Chapter 32

“Fren is my son.” Yuria said in a quiet but firm voice.
Although the unexpected presence of his biological father was startling, it didn’t affect her choices at all.
Fren was still her son, and he was precious to her.

The moment she met Fren, she promised herself that she would spend the rest of her life for him and never let him follow the same path as in the original story.
Unlike the original heroine, she promised to stay by Fren’s side until the end, cherishing and loving him.
Even if Fren let go of her hand first, her resolve wouldn’t change.

“That’s right.
That little brat is your son.”

In the first place, Cain revealed himself as Fren’s biological father not to claim parental rights to Fren, but simply to share Yuria’s attention.
Unintentionally, he found out about Fren and helped him awaken, so it was as if he had done his part with him.

“And it’s up to Fren to decide whether to accept Cain as a father or not.”

“He also has a memory.
I don’t think that little rascal would recognize me as a father.”

When he remembered the last time they met, considering the hostility the boy showed, it would be better if he didn’t run into Cain as soon as he awakes.

“Okay then.” Yuria didn’t want to pursue the topic anymore.
All that mattered to Yuria was that Fren was not abandoned and that he was her son.
Looking at Cain’s attitude anyway, it didn’t seem he had any intention of taking Fren away.
Then she had nothing to worry about.

So now, all she had to do was the rest.

“I will treat you.”


Cain tilted his head as if not understanding.

“Because I hurt you.”

Blood remained on Cain’s lips.
Even if she didn’t have knowledge and couldn’t provide proper treatment, she couldn’t ignore it.

“Right, you hurt me.”

“That’s why…”

“You are so lovely that my heart aches.”

Yuria was speechless for a moment.
From the first time she saw him, she thought he was no ordinary person, but the more they talked, the stranger he became.

‘Are all demons like that?’ In her eyes, it was Fren who was lovely and cute.
Either way, there was nothing she could do or cure about Cain’s strange condition, so Yuria decided to just let it go and move on.

“I’m talking about where I hit you.”

“You did not hit me.”

If she had done anything to him, all she did was pat him with her cute little cotton hands.


Did Cain hit his head instead of somewhere else? Strangely, the conversation didn’t go through and just kept going in circles, and it seemed as if even the memory of being hit and bleeding was deleted.
Because of that, she felt more confused the more they talked, but that didn’t mean Yuria could feign ignorance about what happened after receiving his help.
However, it didn’t seem like words would work his way, so without any explanation, Yuria immediately took out a first aid kit.

“I will wipe the blood first.”

At Yuria’s announcement, Cain quietly leaned forward and waited for her hand.
She took a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped the blood from Cain’s lips.
It was a careful and delicate touch, as if being tickled by a feather.
Cain received Yuria’s touch and looked at her lovingly.
It was the first time he had seen her from such a close distance.
Her figure filling his eyes was elegant and enchanting, just like the embodiment of a goddess.
Everywhere she touched, there was a burning sensation as if it was set on fire.

‘If I had known this would be the case, I would have bled more.’ If he did, he would have been able to receive her touch for a longer time.

Cain felt regret as she looked at her hand moving away as if she had wiped off all the blood he had shed.

‘How could such a being really exist in this world?’ She was, indeed, the loveliest and most charming person he had ever met.
Thus, no matter how much she was in his eyes, it didn’t feel enough.
If only he had been that woman’s son.
That way, he could receive the affection that little brat had.
There will be no such thing as happiness.
That would be absolute bliss.

Or at least, if he had met her before that brat.
Even if he got the attention he wanted, thinking he had to share the affection he lacked with that little thing made his insides churn.

“Then, can you take off your clothes now?”

The blood on his lips was wiped away, but the treatment wasn’t over yet.
Yuria had hit his chest around his ribs so, to check the wound, she had to take off his shirt first.
First of all, she had to know how much he was injured so that she could either take him to a doctor for treatment or heal him herself.

For just a moment Cain’s eyes widened as if surprised by Yuria’s request, but then he obeyed her.
He took off the jacket he was wearing first, and after that, he started to undo the buttons of his shirt one by one.
Seeing this, Yuria’s face turned red in an instant.

She didn’t know what it was or why, but somehow it felt very provocative.
It was the same with Cain’s gaze, looking at her with deep eyes as if he was about to eat her, and the sound of the buttons loosening with a flat ‘pat, pat’ echoing in the quiet space.
Obviously, it was just a request to check the wound, but the atmosphere was very tempting.
Soon after, Yuria turned her head, unable to keep eye contact.
Cain’s chest, visible through the unbuttoned shirt, was too alluring.

Just like the fair skin on his face, tight muscles were nestled on a snow-like chest.
The same went for the stomach that was revealed next.
The abdominal muscles, drawn in clear lines, were in perfect balance like a sculpture.
Cain had taken off his shirt completely, and with an askew smile on his lips looked at Yuria with a friendly but languid expression.

‘Really…’ It was appetizing.

For some reason, Yuria’s blushing face looked like a ripe fruit and unconsciously awakened his hunger.

‘How would it taste to bite that cheek? Will it taste as sweet as I think? Or the taste will resemble her and will be soft?’ At that thought, Cain unconsciously leaned toward Yuria.
It was to bite her cheek in an impulsive act.

However, when Yuria realized that Cain’s body was leaning toward her, she faltered and stepped back.
Then, as if she could not understand Cain’s actions, Yuria opened her eyes wide and looked up at him.
Cain’s hard chest was right in front of her face.
If she stretched out her hand just a little, she could easily touch him.
In fact, her breath was tickling Cain’s chest.
Yuria swallowed unconsciously.

Cain’s body before her was so perfect and beautiful that she felt a strange urge.

‘What would it feel like? Touching it.’ Yuria’s fingers twitched at the thought, but she struggled to resist the urge.

“Then… check…” As soon as Yuria spoke as if choked, Cain straightened his bent body away from her regretfully.
It was just to finish what he was doing before.
He felt so greedy with Yuria in front of him that he almost instinctively ate her, but he was finally able to control his heart.
It was just because he didn’t want his fragile but lovely woman to be frightened by his actions.
In fact, Yuria showed an attitude as if she was about to run away.

After that, Cain calmly put his hand on the buckle of his pants.
Yuria had told him to remove his clothes, and he was obliged to obey her.

“Wa- wait!!”

Click~ Surprised by the sound of the pants buckle being unfastened, Yuria shouted.

“What is it?” Even with a puzzled expression on his face, Cain followed Yuria’s cry and stopped his motion.

“What are you about to do right now…”

“Didn’t you tell me to take off my clothes?”

“Bu- but why the pants…”

“Pants, clothes.”

So Cain was confident as if this was also part of removing his clothing.
At that moment, Yuria could understand the situation.

I said it wrong.
I just meant to take off your top.”

“Aah, I can take it all off if you want.”

“No, it’s fine.”

It was a flat rejection on her part.
At Yuria’s resolute words, Cain felt a strange regret.
He liked the tension in her every time he took off his clothes so he wanted to take them off even more on purpose.
He had confidence in his face and body, so it would be even better if he could seduce Yuria that way.

“Cough- ehem.”

Without knowing Cain’s intentions, Yuria coughed a little as if to lighten up the atmosphere.
Then, trying to calm her trembling heart, she gently lifted her head to examine the area she had hit.
Fortunately, there was no visible wound.
Still, she decided to check it out a little more, just in case.

“If it’s okay with you, can I touch you for a moment?”

“You can do it for the rest of my life if you want to.”

It was an open welcome on his part.
Yuria pretended not to hear Cain’s answer, and carefully raised her hand to touch the area.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not at all.”


“I’m a demon.
Healing this much is like breathing.”

In fact, the ribs that had been broken a while ago were completely attached and returned to a healthy state.

“That’s fortunate.” She was very worried because she thought he was seriously injured.

“More than that, we’d better be away for a while.” Cain looked at Yuria lovingly for a moment then glanced at Fren and said.


“The awakening is starting in earnest.
Having other people around only gets in the way.”


If possible, she wanted to be by Fren’s side.
However, not wanting to be a hindrance, Yuria quietly left the room with Cain.


* * *


Fren was again alone in an empty space where there was nothing.
He was used to it because he had been through it once, but this time was different.
Just the fact that Yuria wasn’t in this space made Fren feel very anxious.
What appeared then was the voice he had heard before he lost consciousness.

–You have finished your choice.

Fren couldn’t understand what the voice was saying and tilted his head.

–That’s a relief.
I am grateful for your choice.

As if the voice had no intention of erasing Fren’s interrogations, it kept only speaking its way.
But in those words, Fren could vaguely recognize the choice the voice said.
Before coming here,

–Baby, it’s time to choose.
What power do you want? Do you want to kill them to protect her? If not…, would you choose another path?

Perhaps the choice the voice spoke of was about him.

Fren didn’t choose what he chose to receive the gratitude of an unknown person.
What was important to him was Yuria, and she was the only one who could influence his choice.

Fren had just made a choice for Yuria.
Yuria didn’t want him to kill the man to protect her, and he just gave her what she wanted.
Then Fren remembered the situation before coming here.

‘Yuri, Yuria!’

“She’s unharmed.” Said the voice as if it read Fren’s thoughts.

“…That’s a relief…”

That was enough.
He didn’t know about the other choices the voice mentioned, nevertheless, he didn’t kill anyone as Yuria wanted, and it was enough if Yuria was safe.

–From now on, please…

May you take the path to protect, not the path to kill.
Rather than trying to kill someone to protect, try to find another way.

The voice prayed earnestly.

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