I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 362: "Jade Maiden"

Chapter 1162: ”Malicious Attack ”

The two countries exchanged knowledge about the Godfather, and for a while, the comment section was full of Godfather ’s entire life history and achievements. 

He wasn ’t a genius because he awakened his first ability when he was ten years old, but after that, he really soared to the sky. 

The netizens described the Godfather ’s bitter life and how he could survive being besieged from all sides. 

The Godfather ’s talent threatened a lot of people, but more people wished for his talent. 

Many people tried to lure the orphan to join their force, but the Godfather stayed as a lone wolf. 

His life was lonely, and if he didn ’t have his close friends, who were all loyal and dared to give their lives to him…the Godfather would have long died.

Because of this, although the Godfather didn ’t create a force, he was still super protective of his close friends. 

[The Godfather ’s life is full of battle and war.
He is a warrior inside-out and almost never has time to rest because too many people want to target him.] 

[People said that the Godfather ’s resentment is too big for him to become a spirit, but no one knows what kind of resentment and regret he has.] 

[I really didn ’t expect the Godfather ’s life to be so difficult.
When I saw him with Ainsley, he looked calm and casual.] 

He looked relaxed and happy around Ain, so much so that I thought his life after becoming Ainsley ’s contracted spirit was better than when he was still alive.] 

What the netizens said was actually partly correct.
The Godfather wasn ’t a maniac and a madman at first. 

But when he transmigrated and awakened his first ability at the age of ten– 

He was forced to grow up rapidly because all the abilities he awakened were unique, and many people wanted to use him for his abilities. 

The Godfather was forced to be a monster and his life was really even worse than Ainsley ’s. 

At least Ainsley had a lot of people who loved her and helped her.
But at that time, the confused Godfather was alone. 

Thankfully, after he became a spirit and found Ainsley, his life gradually changed, and he was no longer lonely. 

He met many spirits and people.
He got to experience many things he didn ’t have or get to know before. 

Maybe the only good thing in his life back then was Zev ’s company. 

Although Zev was cruel and often gave him a lot of stress or burden, it was Zev who pushed him to grow stronger quickly to protect himself. 

The netizens sympathized with the Godfather, and at the same time, the Godfather was warning the young spirits to behave. 

[This lord won ’t strike anyone except for those who make a move.] 

The Godfather ’s threat was effective, and the young spirits quickly restrained themselves. 

They really feared the lightning and they didn ’t want to go against this madman! 

But some young spirits with malicious minds didn ’t give up so easily. 

They were all waiting patiently to expose the Godfather ’s weakness.
It couldn ’t be that they had to bow their head in front of this foreign spirit, right? 

They also had heard of the Godfather ’s name, but because the Godfather only threatened them and didn ’t do anything…

The malicious young spirits were all arrogant and thought the Godfather was already so old. 

He was no longer as powerful as before and was only bluffing! 

These spirits waited and waited.
At the same time, Ainsley finally ended her peace talk with both sides satisfied. 

[It is settled then.
We will choose ten or twenty spirits to pretend to follow you to win the challenge.
After that, only five spirits will follow you for real.] 

The young woman was a bit regretful when she said this.
After all, five spirits were too little and she actually wanted to follow the little baby too. 

Unfortunately, as the leader of the youth camp, she had to stay and make sure these hot-blooded spirits didn ’t offend anyone they shouldn ’t offend.

Ainsley didn ’t know the young woman ’s thoughts at all and was only happy that their cooperation ended up well. 

[Okay, big sis.
Thank you for your understanding.
After I come out, I ’ll deliver some spirit-nourishment potions for you and your family.] 

The young woman immediately restrained her thoughts and smiled sincerely at Ainsley. 

[You ’re welcome.
I also have to apologize to you for all my rudeness before.] 

The young woman spoke while signaling the other middle-aged spirits to release the barrier isolating them from the spirits outside. 

After all, their conversation had ended. 

At this time, Ainsley was alone with Zev because both the Godfather and the bull spirit chose to join the Spirit War to end the ’war ’ early. 

The little bull cub trotted happily while talking to the floating spirits, looking cute and peaceful. 

The spirits who joined the Spirit War and didn ’t dare to move because of the Godfather ’s threat looked at this scene with their eyes bulging out. 

What the hell? What happened? How come the leader came out of the barrier, and she suddenly made peace with the enemy?! 

The malicious spirits weren ’t that far from Ainsley ’s place and they also saw all of this with red eyes. 

This fcking shaman actually confused their leader and made peace with the other middle-aged spirits! 


The red-eyed spirits looked at the cute baby cub trotting towards the Godfather with a smile on her face….

All of them forgot their sanity and subconsciously fired various attacks at the same time. 

There were five malicious spirits, and all of them reacted at the same time. 

They immediately attacked Ainsley! 

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