.


I’m really a simple man because as soon as I realised that it really wasn’t a big worry and that it was a small worry that was useless to worry about, it turned out to be like this.




“……..I see….”




After I spoke out my anxiety, Mari muttered, and I felt quite a bit sleepy as we talked.


I have about fifteen minutes left until lunch break is over… okay, let me take a little nap.




“Mari, can I sleep like this for about ten minutes?”


I’ll continue to give lap pillow to you.”


“Thank you.”



I was tired, probably because I had exhausted myself, and the rest may have been due to a lack of sleep last night.


I fell asleep with the greatest situation of a beautiful girl’s lap pillow and the feeling of her gently stroking my head.




‘The hypnosis application will be temporarily stopped for a certain period of time due to inactivity or when the user falls asleep.
It will resume when the user wakes up again.’




“…Eh… Kai-kun?”




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Well, time flies and it’s after school.


After that, Mari seemed to have been on her knees the whole time, just as she had promised, and waking up after a nap was great.


I thought anew that it was also possible to just relax and spend time like that without doing anything naughty.




“Well then, Kai, see you tomorrow.”




“See you~”






I was supposed to go home with my friends, but I had been summoned by the teacher for a while, so I asked them to go home first.


Well, it’s not like I’ve done something.
It’s simply a kind of behavioural survey, something that increases when you’re in your third year of high school.




“Okay, this is all right.
Masaki’s grades are moderate, and if you work harder from now on, you’ll surely get to a good level, okay?”


“Really? I’ll do my best.”




If the homeroom teacher says this much, I will naturally feel better.


I returned to the classroom while humming a tune.
But there was only one shadow in the classroom, which I thought was already empty.




“Eh? Mari?”


“Ah, welcome back, Kai-kun.”




It was Mari who was waiting for me.


I wondered why only one person was left, but she came up to me with her bag on her shoulder.




“Wanna go home together?”


“…Don’t tell me you’ve been waiting for me?”




She nodded.


Although I was slightly surprised by the suggestion that we go home together, there was no reason for me to refuse, so I nodded.


When I walked out the front door, I could hear the voices of students working on club activities.


Mari and I walked side by side through the sound of such voices, and when we were some distance away from the school, I called out to her, asking her if she was serious.




“Could it be that something happened again?”


“Eh? …Oh, did I make you worry in a strange way?”

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In a manner of speaking, I know her without hypnosis, and she knows that herself.


In response to being asked to go home with her in this way, I thought maybe she was worried about something again and asked me to go home with her, but apparently not.




“Haha, I’m sorry.
It’s not like that at all.
I just wanted to be with Kai-kun.
I wanted to spend more time with you.”


“…I see.”




I’m relieved that my worries were unnecessary, but then I’m embarrassed when she says everything like that with a big smile on her face.


I was thinking about putting her into a hypnotic state again and having a sweet time before parting with her… I was getting ridiculous, and Mari asked me a question like this.




“Kai, you’re really worried about me, aren’t you?”


“Eh? Of course.
Mari is no stranger to me.
Isn’t it obvious that I would worry about you and want to help you if something happened to you?”




She always lets me play with those ample tits and whatever else I want!


That’s such a cheap price to pay for it.




“That’s why hypnosis!”






After that, I took Mari to a secluded place and let myself vent again.








After parting with Mari, I walked home alone, having become a wise man.


It is important to worry about things that make you worry, but I feel like I’ve realised that I don’t need to worry too much about this hypnosis app and that doing so will only make me tired.




“It’s a small trouble, after all.
When you have something that big and soft in front of you, it’s no use to be bothered about anything else.”




In the first place, I decided I’d use this power as I pleased, right?


Then I’ll just push forward with these desires in my heart.




“Wait for me, all the beauties that I haven’t seen yet.”




I keep walking in search of more stimulation than just Mari, Honma and Wagatsuma.


Just as though pushing forward into the light of the dusk setting before my eyes, I will not stop yet.

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