“Don’t… don’t…”

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“I’m scared… don’t touch me…”


I kept my hands on their breasts as usual, but even under hypnosis, I couldn’t feel the urge to tease them any more when I saw them shedding tears in rags.

I removed my hand from their reactions, which were different from those of Mari, Honma, and Wagatsuma.

Again, God?”

God, you’re disgusting, I curse in my mind.

The way Sasaki and Someya sob with only tears in their expressionless faces under hypnosis, it’s as if they are more terrified of the man itself than of me.

“What happened?”

To be honest, I didn’t want to touch them anymore.

Well, here I am looking at their youthful naked bodies, but you’ll have to forgive me that much for being an outsider.

It was Sasaki who answered my question about what happened.

“Two years ago, we were almost attacked.”


I don’t know if I’m the right person to say this, but a hard topic of conversation just popped up.

Somiya’s shoulders trembled as if she remembered that time, and Sasaki held her hand as if she was unconsciously worried about it.

The strength of their bond and love for each other, even in a hypnotic state, made me realize once again the words that no man is allowed to get caught in the midst of lilies.

“The other guys were five university students, and we were approached and dragged through the streets.
We shouted loudly, but no one helped us, and everyone pretended they didn’t see us…”


“They took us straight to a closed room and stripped us of our clothes… and just when we thought we were done for, a police officer who had heard the commotion outside finally helped us.”

The fact that they were almost attacked means that they were saved before their bodies were soiled.

The girls were rescued before they lost something important to them, but two years ago, when they had just started high school…?

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“So you’re saying they were traumatised?”

I’m not usually so traumatised, and I can speak to men.
But when they order me to take off my clothes like this and touch me, I can’t help but… remember that time.”


The words were clear, even as her body trembled.

Honestly, I have a tendency to do whatever I want without worrying about the state of these girls… but unlike Mari and the others, when they clearly show their will to reject me like this, I feel deflated.

I was so excited about my sword just a few minutes ago, but now it’s no longer good.

“What happened to those men?”

“I don’t know what happened to them.
I don’t even want to know… all men are rubbish.”

“Yeah, we all are.
People like me are really rubbish.”

Even now that I’ve lost that mind after setting my eyes on Sasaki and Someya, I’m still thinking that if that’s the case, I should just seek the next stimulus, me.

“If this hasn’t been resolved, I’ve got a lot to apologise for, but if it’s already been resolved, it ain’t my place.
Get dressed, both of you.”

The two of them got dressed to follow my orders.

Meanwhile, I was once again looking around Someya’s room, and I gasped and picked up something.

It was a manga for boys, which is unusual for a girl to buy, and it’s a very popular and sexy manga.

“That’s unusual.
I can’t believe girls are buying this kind of thing… no, that’s prejudice too.
I used to read it, but I don’t read it anymore..”

I then sat there for a while, reading the manga.

I returned to my senses and returned my gaze from looking at the manga back to the girls… and then I screamed.

“Wow ah ah !?”

Why did I scream, because Someya was staring at me at close range.

“Hey, what the…”

“That manga, y-you read it too?”

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“I read it, I mean I used to read it, I used to like this girl from the second volume a lot, not the heroine on this cover.
That was about the time.”

“Oh, I know.
She’s really cute.
And also -”

Oh… instead of some kind of disquiet disappearing, Someya started to become more animated.

I then listened endlessly to Someya’s machine gun talk about manga, and at times turned to Sasaki to do something about it, but of course she wouldn’t help me.


—- This hypnosis app is working properly, right? It is true that they are faithful to my orders, but Mari and the others could see me talking about myself like this… hmmm…


The girls’ eyes or expressions show that they are hypnotised, but… well, if they were not in a hypnotic state, I would have been reported to the police for triggering the trauma of the girls before we could have a conversation like this.

“…Ohh there’s only ten per cent to spare…”

Watch out, dangerous, if I had been like this for a few more minutes, I would have been in trouble.

It’s a pity I couldn’t get my hands on the two beautiful girls I had my eye on, but I did get a taste of their ample breasts, albeit only a little, so I’ll take it as a blessing.

“Someya, I tried to attack you, remember? And yet you’re stupid enough to close the distance like that just because I was reading your favourite manga?”


“What, tell me if I’m wrong about this statement.”

Huh? Why am I being so bossy…?

Someya looked down at my words, and then quickly returned to Sasaki, as if she understood.

“…It’s not like that.”


“It’s true that I was scared… but I thought that you’re not a bad person.
Your smile when you talked about the manga wasn’t the smile of a bad person… so…”

Okay, apparently this girl seems to be a genuine idiot.

“You’re too naive… Sasaki, if you don’t hold the reins firmly, you will be attacked again.”

“That’s right.
But I think I might understand you little more from our through our conversation.
Halfway through, your tone of voice became gentler, as if you cared about us.
It was like you were trying to figure out what you could do to help us… maybe you’ve already helped someone a few times before?”

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It’s ridiculous and stupid and getting out of sync.

I then quickly left Someya’s house and rushed away.


After taking a deep breath to regulate my disordered breathing, an indescribable sigh escaped.

I felt sympathy for Sasaki and Someya’s circumstances, and I felt sorry for having triggered their trauma like that.

However, even though I had to endure my lunch break in order to do whatever I wanted to those two… that’s the only thing I’d like to complain a bit about.



At that moment, my shoulders trembled as a voice suddenly called out to me from behind.

When I quickly turned around behind me, before I knew it, it was Wagatsuma who was behind me, and she was staring at me with a blank stare.

“Wagatsuma? Why are you here…”

It was summer and the sun was setting late, but it was still late.

I thought it was unusual for her to still be here in her school uniform in such circumstances.
but on second thought, it wasn’t unusual, because her grandparents’ house, where she now lives, is just down the road.

“Why are you here, Masaki-kun?”

“I’m on my way home.
A lot has happened.”

“I see.”

Wagatsuma looked down and approached me.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“…do you want to spend a bit of time together?”

“Yeah, sure, why not?”

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I decided to hang out with her before heading to my house.

I knew there was something wrong with her, but my brain was not clear, partly because of what had happened with those two and partly because I hadn’t vent today.

My conversation with Wagatsuma was exclusively idle chit-chat, but looking at her breasts, which I could see even through her clothes, still cheered me up.

—-Okay, a few minutes.
Let’s just rub them for a few minutes and be satisfied .

I made sure there was no one around, and with that, I led Wagatsuma into the shadows.

Then I instantly activated the hypnosis app to put her into a hypnotic state, and I rubbed her ample breasts.

“Woah! I knew this was it! Wow, Wagatsuma, this really feels amazing.”

“I;m glad, But are you satisfied with that, do you want to do that?”

“Ahh Shit, No, I can’t do that! Come back tomorrow at lunchtime in an empty classroom.”

That’s a promise.”

Well, I couldn’t be satisfied with just rubbing it, so I pressed my face against it as hard as I could,, and pinched her.

I’m already full of energy from the feeling of soft flesh on my cheeks.
I’ll do my best to remember this feeling before I go to bed.

“…I won’t give it to someone who can’t make me satisfied… by being chosen…”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, tomorrow… It’s absolutely promise.”

“I promise.
– Oh, come on.
You’re so cute.”

I’m sorry about those two, but I guess it’s important for me to forget about them like this.

But I met Wagatsuma at a really good time.

I enjoyed the feeling of being hugged by her until the very last minute.

Oh, yes, I did buy a lottery ticket.

Of course, they all turned out to be disappointments!

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