“…Yuri?” Fren called her with an anxious voice but there was no answer.
The kind gaze that always accompanied her affectionate reply didn’t come, even though it was only a small action, Fren suddenly felt scared.
Scared that the warm world that he had found unexpectedly escaped his hands and he was left all alone once again.
Darkness crept in, overshadowing his world, Yuria was the only light, without her his world was dark and painful.

Humans are weak, they shatter from a single gesture or breath of his energy.
Nevertheless, they had sharp weaponry that pierced Fren’s heart.
Yuria wasn’t like them, although weak, she was kind, her words had never hurt Fren, her hand only shared her warmth.
A person who was so cozy and safe, he couldn’t help but feel drowsy around her.
The foundation of Fren’s world was created by meeting Yuria; it couldn’t be maintained without her.

It was Yuria who protected Fren firmly and affectionately.
The moment Yuria disappears, he would fall off the cliff and be thrown back into that hell-like life.

‘What… what should I do?’

Facing an unexpected and unfamiliar situation, Fren fell into confusion.
He was afraid that Yuria would disappear or shatter at any moment, and didn’t want to lose the warmth that he’d only just found.
Up until now, Fren had solely focused on retributing the pain to those who had hurt him.
Their pain and suffering was trivial in the eyes of Fren, but Yuria wasn’t like that, how could Yuria be like them? He had to protect her.

He knew he had to make sure Yuria didn’t suffer, but didn’t know how to do that.
Even when Fren was in agony, he couldn’t do anything, only able to endure.
Thus, Fren didn’t know how to help the sick Yuria in front of him.
He couldn’t ask her to endure it as he did.

What if Yuria suddenly disappears?

What if she collapses?

Great despair came with the thought that he wouldn’t ever see Yuria again, dying the world black, and pulling him further into a swamp rendering him unable to lift a finger.

This, this… what kind of emotion is this? He wrenched open his eyes, only to see pitch black.
His heart was pounding like a hammer in his ears, but felt like an axel in his chest.
He was breathing, but felt suffocated, as if someone, something, had chained and squeezed the life out of his body, strangling him under the weight.

‘You have to do it.’ Whatever it is, Fren involuntarily stretched out his hand, touching Yuria’s boiling body, her temperature skyrocketing.
IWhat was warm and cozy became a scorching heat that would melt Fren’s and engulf Yuria causing her to melt.

No. If Yuria melts away, she’ll disappear.
He’d never be able to hold her anymore. If heat is the problem, wouldn’t it be solved if it’s not hot anymore? When it was cold, Yuria brought something warm. So, if heat is a problem, shouldn’t I bring something cold?Then Yuria won’t melt either.
Once finding a solution Fren rolled around and cautiously slid down the bed, trying to soundlessly land on the floor.

Something cold… Fren turned his head to and fro in search, but he couldn’t figure out what would be cold.
In frustration, Fren stomped his feet, blaming the floor for Yuria being ill and his struggle to aid her.
Suddenly, an idea popped into Fren’s mind.

‘Water.’ Yuria always washed him with warm water.
However, whenever he touched the unheated water, his whole body shivered.

Let’s spray water on Yuri so she’ll cool off. With his newfound idea, Fren tried to grab the water; however, no matter how tightly clasped together his hands were, the water always escaped through his fingers.


Why do you keep disappearing? Fren burst into tears as the water that filled his hands slipped between his fingers, reminding him of Yuria, who could be swallowed up by the heat and melt away at any moment.
He was furious.
At that moment, Fren realized he could shed tears even though he wasn’t sad or in pain, the anger that filled him to his throat was squeezing tears out of his eyes.
Nevertheless, he couldn’t stay still.
He knew he had to do something before Yuria would really melt and disappear.
Out of the corner of his eyes, Fren saw a bucket.

“There, a bucket…”

Looking back, Yuria always left water somewhere.
With a bucket, the water would be still instead of running away.
Fren struggled with his frail body to bring the bucket from the corner and fill it with cold water.
Not knowing how much water he needed, he just filled it to the top.
The empty bucket was light and easy to carry, but the full bucket was not, despite being stronger than the average person, lifting it was difficult.

Yet, he had to be able to cool down Yuria.
Fren focused, pursing his lips together as he gave strength to his skinny hands and tried to lift the bucket, but the bucket barely moved.
How much effort did he give with no success? Fren finally managed to lift the bucket.
However, the bucket was extremely hefty; it almost hit the floor when Fren pulled back his hands.

Fren groaned, grabbed the bucket, and started walking.
The bucket was heavy, causing his gait to be an odd wobbling stride.
Every time he stepped, his foot would hit the bucket.
Fren struggled to get to bed with the bucket, determined not to spill a single droplet.
His tiny forehead was filled with sweat, clearly displaying his hard work.
Soon after, Fren ran into another hurdle.
The bucket itself was hard to move here, how would he lift it up on the bed?

Fren’s shaky eyes were losing focus.
He couldn’t figure out the solution and only bit his small lips in apparent frustration.

He came up with an idea after long thought.
Leaning against the bed, Fren reached out his hands and grabbed the top, then, he climbed atop attempting to lift the bucket from the bed.
The moment he thought he had grasped the bucket, Fren’s body fell backward thumping on to Yuria.
The water that filled the bucket soaked both Yuria and the bed.
He didn’t mean to spray water on Yuria in this way, regardless he achieved his original goal.

Only then did Fren breathe a sigh of relief.

She’s not melting anymore.
She won’t melt away. That fact made him proud and satisfied.
As if hoping for praise, Fren wiggled his fingers for a moment.

“Now, wipe.” Fren told himself.
Because Yuri did that.
After washing him with warm water, she always dried him with something warm and soft.
The intention and purpose of that action were different, but for Fren, it felt all the same.
He slid down from the bed he had struggled to climb and looked around the house to find something to wipe Yuria’s body with.
Fortunately, there was a large piece of cloth just hanging around.
It was a curtain to block the sunlight.
The cloth was different from the one Yuria had used, but if it was that one, it seemed like it would be more than enough to wipe her whole body, which was bigger than his frail build.
The curtain was hanging from the ceiling so he whined in annoyance and dragged a chair over.
He couldn’t reach it even when he stretched out his hand, so Fren had to jump to reach it, the curtain brushed his fingers.
He wiggled his fingers so as to not to miss the curtain, and tried not to let it go, but the curtain was harsh.
Fren’s hand helplessly grasped air.

‘…Meanie.’ Free tearfully glared up at the curtain hanging from the ceiling.
He blamed the big curtain and his small body.
Trying to somehow increase his height, he raised his head toward the ceiling, tiptoeing, and stretched his hand out, yet, he still couldn’t reach it.
Fren’s hand raised high toward the sky, waved clumsily.

“I, I will do it.”

Fren jumped, pouring all his strength into his body as if he was giving a final blow.
This time he was able to grab the curtain, but at that moment, Fren fell along with the curtain to the floor.
Harshly hitting the floor Fren felt a burning pain, nonetheless he endured, losing Yuria was a thousand times more painful.

All Fren needs is Yuria. Then the pain would go away and everything would be fine.
Fren held the curtain firmly with his tiny arms, because the curtain was so large, it was difficult to differentiate whether Fren was holding the curtain or the curtain holding him.

Fren’s journey, to get to the bed with the ginormous curtain, was not easy.
The curtain was larger than expected, and was difficult for a child to control.
Fren wiggled through the curtain like a child playing under a blanket, pulling it up to the bed to somehow dry Yuria.
Due to being sick, she didn’t wake up amid the commotion.
Meanwhile, Fren struggled with the curtain.
The curtain slumped in response to Fren’s actions, inside it, the child’s face, hands, and feet appeared and disappeared as he endeavoured to escape from the curtain.
Finally, after safely escaping the curtain, Fren started to wipe Yuria’s body.
His cautious movements showed how careful he was, meticulously drying her with his small fern-like hands.
He was clumsy, but incredibly sincere.

“Yuri…” Fren called Yuria.
Her body was still ablaze like a fire, so he sprinkled cold water on her, and carefully wiped it off afterwards.
Therefore, Yuria should not melt or disappear and will open her eyes.
That was what Fren thought.

However, contrary to Fren’s thoughts, Yuria did not open her eyes despite his call.

If not hot anymore, what’s the problem? Unable to find the answer, Fren frowned and put on a tearful expression.
He was in a difficult situation right now.
It was the first time he had experienced such confusion on his part, and was lost on what to do.

Above all, there was no one around to tell him the answer.

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