The result of such actions, however, was that they were either burned to ash by Dragon Flame or blown away by lightning.

The Abyssal Dragon's enormous body stomped down on the burnt structures like a demon god that crawled out of hell itself, terrifying all of the minotaurs nearby.

Su Yan was also utterly shocked.

Why is a legendary being like that here of all places?

Just how did the minotaurs manage to provoke such a terrifying enemy?

“It's too strong!”

“The chief's not here!”

“We can't possibly win against it!”

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The minotaurs were greatly intimidated by the Dragon Fear and fully realized the enormous difference in power between them.
Thus, they had lost all will to fight and started to collapse one after another.

One minotaur among them managed to escape to the entrance of the encampment, but a Whirlwind Hammer blew his head to smithereens.

The encampment originally had tons of traps and alarms set around its surroundings, but since most of them were destroyed by the dragon's assault, the invaders were able to make it through easily.

Their numbers aren't that high, being only 20 in total.

Ten were wrapped in Qi, armed with bladed polearms and were stunningly quick.
They moved like lightning, constantly stabbing out over and over, and not a single minotaur managed to escape from them.

The other ten had active magic shields.
The warhammers in their hands were mighty beyond measure.
This is also in addition to their magical attack power, able to strike any enemy no matter the distance, preventing anyone from being able to escape them.

The dragon caused widespread destruction.

Its 20 subordinates sealed off the exit.

They were obviously intent on leaving no survivors whatsoever!

The dragon however suddenly spoke up, “You insignificant, foolish, and overconfident creatures dared to attack my territory.
Have you already prepared yourselves to receive my wrath in turn?!”

A draconian high soldier tossed something over.

Su Yan and the minotaurs were all in shock.
The thing tossed over was a head, and it wasn't just any head, but the head of the minotaur chief, Zhao Lei!

In other words, the demon subjugation army was defeated!

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Thus, the dragon's identity is also obvious now.

The minotaurs finally realized just why such a mighty dragon would attack a little tribe like theirs…
It's all their overconfident chief's fault!

The minotaurs hurriedly kneeled and begged for mercy.

“This has nothing to do with us!”

“Ever since the Chief claimed to have been chosen by destiny, he did a lot of things we can't understand like he had gone insane!”

“There's no way that we would dare to make an enemy of a great being like you.
Please have mercy and forgive us!”

“We are willing to submit!”

The minotaurs had all their courage utterly crushed by the dragon's Dragon Fear and their hopes were completely demolished by the draconian's fearsome might.
Thus, their only choice was to prostrate themselves and surrender.

At this moment though, the one in the greatest despair wasn't the minotaurs.

The minotaurs at least have a chance at surviving with their surrender.

Su Yan was certain that she'll be killed regardless of whether she surrendered or not.
Even if the dragon decided to show mercy to everyone there, it would still have no reason to let her off.

It's because Heroes and Demon Kings are natural, non-negotiable enemies.

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