I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 89: "Progress"

Chapter 931: “Meeting A Lot of Big Bosses”

Ainsley was curious to death but for now, she could only hug Bello while letting Cellino sit on her shoulder. 

At the same time, Code-L chose Nalisha as her vehicle. 

[Done. No one will suspect us now. Lets go.] 

Code-L naturally took the lead to bring the other two cats and two humans to enter the large meeting room. 

Seeing her like this even when shes still in her cat form, Ainsley suddenly doubted her identity as a mafia boss. 

How come Code-L looked more like a mafia than her?!

But Ainsley didnt have time to ponder more about Code-L being more like a mafia boss than her because some people in the meeting room had already noticed her. 

Those who had chatted with Ainsley before, especially those who attended her birthday party or attended the new year banquet, immediately approached Ainsley. 

“Hey, youre here, little boss!” 

“There are still not many mafias other than the little boss and a few of us. But there will be more in a minute.” 

“Yes, yes. Currently, only the neutral and the government faction is here. Oh, those from the guilds and the ability user society is also here.” 

The room was truly huge, and it could keep so many powerhouses representatives. 

It might be able to house up to a thousand people or more. 

This is the first time Ainsley would see so many powerhouses other than those in the mafia society, the ability users society or the guilds. 

In the past, she had also attended many banquets and met many people from the government faction or the neutral faction belonging to the nobles. 

But it was rare to meet all influential powerhouses in one place. 

The powerhouses invited here were all as strong as a high-ranking mafia family, and it means that theyre all big shots. 

No matter if it was the people from the guilds, those from the ability users society or the neutral and government faction, they were all top-notch powerhouses. 

It was estimated that even non-combat powerhouses would also attend the meeting because they still needed many supplies and logistics. 

These non-combat powerhouses such as the Billios Family would help the group so much by providing rations, medicines, vehicles, and so on. 

Todays meeting was a rare breaking point where people from all sorts of factions would put down all their grievances and hatred toward each other to work together. 

This is a big scale meeting and it was really different from other meetings. 

Ainsley arrived thirty minutes before the meeting started and had started to talk to the people she knew. 

Then, more and more people representing their powerhouses entered the meeting room. 

Those who attended the meeting would always be the ones with the highest authority in their family/organization. 

Even though these people wouldnt personally participate in the cleaning up session, they still had to attend the meeting in person to show respect to other people. 

After all, the annual beast and monster tide outside of the capital was not a trivial matter. 

It was always risky and involved the whole countrys safety. 

Unfortunately, the Godlif countrys government never considered moving the capital city to somewhere else, so this annual event was held. 

When the other family heads or bosses arrived, they also approached people they had partnerships with and would avoid their enemies. 

There were already factions formed inside the meeting room. 

Even though the meeting was supposed to be a breakthrough point for everyone, it really wasnt like that. 

Only Ainsley was different because her family didnt have too many beefs with other families outside of the mafia society. 

So, when she saw many influential people, the baby cheekily approached the big bosses who were generally much older than them. 

They could bring one person to attend the meeting with them, and they usually either came with their right-hand person or their successor. 

But no successor would be as young as Ainsley. 

Thus, a familiar phenomenon happened all over again. 

Everyone would subconsciously peek at the only toddler in the meeting room with inquiring eyes. 

Those who had talked to Ainsley before or met her in person would immediately approach her to say hello. 

Even when they only greeted each other before this meeting, the other party would be thick-skinned enough to look close to Ainsley.

After all, her inheritance stone mine was really alluring for a lot of powerhouses! 

Ainsley was also brave enough to run around with two cats in her hands and talked to these elders. 

With the invisible Godfather following her and Zev plus Nalisha and Code-L behind, Ainsley was fearless. 

She stood proudly in front of these old people and her pink uniform was really eye-catching. 

The elderly usually liked cheerful and energetic children. Not to mention someone as talented, smart and strong as Ainsley. 

The moment Ainsley started to socialize, a lot of elders couldnt help but fall for her baby charm. 

“Oh, this is the rumored youngest mafia boss! Hey, hey, youre adorable.” 

“Thank you, grandpa. Youre also handsome and cool!” 

“Ah, ah, what about me?” Another big boss asked Ainsley while squatting in front of the baby. 

“Of course, grandma is also beautiful and powerful!” 

“Hahaha. Do you even know what business we have or what we do?” 

“I know! This grandpa has several businesses such as ••• and then this grandma…” 

Ainsley chattered non-stop and quickly made friends with so many powerful people. 

Generally, since Ainsley was a mafia boss, those who disliked the mafia should also dislike her. 

But Ainsley was just a genius child, and shes also interesting. 

Shes polite and doesnt discriminate against people at all. 

Who could hate such a child? 

Some heartless people. 

Yes. There were still people who could hate such a child! 

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