he axe.

“No, it’s dangerous, it’ll hurt.” He said with a stern expression as if scolding a child.
He didn’t like that the axe was covering her, and he worried she would get hurt holding such a dangerous toy.

What if that small and fragile body gets hurt? The lovely being looked weak, so even with a toy axe, she could quickly collapse and die.

Yuria, unable to understand the man’s words, gripped the axe tighter feeling that it was the only way to protect her.

Is the toy yours? The man vaguely thought so.
Apparently, Lovely being (what he now chose to call her) was really attached to that item.

If so, what can I do? The man swung his hand and pulled out a sword from somewhere.
Yuria tensed up upon seeing the unknown man grab a sword from thin air.
The man’s atmosphere alone did not tell whether he was a good person or a bad person; however, the action of the man pulling out the sword was enough to light up Yuria’s anxiety.

If he’s going to cut me with that sword… Yuria’s gaze turned to the axe, if it was her axe, she should be able to chop that sword in two.

“I’ll give you this instead.
Play with this.”

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As if to soothe Yuria, the man attempted to speak in a calm voice while trying to gesture for her to take the sword.

Wondering what exactly he could be alluding to, Yuria trepidly gazed at him with an odd expression.

“So, I’ll confiscate that.”

As the man snapped his finger, the axe from Yuria’s hand suddenly disappeared, and reappeared lodged in a nearby tree.
Instead, there was a sword in Yuria’s hands.

“Ah…” Yuria looked at the axe stuck in the tree with a blank expression on her face.
She couldn’t comprehend the current situation, but one thing was certain; she had lost the axe, and without the axe, she couldn’t cut down a tree.

If the axe had just been normally lodged in a tree as one would when chopping one down, she could have easily pulled it out.
However, the position of the axe was too high, even if she tiptoed, she wouldn’t reach it.
No matter how strong she was, she could not cut down a tree for firewood without an axe.
That axe, in particular, was very hard for Yuria to find.
This was because the common axes’ handles repeatedly broke from her strength.
Additionally, there was still a long way to go before winter was over, in the meantime, it was essential for Yuria to heat the stove, but the most necessary thing to get firewood was…

She started to feel emotional, thinking that if she couldn’t find firewood Fren would have to spend his days shivering in the freezing winter weather.
Yuria’s eyes began to well up from her despairing thoughts.
She had been wary of the man, but due to her emotions, she threw the sword that she was holding back at the man.

I don’t know about much else, but when it comes to Fren, I could never stay still. It didn’t matter what the man in front of her was thinking or his identity.
What was important was that the unknown man in front of her had lost her axe.

“This damn jerk!”

It was her first time swearing in her whole life.
If she had lived alone it wouldn’t have been that bad, it wasn’t as if she couldn’t stand the cold.
But her precious Fren…? Because of that bastard, her precious Fren will have to stay in a cold house, since she won’t be able to light the stove without firewood.
A great wave of anger rose inside Yuria’s previously calm heart.

Although the man could avoid Yuria’s sword, he didn’t dodge it, even without dodging, he could have spread a barrier to block it, but he didn’t.
In the man’s eyes, Yuria was endlessly lovely.
If it was thrown by such a lovely being, even that sword would be lovely.
Anyway, regardless of how hard that little creature threw something, it couldn’t even be considered a scratch to the man.

“You don’t like it?” The man asked Yuria, thinking that Yuria’s anger was simply a complaint about the toy.

Yuri, who blatantly ignored the man’s words, shouted fiercely, “Give me my axe!”

“As expected, you’re lovely.” The man quietly muttered.

As expected, you have to take care of yourself.
No matter how small, you still have to know how to protect yourself. With that mindset, the man liked Yuria’s determination, because it is so small, he had wondered if such a fragile being could be possessive of their things.
Liking her attitude, he gently sent the axe stuck in the tree to Yuria’s hand again.
From Yuria’s perspective, the axe unlodged itself from the tree, and landed in front of her.
Thus, she was very startled.
She couldn’t understand the man’s attitude, and she couldn’t understand what was going on.

The man looked at Yuria’s expressions, finding them interesting.
It was the first time that something or someone had remained standing before him.
Besides, the woman was making expressions he’d never seen before.
He really liked her twinkling eyes, small red lips, and the bewildered look she had on her adorable little face.
He also liked the small, compact frame that came out from her bosom.

The man inadvertently raised his hand and tried to poke Yuria’s cheek, but before he could touch her, Yuria raised her hand, and grabbed the man’s hand, successfully blocking his actions.
His eyes widened, obviously very surprised at what had just happened to him.
Then he raised his hand again and tried to poke Yuria’s cheek once again, this time with more strength behind his action, thus Yuria couldn’t stop him with only one hand.

The man poked Yuria’s cheek with his finger several times as if it was something marvelous.
It was a very careful touch despite the tremendous strength he had to have used to counter Yuria’s.
Yuria felt relieved by the fact that was all he did, and yet, she couldn’t help but be nervous due to the embarrassing situation that was now occurring.

“…Small, and cute… but…”


The man muttered in a hushed voice that Yuria couldn’t hear.

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