“Haa, How I wish I could spend my sweet and sour youth with a beautiful girl!”

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Such a voice echoed in the park, where no one was there but me.

The owner of that voice was of course me, and what I just said was my wish, or rather my desire, for high school life frankly put into words.

“…… huh.”

I can’t get a girlfriend because I only say things like this and don’t take action, and moreover, it’s a dream come true that I can’t have a rosy school life like the other people in the world.

My name is Masaki Kai, an ordinary high school boy, and a guy who never had a female friend, let alone a ‘Girlfriend’.

“I’m already in my third year of high school with no sign of ever having one.”

I love anime and manga, so there was a time when I liked many of the characters and said they were my wives.

I thought I wouldn’t be lonely even if I didn’t have a girlfriend in real life because I have them, but now that I’m spending my entire student life a loner, I feel quite sad at myself.

Although I’m alone, I do have friends, and I hang out with them a lot, but I still don’t have a lot of friends!

“…… shall I go home?”

Well, it only takes a moment to get over this.

I’m proud of the fact that I basically recover quickly from my problems.

And that night, I found something that made me tilt my head.

“……What the hell is this?”

It was after dinner and after a bath, when I was while I was browsing my phone in boredom.

Before I knew it, a strange app had been installed on my phone.

“A hypnosis app?”

Hypnosis App, that’s what the app was labeled as, and I opened it up.

The first thing I saw were the instructions for using the app, which were opened in text.

“Activate this hypnosis app in front of the person you want to use it on.

At that moment, that person will do as you say, and the hypnosis will not be released until you release it or a certain amount of time has passed.”

“… hmmm.”

My honest impression was, “What’s with this shady app that seems to be coming straight out of erotic anime and erotic manga?

After looking at it for a while, I felt foolish and threw the phone on the bed.

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“What’s with the hypnosis app, you idiot, how can such a thing exist in reality?”

An app that allows you to control other people at will.
If such a thing existed in this reality, it would be a disaster.

Well, as a man, I would certainly have a guilty conscience.
But if I could do whatever I wanted, it would be a dreamy, rose-colored paradise, but such things exist because they are imaginary stories, not because they exist in this world.
There is no way it exists in this world.
Yeah, no way.

“Even though”

However, I was still curious.

I never had such an app on my phone in the first place, and even if it was on the Playstore, I wouldn’t download it.

“You are the only one who can use this app and only you can see it.

So you don’t have to worry about other people finding out about it, and only you can use this hypnosis app.”

“…… That’s quite convenient again.”

Then I tried everything, but for some reason I couldn’t delete this app.

Somehow or other, despite trying everything, there was no result, and at this point I was feeling a little scared of this app.

“Is it real? How can that be?”

I went to the next room with my phone in my hand.

“Can I come in, sis?”

“Kai? Yeah sure?”

She answered, so I opened the door and went in.

Unlike my room, it was clean and tidy, and the large number of stuffed animals on the bed were adorable.

The woman who is sitting in a chair and studying quietly, without looking at me as I enter the room, is my sister Miyako.

“What do you want? If you have no business, I’m busy right now.”

“Sorry about that one.”

My sister is a small but brave person.

She’s a second-year university student, two years older than me, with her trademark long black hair that reaches her waist.

Phew, I’m done for the day.

She turned her body towards me.

She’s still a petite woman who could be mistaken for a junior high schooler, but she’s quite compassionate, and she’s always loved me a lot, too.

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“Un, There’s something I wanted to try…”

I pulled out my phone.

To be honest, I don’t believe it at all, but-but, I was a bit curious, and I couldn’t sleep at all until I figured this out.


In front of my sister, who tilted her head, I activated the hypnosis app.

Then, my sister’s appearance changed in an easily recognisable way.



No response, she just suddenly stopped talking.

I became curious, looked at her face, and let out an audible gasp.

“…… Sis?”

I called out again, but she didn’t respond.

No, I said, she didn’t respond, but her eyes were only on me, and if I moved my body right, she would follow me.

raise your right hand.”


I said this and my sister raised her right hand.

After that, I tried saying various things, but my sister followed everything I said, and a feeling of unexpectedness started to emerge inside me.

“woah! Is this for real, I mean, how can?”

It’s hard to believe it to be true, but still, it’s not possible for my sister to be obedient like this or to listen to what I say.

The end of the hypnosis seems to be to press the end button on the terminal screen, and when I tapped that end button, there was another change in the sister’s expression.

“Huh? Did I do something?”


The light in her eyes that had been so vacant until a few minutes ago was now shining brightly, and she returned to her usual self as she stared at me.

I got all freaked out and ran back to my room immediately, telling my sister that it was nothing.

“Is this for real? Is it real!”

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I exclaimed on my bed.

I’m likely not the only person to react this way, and anyone else who has had the same experience would be absolutely astonished.

“Hypnosis app ….!”

I was panicking, but my heart was somewhat racing.

Then the next day, I approached one of the girls.

“Ah? Masaki?”

The one I called out to was a girl called Aisaka Mari.

She has light brown hair, light make-up, earrings in her ears.
She is a so-called “gyaru” (gal) girl.

Not only does she have a bright personality, but her figure, as shown by her ample breasts that push up against her chest, is also described by the boys as being the best they have ever seen.

“Let’s see, that.”

I locked on to such a girl.

After school, when she left the classroom, I called out to her – and activated the hypnosis app I used on my sister last night.


And then, with obvious clarity, Aisaka’s expression changed.

To be honest, I even thought that it was a dream, but the appearance of this classmate Aisaka made me think that this hypnosis app was real after all.

“Hey, Aisaka, can I come over to your house with you now?”

Come on.”

Thump, my heart jumped.

Aisaka replied in a toneless voice and walked forward.
I was standing there, too, zoned out, when Aisaka turned around and looked at me intently.

“Oh, you’re waiting for me?”

I approached her, who didn’t move slightly, and she started to walk away as I came to her side.

Th-this is real!”

After all, it seems the app was real.

I then followed Aisaka to her house, although I was scared by the stares that gathered from time to time.

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“… Oh, this.”

Aisaka’s house is a two-storey house that can be found anywhere.

Her parents hadn’t come home yet, and I went straight to my room as Aisaka took me.

It was the first time I entered a room of the opposite sex that was not a family member’s room, and it gave me a sense of the unknown.

“It smells so good and soooo new.”

It was a feminine room, different from my sister’s room, and what was a little surprising was that there were posters of male characters from anime on the wall.

I was surprised because I thought she was a cheerful person and not interested in animes and such.


I’ve thrown my conscience out the window!

With this app, there’s no way I’d ever get caught, and there’s a saying that if you don’t get caught, it’s not a crime.

To be honest, even though I’d thrown away my conscience, I still couldn’t take one more step.

At times like this, how much easier would it be if I could just go ahead with my desires like the protagonist in the erotic manga who uses the hypnosis app as he likes?

“……Yeah! I’ll do it!”

I’m the worst, I thought as I fearfully commanded.

“Take off your clothes.”


Aisaka obeyed my words.

She took off her uniform in front of my eyes as I gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

One by one, the clothes that had protected her disappeared.
I let out an exclamation.

“… what the hell is that?”

Her body in her underwear was too beautiful, too seductive for me to notice, but I turned my attention there.

The white skin she had, there were several lines on her arms.

At first I thought I was seeing things wrong, but I wasn’t.
I’m pretty sure that’s–

“Wrist cut marks?”

I saw them, the marks of self-inflicted injury to her own body.

I stared at the marks for a while and forgot my original purpose.

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