“Ah? shit.”

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I muttered one morning with a fuzzy head.

After waking up, I felt strangely heavy, but when I measured my temperature, I found that it was a normal cold.

I thought I had misjudged and re-measured, but there was no change, only a slight change in the numbers, and I ended up having to take the day off school because I had a cold.


—Don’t forget to rest properly, okay? Well, you’re a sturdy kid, so I’m sure the fever will go down soon, and you can go out and play games when you feel better.
But you have to be patient during this time.


I received such thankful words from my sister, and my mother and father also nailed me to rest.

“It’s definitely tough… but my lower body is fine.”

My alter ego, who has a tent so big that it could fit ten people if we went camping, apparently cannot quash my sexual desire, even if it is a cold.

If nothing had changed, it would not be this bad, but now I know directly the feeling of Mari’s body thanks to the hypnosis app, so I am tremendously excited not only by imagination, but also just by recalling it.

“…Haa, it’s hard.
I want to see Mari, Honma and Wagatsuma, I want to touch them.”

If I just wanted to see them, it would still be romantic, but the touchy-feely remark that ruins it all.

The only thing I can do right now is to be quiet and get well, because my mother said that the fever will probably go down by noon and that she cooked a simple meal and put it in the fridge.

“…but I can’t get to sleep, so… Let’s have a look at the app for a bit.”

The hypnosis app that changed my life.
The app that has been helping me ever since I first touched it, with no signs of any particular change.


—The hatred that’s deep-rooted in your heart… hmm.


It’s a warning that I’ve seen many times since then, but I’m still a little concerned about the fact that the word “hatred” is a very strong word.

It doesn’t explain what happens when hatred swells up.
But I began to think that it might mean that the hypnosis is canceled out by the hatred, and the memory is regained.
Or that it doesn’t work anymore…


However, after some reading, there were sentences in there that made me wonder if this had been written before.


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—-Because you are in a hypnotic state, every word you say directly reaches and dominates the mind of the subject.
What emotions it creates, it is all up to you.



Directly reaching and controlling the mind, does that mean that the person under hypnosis can’t resist the words you say to them and can only listen to everything they say?

Well, even at this stage, I’m feeling so much trust in the power of this hypnosis that this sentence is also a new one.

“But you know what? I think it might be possible to experiment with this again, or try it out, to see what kind of range it can go to.”

Besides hypnotising Mari and the others, I’ve also used it to some extent on men who have hurt them… maybe I should find out how much more I can do on test subjects (Men) and if there’s anything more I can do.

“Well, I’m happy enough now that I don’t really care.”

Okay, I’m getting sleepy thinking about all this.

In addition, I’ve got a bit of a headache, so I’ll sleep like an adult.

“…I want to rub some boobies…”

Those were my last words before I fell asleep.

Well, while my classmates were probably studying hard at school in this way, I was completely recovered by midday after having rested myself by taking a good rest.

My headache was gone, my physical sluggishness had blown away to nowhere, and I felt like I could run around, although I needed to worry about it.

“You can feel the love of family when they make you food like this…”

As I ate the lunch my mother had cooked for me, I expressed my gratitude to my family.

However, I am already an adult in a sense, a son who does as he pleases with the girls under hypnosis, but I will continue to do so!

“Phew, thanks for the food!”

My stomach is full, and I’m in perfect physical condition in earnest.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with my sister’s orders not to go out.

“If I break a promise, she’ll get angry with me…”

Sis is basically a kind and caring person, but at the same time she can be very scary when she gets angry, so I decided to keep my word.

After that, I didn’t go to bed and passed the time until about four o’clock.

Then the doorbell rang.

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“Is it a visitor? Or did something come in, like a package?”

I was still in bed at this hour on a weekday, and neither my sister nor my mother and father had left, so it was hard to think of a guest, so the only thing I could think of was that some package had arrived… but anyway, I headed for the door.

“… Eh?”

I could see the other party from the camera installed at the entrance, and I revealed my surprise when I saw it.

“Are you kidding me? Why are there three people here?”

It was the three girls, Mari, Honma, and Wagatsuma, who were at the entrance.

I was stunned for a while, but opened the door when Mari, who was leading the group, looked anxious, wondering if I was not home.

“Ah, there you are!”

“… Thank God you’re safe.”

“Senpai, are you okay?”

Woah! What’s going on?

But I felt bad about not letting them in because I didn’t understand what they meant, so I invited the three of them in to force my confused head to understand.

Since I couldn’t let them into the room, I invited the three of them into the living room and simply prepared tea and snacks for them.

“Thank you, Kai-kun.”

“No… um…?”

The three of them told me as I finished serving the tea and snacks.

First of all, they told me that they had asked Akira and Shogo to tell them where my house was, and that Honma, a junior student, was with them because she noticed that I didn’t come to school.


—-Oh, that’s right .


Come to think of it.
Yesterday I called Honma up during lunchtime today.

Even though it was under hypnosis, she must have found it strange I called her out if I wasn’t there… that was also a new discovery, but afterwards, Wagatsuma found Honma looking for me and explained the situation to her, and this is how all of them are here.

“… Why were you looking for me, Honma?”

“Well, I don’t really know… but… I kind of felt like looking for you? and It was.
Then I met Wagatsuma-senpai and was told that you were taking a break… um, are you really feeling okay?”

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“… Oh.”

It seems that not only Honma, but also Mari and Wagatsuma were worried about me.

While those girls were worrying about me, on the contrary, I was fantasising about them naked, which was supremely embarrassing or apologetic… no, even that was exciting.

“… Thanks anyway, all three of you, I didn’t think you’d come to visit me, seriously.”

“Really? I guess it’s only natural.”

There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“If anything, it would be rather terrible if we just ignored you despite knowing, wouldn’t it?”

May I weep for their kindness?

When I was about to tremble with emotion, Mari asked me how I met Honma as a natural question.

Honma answered before I did.

“I was troubled by a stalker.
But my senpai helped me solve it, and I-I was very happy about that.”

“I see… hmm, you were helping here too, weren’t you?”

When Mari said that to me with a smile, I became embarrassed and looked down.

However, I was surprised by their sudden visit, but isn’t this, on the contrary, a chance? A step towards the dream I’d mentioned earlier of having the three of them enjoy and serve me together in various ways!

“Can the three of you come with me for a moment?”

As it was, I brought the three of them into the room.

They looked somewhat nervous, but I didn’t care what they thought of the room.

For now, I just want to follow my desires.

“Now, all three of you, it’s time for the hypnosis.”



“My Lord…”

What’s going on? You look a little different than usual, but that’s okay.

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As proof that all three of them were properly hypnotised, there was no light in their eyes, and they turned into dolls that just stared at me and waited for my commands.

“I’m in perfect physical condition, but it wouldn’t be good to move too much, so I’ll be moderate today -”

The moment I said that, before anyone else could, Homma dropped to her knees and hugged me around the waist.

“Master…I was lonely…I was lonely…”

“Oh, hey…!”

Not long after being surprised by Honma’s behavior, Mari and Wagatsuma also hugged me from both sides.

This has never happened before, and I suspected that perhaps they were trying to restrain me, but that’s not the case.

Could it be… that they felt lonely that I wasn’t at school?



No, that question is not important right now.

I was made to feel better after that, in the form of Homma in the center of it all.


It was wise man time for me, but I was hugging the bodies of the three of them.

The wish that I had expressed one day, that Mari and Wagatsuma would embrace me from both sides and Homma from the front, has now been fulfilled.

“Hey, All the men in the world, don’t give up on your dreams.
Even those whose names I don’t even know, don’t.”

I was happy being wrapped in the softness and fragrance of the three of them, but… then I heard the sound of the front door slightly opening.


[I’m home~]



The voice now belongs to my sister.

Faster than I could do anything about the situation, the door was mercilessly opened.

Maybe this is my punishment time for doing as I please with female bodies.

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